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70788 Kopaka – Master of Ice
Set Kopaka Master of Ice Pose.jpg
Large Set
Set number 70788
Subtheme Masters
Release date January 2015
Pieces 97
MSRP $19.99 (US)
£14.99 (UK)
Ages 8-14
70788 Instructions

Set 70788 Kopaka – Master of Ice is one of three large sets released in the first wave of 2015. It is the first portrayal of Toa Kopaka in the rebooted continuity.

Product Description

Lego2018.svg The following is a product description taken directly from LEGO. View the source here
Ski through an avalanche with Kopaka!
Prepare for a chilling mountaintop conflict with Kopaka – Master of Ice! Watch out for the Skull Spider crawling from the snow, trying to pop off Kopaka’s mask. Adjust the arms and legs of this heavily armored figure to create fearsome battle poses. Fend off the evil creature’s attacks with the frost shield, bashing battle arm and the mighty Elemental Ice Spear. Get to the precious Golden Mask first then convert the shield into avalanche skis to escape.

*Features a BIONICLE® head with mask and mask pop-off trigger, tribal chest and leg decoration, Elemental Ice Spear, convertible frost shield/avalanche skis, wheel-operated bashing battle arm function and posable joints
*Also includes the Golden Mask of Ice and a silver-colored Skull Spider
*Fend off the Skull Spider with the frost shield
*Convert the shield into avalanche skis
*Turn the wheel to power up the bashing battle arm
*Resist the Skull Spider’s attempts to pop off Kopaka’s mask!
*Battle for the Golden Mask of Ice
*Highly posable and durable for intense action play
*Combine with 70782 LEGO® BIONICLE® Protector of Ice using building instructions available at LEGO.com/BIONICLE to power up for ultra elemental battle!
*Stands over 7” (19cm) tall

Set Information

Kopaka was first revealed on during the BIONICLE panel at the New York Comic Con 2014, and released on January 1st, 2015 in the United States, as well as certain European territories.[citation needed] The set contains 97 pieces, including two Masks of Power and a Skull Spider.

The packaging of the set features a comic that depicts a scenario with Kopaka and the Protector of Ice. The comic advertises the feature of combining the set with 70782 Protector of Ice to create a "powered-up" Kopaka. The LEGO Club website also released building instructions for another model using parts from Kopaka and the Protector of Ice, known as "Special Kopaka".


The set features a rotating arm, which can be moved up and down by turning the gear located on Kopaka's back. His Avalanche Skis can be formed by splitting apart Kopaka's Frost Shield and attaching the pieces used in the shield to his feet.

Kopaka, like most sets in 2015's first wave, allows for any Mask of Power or Skull Spider to be detached from his face by pressing down on his eyestalk.


The Mask of Ice, the Golden Mask of Ice, and a silver Skull Spider are included with the set.


Critical Reception

Kopaka - Master of Ice has received positive reviews from the community, with many comparing the design favorably to the original 8536 Kopaka set from 2001, though also noting the increased price.

Writing for BZPower, News Manager Andrew Bulthaupt (Black Six) praised the set for its interesting new pieces while capturing the spirit of the 2001 Kopaka set, as well as the good value it offered by including a villain character to fight. However, he took issue with the use of stickers and additionally disliked the printed chest piece.

Skye Barnick (Aanchir), in her review for The New Elementary, also contrasted the set to its first counterpart and came away with positive impressions. He specifically liked the finished product and its "imposing" look, and concluded that the set offers a good value for its parts, despite being markedly increased in price.

Alex (VBBN), Action Figure Moderator for LEGO forum site Eurobricks, gave the set a moderately positive review, singling out the inclusion of interesting pieces (such as the blades) as his favorite aspect, though he disliked the "busy" color scheme and how the set used the sword pieces as a shield. Like Black Six, Alex was also not a fan of the stickers.

Both reviews for BIONICLEsector01 came away positive impressions of the set, and ultimately recommended it as a "buy". Steven Wert (BS01 owner Swert) liked the well-armored look, and enjoyed the variety of parts that went into the set. Aeden O'Neil-Dunne (BS01 General Manager Dorek) noted the construction and gearbox as one of his favorite elements of the set, and similarly liked the resemblance to the old Kopaka, though he found the weapons to be comparatively uninteresting.

Community Response

70788 has also been viewed approvingly by the BIONICLE community. VBBN's review also included a community poll; with 63 respondents, 31 voted the set as "Outstanding", while 28 selected "Above Average". In the comments section of BZP's review, many users reacted positively to the set, though many also mentioned the stickers as an unfavorable element.

Likewise, the LEGO.com community also had good views of the set, with an aggregate score of 4.9 out of 5 and 100% of reviewers recommending it on LEGO's shop site. The overall play experience and value for money were voted at 4.4 and 4.5, respectively, while the level of difficulty was described as "easy".

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