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"At first, all he 'heard' was silence. Then there was a jumble of colors and images and sounds all running together like a fast-moving stream. He almost broke off the contact then, as much out of shock as the difficulty of interpreting what he was encountering."
— Narrator, Inferno

Kongu's Organic Great Suletu
Title Mask of Telepathy
Powers Mind reading
Thought projection
Component disks Unknown
Bearers Kongu (formerly)
Pronunciation SOO-lay-TOO

The Kanohi Suletu is the Mask of Telepathy. It allows its user to read the thoughts of other beings and to project the user's own thoughts into other's minds. A user can also project the thoughts of one being into another's mind and project mental noise, which can greatly distract the target. A Kanohi Suletu is always on at a low level.

Kongu's Suletu

On the way to Karzahni, a Toa bearing a Great Kanohi Suletu died, leaving their mask on the ground. The Kanohi was eventually discovered by the Po-Matoran Hewkii. Hewkii briefly donned the mask and, sensing that it was a Great Kanohi, passed it on to Toa Takanuva. Takanuva was immediately able to sense the thoughts of Hahli, but eventually removed the Suletu in favor of his Kanohi Avohkii.

When the Matoran later met Karzahni, they were forced to exchange their current masks for others. Kongu refused the offered Kanohi and instead put on the Kanohi Suletu the group had carried with them. When the Toa Canister Kongu escaped Karzahni in was struck by lightning from the Red Star, Kongu was transformed into a Toa Inika and the mask became organic and sentient. As a result of its intelligence, the Suletu was able to help Kongu learn how to use and control its power much more quickly than an inexperienced Toa normally would.

When Toa Kongu was later mutated by the Kanohi Ignika into a Toa Mahri, his Kanohi Suletu was transformed into a Kanohi Zatth and lost its sentience.

Example Usage

Kongu used his Kanohi Suletu to listen to the Kanohi Ignika's thoughts and transferred them into Vezon's mind in Inferno.



  • Krakua - Formerly; became Great when he transformed into a Toa[OGDi]
Toa Krakua's Suletu


  • The Suletu worn by Toa Krakua is in the shape of a Hau.[OGDi]

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