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"It is hard work to follow the Principle of Onu-Koro. When we do, we are given the gift of Stamina! Stamina gives you the power to dig forever."
Dosne, The Final Chronicle

Stamina Charm.png
Kolhii Skill of Onu-Koro
Effect Opens door in Temple of Prosperity
Riddle "None"

Stamina is a Kolhii Skill that can be derived from the Principle of Prosperity. It allows Kolhii players to gain more energy during play, and to play with more intensity for much longer.

Hahli training in Stamina


Taipu assisted Matoran interested in improving their Stamina skill by putting them through exercises of carrying rocks for a short duration.

The Charm of Stamina was never recovered by Hahli, but was intended to be used in conjunction with the Charms of Duty, Destiny, and Prosperity to obtain the Crystal of Prosperity at the bottom of the flooded Great Mine. There was no riddle to unlock its door, instead it was unlocked through recognition of its Symbol.



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