Skull Spiders

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Skull Spiders
Concept Art Skull Spiders.jpg
Powers Unknown
Status Active
Locations Okoto

Skull Spiders are creatures that dwell on Okoto, and are an antagonistic presence amongst its other inhabitants.

Abilities and Traits

Skull Spiders can remove Masks of Power and attach to their bearer's faces. The green skull spiders have developed x-ray vision, which enables them to find prey even in total darkness.


Set Information

A Skull Spider will be available in each of the Master and Protector sets of the 2015 winter wave of sets in varying colors: dark blue, yellow-green, and silver. The Lord of Skull Spiders set also includes a golden version of a Skull Spider body. Their bodies can connect to faces in the same way regular masks can.

A 14-karat gold Skull Spider "mask" body will be given away as the grand prize in a "Battle for the Gold Mask Competition", in which entrants have to create a new, non-canon villain. The contest was hosted by LEGO, with help from multiple fansites.[1]

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