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"The who is Sidorak, King of the Visorak hordes. A good tactician, brutal, his answer to everything is overwhelming force."
Rahaga Gaaki, Challenge of the Hordika

Comic Sidorak.png
Brotherhood of Makuta
Powers Obedience Rhotuka
Tools Rhotuka Launcher, Herding Blade
Status Revived
Location Red Star
Pronunciation sih-DOAR-ack
Set number 8756

Sidorak is a member of the upper-class Steltian species, and was the king of the Visorak in the Brotherhood of Makuta.


Early Life

Before leading the Visorak, Sidorak held a position of minor power on his homeland of Stelt. He kept advancing in the eyes of his leaders by claiming credit for the victories obtained below him; if a commander below him objected to his credit-stealing, Sidorak would dispatch him on a dangerous mission from which that commander would not return. He also betrayed his clan leader, Voporak, on the island, who was mutated by the Makuta of Stelt. Later, Sidorak attempted to join the Dark Hunters, but he was defeated by the Dark Hunter Gladiator during his entry test; his life was spared, but he was denied membership and returned to his homeland.

Brotherhood of Makuta

Sidorak in Web of Shadows

The number of successes attributed to him attracted the attention of the Brotherhood of Makuta, who recruited him into their ranks, and he quickly rose to power. At first, Sidorak was a simple courier between the Brotherhood of Makuta and the island of Xia, and it was during this job that he and and the Vortixx Roodaka first met. Eventually, Makuta Teridax, Sidorak's mentor, made Sidorak a lieutenant along with Roodaka, and the two constantly feuded for Teridax's favor. Sidorak, however, also hoped to forge an alliance with Roodaka to gain political power on Xia, which she agreed to later on. Once the Toa Hagah were transformed into Rahaga, after their rebellion, Sidorak took credit for the idea, which had actually been Roodaka's. Teridax, in turn, made him king of the Visorak horde, with Roodaka as his viceroy. Although he led the Visorak to victory on many occasions, Sidorak still was insecure about his position as their leader, which Roodaka noticed.

When Sidorak and Roodaka invaded Metru Nui, they took the Coliseum as their main base. When the Visorak reported that the Toa Metru were captured, Sidorak ordered them to be killed. When the Visorak who reported the news wanted to leave, Roodaka halted the Visorak and advised Sidorak to make their death a grander one. Sidorak agreed, calling instead for a mutation and disposal of the Toa, who managed to escape however because of this.

When Matau and Iruini were in a hangar looking for Airship parts, Sidorak attacked the hangar with an army of Visorak. Sidorak was giving orders from a tower in Le-Metru to the Visorak. Later, Bomonga and Whenua escaped the Field of Shadows and were captured by Sidorak. Sidorak then ordered the Zivon to be unleashed. During the ensuing fight, Sidorak left the tower, fleeing from the Toa Hordika, and retreated to the Coliseum.

Sidorak and Roodaka

Later, when Vakama betrayed his fellow Toa Hordika, he approached the Coliseum and banged on its doors to gain entrance. Sidorak spoke to him via speakers, but refused to believe Vakama had truly come to join him. He permitted him to join, however, when Vakama presented five of the Rahaga, whom he had captured.


Shortly afterwards, Roodaka proposed that Vakama was a fitting master for the Visorak horde, but Sidorak refused. Roodaka insisted it would be an engagement gift, with the other five Toa as well. Presented with the possibility of gaining influence on Xia through their alliance, Sidorak agreed and made Vakama a commander of the Visorak.

When the remaining Toa Hordika, along with Rahaga Norik and Keetongu, attacked the Coliseum, Sidorak was confronted by Keetongu, who was scaling the walls of the building. He attempted to blast him off, but missed repeatedly. After Roodaka managed to knock Keetongu off, she tricked Sidorak into following her to make sure that the Rahi was dead. When they arrived, Roodaka left Sidorak alone with Keetongu, who had survived the fall. Shocked by her betrayal, Sidorak was brutally crushed under Keetongu's fists and killed.

Sidorak was later revived in the Red Star, as deceased entities from the Matoran Universe were intended to. However, he was also supposed to be returned to the Great Spirit Robot; due to the Red Star malfunctioning, he was instead trapped there.

Abilities and Traits

Sidorak was known for his skill as a commander and manipulative ability. However, he had little perception for subtlety, preferring to utilize brute force.

Sidorak launching his Rhotuka

Sidorak's primary asset was his impressive strength. Sidorak could fire an Obedience Rhotuka from his launcher, a powerful spinner that forced its victims to follow Sidorak's commands for 24 hours.


Sidorak wielded a Herding Blade on his arm, which could be used to summon Visorak to his side or to fire a powerful beam of energy. However, he was not effective at aiming it.

Sidorak also possessed a Rhotuka Launcher.

Set Information

Sidorak was released in 2005 as one of the Titan sets. The set included 211 pieces. Gears on his shoulders allowed his arms to be swung. His herding blade could switch from an inactive to active position, and a claw held his silver Rhotuka spinner until one chose to manually release their grip and fire the spinner. He could be combined with Keetongu to create Sentrakh, or with both Keetongu and Roodaka to create Voporak.

Sidorak as a set

Within United States Costco stores, Sidorak could be found packaged with Toa Norik.


"How convenient. You come to us, instead of us having to hunt you down. For that, you have the gratitude of Sidorak, King of the Visorak Horde."
— Sidorak to Rahaga Bomonga and Toa Hordika Whenua, Challenge of the Hordika

"I dislike having the Toa loose out there. It's like having a disobedient Visorak I can't feed to the Zivon."
— Sidorak, Fractures

"Toa?, they've returned for the Matoran? Matoran that now belong to me!'"
— Sidorak to a Keelerak, Web of Shadows

"Well, if Keetongu wasn't a myth before, he soon will be!"
— Sidorak, Web of Shadows



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