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"It's a predator from one of the lands south of Metru Nui. Down there, oh, there were whole packs of them filling the plains. Once they had eaten everything they chose to on one island, they would walk across the sea and start someplace else."
Kualus, Challenge of the Hordika

Comic Tahtorak.png
Creator Makuta Miserix[1]
Conservation status Unknown
Known locations Southern Islands
Zakaz (both formerly)
Spherus Magna
Pronunciation tah-TOAR-ack

The Tahtorak are immense and powerful Rahi with significant intelligence.


A Tahtorak

The Tahtorak species was created by Makuta Miserix using Viruses and Liquid Protodermis to be one of the Rahi to inhabit the Matoran Universe.[1]

Tahtorak are native to the southern regions of the Matoran Universe, where they migrated between islands, devouring prey on each island they came to and wading through the sea to the next.[2] Populations of Tahtorak settled on both the island of Keetongu's species[C26] and on Zakaz.[3] Tahtorak were used as steeds for Keetongu's species,[C26] and still are for the Skakdi.[3] Makuta Gorast was once trampled by a Tahtorak stampede under unknown circumstances.[4]

An Order of Mata Nui member was told by a dying Tahtorak that its kind had grown tired of the Skakdi's warring and destroying of Zakaz, and planned to wipe them out.[3] However, these plans went unfulfilled due to the Skakdi's participation in the war between the Order of Mata Nui and the Brotherhood of Makuta.

After the Great Spirit Robot was critically damaged in the Battle of Bara Magna, the surviving Tahtorak left the Matoran Universe and immigrated to Spherus Magna.

Tahtorak of Metru Nui

The Tahtorak throwing a piece of rubble at Matau

A Tahtorak was dropped onto Metru Nui by Brutaka via his Kanohi Olmak for fun.[5] It went on a rampage in Ga-Metru before being brought down and locked in the Archives. It somehow became buried deep in the Fikou Web, where it lay asleep until it was awakened by a number of Lava Eels the Toa Metru agitated during their conflict with Krahka.[6]

Soon afterwards, it tore its way to the surface of Ta-Metru, where it proceeded to lay waste to the city, all the while asking for an "answer" to a question no one could understand. Vakama, Nokama, and Matau defeated the Tahtorak by using Kanoka disks to weaken the ground under it until it fell through.[C21]

When the Visorak overtook the city, Toa Hordika Onewa and Rahaga Pouks allied with Krahka against Roodaka. Krahka led them to Ta-Metru and descended into the hole through which the Tahtorak had fallen. She managed to get it to ally itself with her, the Toa Hordika, and the Rahaga by telling it that the Visorak had the answer to its question. The Tahtorak and Krahka fought a brave battle against the Zivon, which resulted in Krahka, the Zivon, and the Tahtorak being thrown into the Field of Shadows.[7]

1,000 years later, the Tahtorak and Krahka traveled throughout the Field of Shadows again, only to find themselves exiting through a vortex created by Brutaka inside the Piraka Stronghold.[8] Krahka flew away from Voya Nui,[9] but the Tahtorak remained behind.[10]

After the Toa Inika retrieved the Kanohi Ignika and Vezon abandoned Kardas, Tahtorak ran into the dragon, and they began to battle one another.[11] Tahtorak won the conflict, and Kardas fled the island.[10]

Axonn knew the Tahtorak would be a threat to all who lived on Voya Nui, so he summoned Botar to transport the Tahtorak elsewhere. Simply for fun, Botar teleported him into the very center of Xia.[10] The Tahtorak went on a rampage, and fought the Kanohi Dragon, which the Vortixx released to stop it.[TNB, Ch. 7] The Toa Hagah intervened, and The Tahtorak was brought down by Bomonga using his Mask of Growth, and Pouks used Stone bonds to contain it.[DID, Ch. 1]

When the Great Spirit Robot was destroyed, this Tahtorak left the Matoran Universe and immigrated to Spherus Magna.[12]

Abilities and Traits

Tahtorak rely on their brute strength and their thick hides for offense and defense, but a Tahtorak's hide is vulnerable to the Zivon's stinger. A swipe of a Tahtorak's tail can knock over many buildings at once.

The Tahtorak on Metru Nui stood over forty feet (twelve meters or 8.9 bio) tall. He was intelligent enough to speak Matoran, but only in short, basic sentences and could not properly exchange information with other beings.


"The answer! Tell me the answer!"
— The Tahtorak of Metru Nui, Dreams of Darkness

"What is he talking about?"
"I don't know. That is all he would say when I found him down below. So I told him the Visorak have the answer, and they don't want him to know it.
Rahaga Pouks and Krahka, Challenge of the Hordika


The Tahtorak's back as photographed by creator Justin Lamb
  • Rahaga Pouks theorized that the "answer" the Tahtorak sought was how it came to Metru Nui, so far away from its home.[7]
  • Tahtorak was created by Justin Lamb, known as Tad 10-OH on BZPower. The creation was the winning entry in the Lego's Rahi Building Contest. It was sent in to The LEGO Group as part of the LEGO Magazine Rahi-building Contest. It was given a name and story role by Greg Farshtey in the book BIONICLE: Rahi Beasts. The Tahtorak was the only fan-made Rahi in the book that was given a unique name not made up of English or preexisting BIONICLE words.


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