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==See also==
==See Also==
*[[Gallery:Skull Creatures#Skull Scorpio|Gallery:Skull Creatures § Skull Scorpio]]
*[[Gallery:Skull Creatures#Skull Scorpio|Gallery:Skull Creatures § Skull Scorpio]]
==External links==
==External Links==
* [http://cache.lego.com/r/www/r/bionicle/-/media/franchises/bionicle%202014/build/pdf%20files/70794_bi_in_6123867.pdf?l.r2=1974414447 Skull Scorpio Building Instructions on LEGO.com]

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Skull Scorpio
Skull Creature
Powers Energy absorption
Tools Pinchers, battle stinger
Status Active
Location City of the Mask Makers
Set number 70794

Skull Scorpios are bestial Skull Creature scouts under the leadership of Kulta.


The Skull Scorpios were created by Kulta's dark power.[1]

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Abilities and Traits

Each Skull Scorpio has two pinchers and a battle stinger tail featuring two hook blades. Skull Scorpios have the ability to extract elemental power from Masks of Power.

Skull Scorpios often travel in small packs. They are sneaky and patient, willing to wait for days before launching the perfect strike.

Set Information

Skull Scorpio Set
70794 Skull Scorpio

70794 Skull Scorpio will be released as one of the sets in the Summer 2015 product wave.


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