Staff of Fear

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Staff of Fear
Comic Staff of Fear.PNG
Users Turahk
Function Inducing fear
Melee combat
Status In use

The Staff of Fear in use in Mask of Light

The Staffs of Fear are staffs wielded by Rahkshi Turahk. They have the power to project feelings of extreme fear into the mind of any foe, causing panic and terror. The staffs are also used during melee combat. Like all Rahkshi staffs, the staff-heads provide propulsion as the Rahkshi flies.

Staffs of Fear are created alongside the Turahk that wield them.

The spearhead of a Staff of Fear in set form

Example Usage

In Mask of Light, the Turahk that attacked the island of Mata Nui used the staff to overwhelm Matoran Jaller's mind with terror, killing him.

Set Information

The Staff of Fear was released in the Rahkshi Turahk set of 2003. It utilized three of the set's forty-five pieces.