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Krana Pack
8559 Krana.jpg
Set number 8559, 8569
Subtheme Krana, Kanohi
Release date Winter 2002
Pieces 5
MSRP $1.99 (US)
Ages 7+

Set 8559 Krana Pack was a collectible set released in early 2002. It contains three randomly packed Krana and two randomly packed Kanohi Masks.

Set Information

The Krana set was released in early 2002. It includes three randomly packed Krana and two randomly packed Kanohi Masks. The Krana can be any of the eight Krana, and can come in any of the 12 active and dormant colors. The Kanohi are either gold to represent the Golden Kanohi or silver to represent inactive Kanohi. The set consists of five pieces.

Set 8559 was released in North America and Europe. The North American version came in a box, while the European version was packaged in a polybag. A second European version, this time in a box, was also released as Set 8569.



Krana packs contain three randomly chosen Krana and two randomly chosen Kanohi. Possible Krana include Xa, Vu, Yo, Su, Za, Ca, Ja, and Bo in blue, yellow, orange, purple, red, gray, green, tan, lime green, black, medium blue, and white. Possible Kanohi include gold and silver Hau, Kakama, Pakari, Kaukau, Miru, and Akaku.


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