Skull Slicer

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Skull Slicer
Skull Creature
Powers Energy absorption
Tools Razor sharp hook blades, mask grabber, Bone Spikes[1]
Status Active
Location City of the Mask Makers
Set number 70792

Skull Slicer is a Skull Creature. A former gladiator, he is now a lieutenant of Kulta.[1]


Skull Slicer was once a famed arena champion on Okoto, loved by the many islanders.

His body was later reanimated by a Skull Spider mask, and he has fallen under the control of the Lord of Skull Spiders.[2]

Abilities and Traits

Skull Slicer has the ability to extract elemental power from masks.

Mask and Tools

Skull Slicer wears a Skull Spider Mask.

Skull Slicer carries three hook blades, capable of cutting through solid stone[1], which are fused to his arms.[2] He also carries a mask grabber to obtain Masks of Power.[1] Even with all four arms disarmed, he will still scratch at the Toa with his Bone Spikes.[1]

Set Information

Skull Slicer Set
70792 Skull Slicer

70792 Skull Slicer will be released as one of the sets in the Summer 2015 product wave.


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