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"The pieces of stone levitate out over the center of the Temple and then join together to form a ball. As they do so, the Temple opens up and the Toa descend into its gaping maw."
Takua's thoughts, Mata Nui Online Game

MoL Suva Kaita.png
Status Destroyed
Position Above Kini-Nui
Pronunciation SOO-vah KIGH-ee-TAH[1][2]

The Suva-Kaita was a shrine located at the Kini-Nui temple on the island of Mata Nui.


The Toa Mata approach the Suva-Kaita
The Toa Mata activate the Makoki Stones
Suva-Kaita in CGI

The Suva-Kaita was built by the Turaga after the Matoran were awakened from hibernation in the Matoran Spheres. Underneath the Suva was a long vertical passageway that provided access to the interior of the Matoran Universe. When Makuta Teridax had constructed his Mangaia lair, he had inadvertently situated it next to the Kini-Nui mechanism. As such, Mangaia was accessible through the Suva-Kaita passageway.

The aboveground area was surrounded by life-size statues of the Toa Mata, which could be activated to retrieve the Golden Kanohi. The Turaga had also installed a system which could be unlocked using the Makoki Stone to open the Suva-Kaita passageway.

When the Toa Mata had collected all of the Kanohi and were ready to challenge Teridax, they journeyed to the Kini-Nui. The Toa approached the Suva-Kaita and received their Golden Kanohi and six pieces of the Makoki Stone. Using the Stones, the Toa Mata opened the passageway and gained access to Mangaia. The Chronicler's Company was left to defend the temple, so that infected Rahi could not threaten the Toa on their return through the Suva-Kaita.

When the Rahkshi were released by Teridax, they emerged on Mata Nui from the Suva-Kaita, destroying it in the process. The passageway was later used by Toa Takanuva to travel to Mangaia, using the Ussanui vehicle.

The remains of the Suva-Kaita were cleared by the re-awakened Bohrok swarms.


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