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In the Toa Nuva Blog, we watch Gali Nuva use a Water Nova Blast to defeat Icarax, and she claims that she's not simply releasing all of her power, but "summoning every last bit of moisture in the air for hundreds of kios around." Is this charge-up necessary to perform a Blast, or did she simply do this because she'd used up some of her energy fighting and needed a recharge before she could do it? I'm asking this on the Psionics page because if the charge-up is necessary, yet Toa of Psionics can't absorb psionic energy, that would imply to me that a Psionics Nova Blast is a)impossible, b)significantly weaker than any other Nova Blast, or c)weakens the user a lot more than the user of any other Nova Blast, possibly to the point of knocking the user unconscious.

On top of all that, what would a Psionics Nova Blast do? Would it telekinetically send everything within range flying away from the user, or would it attack the minds of everyone in range? Or perhaps it would do both, knocking out and damaging the minds of those in range while telekinetically blasting everything away from the user at the same time? I don't expect concrete answers since we've only ever met one other Toa of Psionics, and he's never used a Nova Blast or even brought it up. --ZeroPath (talk)

I have a feeling the question of what a Psionics Nova blast would do was brought up to Greg at some point, but you'd have to search some archives to find what the answer was.
My guess would be that it's a little bit of both of those things? In order to maximize the potential of her Nova Blast, she absorbed as much water energy as she could. Remember, Toa can't absorb infinite amounts of energy; they have to discharge before it puts too much strain on their bodies, like Vakama vs the Fire Entity. So even if Gali was theoretically able to exceed 100% capacity, however briefly, the actual difference in terms of output was likely not all that different, and it wouldn't/shouldn't be something a Toa does every time anyway.
There's also the possibility that she didn't necessarily absorb the energy, but manipulated it into a beneficial position to make her Nova Blast easier to perform. In which case, a Toa of Psionics would probably be able to do the same. -- Dorek Talk External Image 20:44, 9 January 2016 (CET)
wasn't it stated somewhere that psionics toa can't do nova blasts? (The preceding unsigned comment was made by Intelligence4)

I don't believe such a thing was ever stated. The only time we've had a question of "wait, can they do Nova Blasts?" was when Mutran released a huge Shadow Blast in Karda Nui. And the definition of a Nova Blast is the release of all of a Toa's elemental energy at once: the outward form which this takes is unknown for any and every case except Gali blast. What we know about this is that prior to to the release of her power, she absorbed all the moisture within as far a raidus as she could "reach," and then a tidal wave leveled a whole island. A tidal wave Gali could not control. What does this mean for a Psionic's Nova Blast? What the effect it has will not be under the control of the Toa once they hit the "go button," but that they may be able to "reach around" and make mental contact with as many things as possible to enhance the effect of the blast. ζoxHistories External Image

Rahkshi of Illusion

"Shimmers in and out of sight as it moves." "Can project an image of itself across a short distance to confuse enemies." "Camouflages itself inside of a false image." "Has the ability to create simple moving illusions in the nearby area." "Has the power to project a realistic moving image." "Can create and control multiple realistic illusions anywhere within sight." All the descriptions of the Kraata power sound like optical illusions, not mental illusions. Doesn't this power belong on the element of light if anything? ~ Wolk (talk) 03:40, 23 July 2018 (UTC)

Further more; the Mahiki is also described as making optical illusions: "The Kanohi Mahiki is the Mask of Illusion. The Great version allows its user to create optical illusions and to shapeshift into another form.[BEU, p. 81]" ~ Wolk (talk) 09:54, 25 August 2018 (UTC)
I'd second you on this. Optical illusions have no business on the Psionics page. --Angel Bob (talk) 09:27, 27 August 2018 (UTC)