Tahu (Generation 2)

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Tahu (Generation 2)
Affiliation Unknown
Kanohi Unknown
Tools Unknown
Status Unknown
Location Okoto

Tahu is a Toa of Fire, one of the six elemental Masters


Coming Soon...

Abilities and Traits

Like his element, Tahu is very hot-tempered, and feels driven to be the best. He believes he is the most heroic of his teammates, but also has a knack for getting into trouble due to a forgetful nature. However, he possesses a sense of luck that often sees him through these trials.

As a Toa, he possesses elemental control, of Fire. Additionally, he has a natural heat resistance.

Mask and Tools

Tahu bears an unnamed mask.

He carries two short swords and traverses on a lavaboard. The lavaboard can also split into two separate blades for Tahu to wield.