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8543 Nokama
Turaga Nokama Set.PNG
Small Set
Set number 8543, 1419
Subtheme Turaga
Release date 2001
Pieces 28
MSRP $2.99 (US)
Ages 7+
8543 Instructions

Set 8543 Nokama is a small set released in 2001 portraying Turaga Nokama.

Set Information

The Nokama set was released in 2001 as one of the six Turaga sets. The set consists of twenty-eight pieces.

An identical promotional set, 1419 Nokama, was released with Kabaya candy in Japan in 2001 as one of four Turaga.

By combining pieces from Nokama with 8540 Vakama, 8541 Matau, 8542 Onewa, 8544 Nuju, and 8545 Whenua, one can build a Turaga Nui, though official instructions were never released. The Kabaya version of Nokama was also advertised as combining with 1417 Vakama, 1418 Matau, and 1420 Nuju to create one of three possible combiners. Only one of these combiners has instructions provided.


A lever is present on Nokama's back, connected to her right arm, so lowering it causes her to lift her Trident. The arm is automatically lowered due to a rubber band connecting the lever to her neck.


Nokama wears a medium blue Noble Rau.


Across its two iterations (8543 and 1419) Nokama scored a total average of 58.5 on Brick Insights, indicating poor reviews.

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