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'''Skull Spiders''' are villainous [[Skull Creature|Skull Creatures]] that dwell on [[Okoto]].
'''Skull Spiders''' are villainous [[Skull Creature]]s that dwell on [[Okoto]].

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Skull Spiders
Green Skull Spiders Animation.png
Powers Various
Status Active
Locations Okoto

Skull Spiders are villainous Skull Creatures that dwell on Okoto.


Skull Spiders crawling on webs

After the powerful Mask of Creation, Mask of Control, and Mask of Ultimate Power were lost to the wilderness, the Skull Spiders began rising as a force of darkness in order to claim them. Commanded by the Lord of Skull Spiders, they attacked several of the villages and menaced the islanders.

Soon after Toa Tahu crash landed on Okoto, several Skull Spiders attacked him, but he effortlessly defeated them.

Many Skull Spiders followed the Protectors as they led the Toa through Okoto's wilderness for weeks to find the Golden Masks of Power. Once the Toa neared claiming their Golden Masks of Power, the Skull Spiders attacked, though they were defeated by the Toa's increased elemental powers.

Abilities and Traits

Skull Spiders can remove Masks of Power and attach to the bearer's faces, thereby controlling their minds. The Skull Spiders are controlled by the Golden Mask of the Skull Spiders through a telepathic link.[1]

Several breeds of Skull Spiders have unique abilities:

  • The blue skull spiders are the toughest of the species.[2]
  • The silver skull spiders are the fastest of the species.[3]
  • The green skull spiders have developed x-ray vision, which enables them to find prey even in total darkness.[4]


Set Information

Skull Spider set attachment

A Skull Spider is available in each of the Master and Protector sets of the 2015 winter wave of sets in varying colors: dark blue, yellow-green, and silver. Each Skull Spider uses five pieces, with some featuring a sixth to make the stinger. Their bodies can connect to faces in the same way regular masks can.


  • Skull Slicer was reanimated through the control of a Skull Spider.


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