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Bad Guy 07
6945 Bad Guy 2007.jpg
Promotional Set
Set number 6945
Subtheme Promotional
Release date 2007
MSRP Free/Gift with Purchase
Ages 7+

Set 6945 "Bad Guy 07" is a promotional set released in 2007 with no known storyline role.

Set Information

This set was included as a promotional polybag in the Nr. 34, 2007 issue of the Swedish publication Kalle Anka & C:o,[1] Norwegian publication Donald Duck & Co,[2] and Danish publication Anders And & Co.[3] in August of 2007.


The set features a Zamor Launcher.


The set includes a green Zamor Sphere.


6945 "Bad Guy 07" did not have enough reviewers on Brick Insights to create a reflective score.