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VoyaNuiResistance.png Unnamed Species

Unnamed Species

In the BIONICLE storyline, there are many Sapient Species the names and details of which are unknown.

This page lists sapient species about which little is known. For more prominent sapient species, see Sapient Species.

Many sapient species existed together in the Matoran Universe. Some were created by the Great Beings, others by the Great Spirit Mata Nui over his 100,000-year journey through the universe. All were eventually forced to leave the Great Spirit Robot in the aftermath of the Battle of Bara Magna, and have relocated to the planet of Spherus Magna.

Different species are listed with any identifying characteristics, followed by known members of the species.

Axonn's Species

Members of this species are about the height of a Toa, though far bulkier, and can wear and use Kanohi.

Botar's Species

A savage race that lives on one of the Southern Islands.[citation needed] Each has a powerful Teleportation ability, allowing them to transport themselves and others a great distance. This species is able to wear and use Kanohi, although they typically do not.[citation needed]

Brutaka's Species

Members of this species are strengthened when they absorb Makuta essence, Antidermis.[1] Prolonged exposure to the original liquid caused Brutaka to link minds with it.[DW] They also have a slight resistance to the Pit Mutagen.[ItD][2] This species is able to wear and use Kanohi.

Carapar's Species

One of six prime species created by Mata Nui. This species is able to wear and use Kanohi.[3]

Ehlek's Species

One of the six prime species created by Mata Nui to rule. These are a sea-dwelling species native to the waters around Zakaz. The Order of Mata Nui tampered with them, giving each Protosteel claws and enhanced strength in order to breed a race of Makuta-killers. Members of this species are unable to breathe air, and therefore must wear a Breathing Helmet if they leave the water.[2] They are able to wear and use Kanohi.[3]

Gladiator's Species

A slave species on the island of Stelt whose members are often forced to work as entertainment fighters.[4]

Guardian's Species

A tribal species with its homeland ravaged by war, at least at the point Guardian was recruited.[4]

  • Guardian (revived)
  • Members of Guardian's tribe; they were betrayed and handed over to their enemies by one of their own[4]

Hydraxon's Species

This species can wear and use Kanohi.[5]

Johmak's Species

Members of this species closely resemble Vortixx.[DID, Ch. 4] Each has the ability to shatter their body into a cloud of crystals, in which form they can float on the breeze, and reform at a time of their choosing.[6] This species cannot use Kanohi.[7]

Kalmah's Species

One of six prime species created by Mata Nui to rule. This species is able to wear and use Kanohi.[3]

Krekka's Species

Another species native to Stelt, commonly referred to as "bruisers". Socially, they rank between Sidorak's species and Gladiator's species. Members of this species are not particularly intelligent, but they are very strong and are capable of flight.[7] They are typically hired as laborers or bodyguards. This species cannot use Kanohi.[3]

Lariska's Species

This species is able to wear and use Kanohi.[3]

Lurker's Species

A species with a society most regard as being backwards.[4]

Mantax's Species

One of six prime species created by Mata Nui to rule. This species is able to wear and use Kanohi.[3]

Mimic's Species

A species native to a land that suffered a natural disaster that made it difficult to survive.

Nocturn's Species

A species of amphibious beings who once lived on a small island that was later destroyed by Nocturn. Members of this species possess the ability to regrow lost limbs, and are also naturally immune to Pit Mutagen. This species cannot use Kanohi.[3]

Original Inhabitants of Nynrah

The original inhabitants of Nynrah are crafters who coexisted with the Nynrah Ghosts.[10]

Original Inhabitants of Odina

Prior to the Dark Hunters' takeover of the island, another society of beings resided on Odina. All were killed or driven off by The Shadowed One and Ancient.[11]

Poison's Species

A venomous species sometimes thought to be Rahi. The Matoran have nearly wiped out this species. Members of this species are not immune to their own venom.[4]

Pridak's Species

One of six prime species created by Mata Nui. This species is able to wear and use Kanohi.[3]

Primal's Species

A species of insectoid beings who lived in tribes and were ravaged by the Visorak. Has no known natural powers.[4]

  • Primal
  • Various warriors in Primal's band of survivors recruited by the Shadowed One[4]
  • A small band of survivors led by Primal; their location was betrayed to the Visorak by the Shadowed One[4]

The Shadowed One's Species

A species that is native to a cold island. Due to their poor habitat, some members of this species came to believe they were not favored by the Great Spirit. After Ancient began his mercenary business, the island's society collapsed into civil war.[12] Members have tails and tend to be natural-born leaders, especially after the civil war.[13] This species cannot use Kanohi.[7] Technology to manufacture this species evolved over time, and as such some specimens, such as Ancient and Tyrant, look different from others.[14][15] Their powers vary by individuals.[16]

Sidorak's Species

This species established themselves as upper-class denizens of Stelt, ruling over Krekka's species and Gladiator's species. Their society is clan-based.[4] This species is able to wear and use Kanohi.[5]

Takadox's Species

One of the six prime species created by Mata Nui to rule. Members of this species possess the ability to hypnotize others, and can wear and use Kanohi.[3]

Tobduk's Species

The species native to the island of Visorak. They were mostly wiped out when Makuta Chirox unleashed the Visorak on their island; the survivors migrated to the island of Stelt.[BIA, Ch. 6] This species is able to wear and use Kanohi. Each of them has the ability to feed off of emotions, including anger and others.[19]

Beings of Unknown Origin

The following individuals have unknown origins as often their known history begins no sooner than their recruitment by their organization. They may belong to an above or named species, be members of their own, be the product of experimentation or mutation, or be completely unique.

Order of Mata Nui

  • Jerbraz
  • Trinuma
  • A member who met a dying Tahtorak who revealed that the Tahtorak on Zakaz plan to wipe out the Skakdi[20]
  • A male member who guarded Tuyet in another dimension, until this member was convinced Tuyet was noble, and helped her escape[RoS, Ch. 4]
  • A winged female member who informed Tahu and Onua of the Rahkshi's movements after Teridax's takeover[21]
  • A male member who was assigned to Metru Nui following the Matoran Civil War[20] and later was tortured into revealing the Order's existence and the Toa Metru's true collective destiny to the Karzahni (deceased)[22][23]
  • A member that was sent to Mata Nui in a Toa Canister, but was killed by Teridax[23](deceased)[24]
  • An operative at Mahri Nui with whom the Order lost contact (deceased)[20]
  • A four-armed, gigantic male member with two horns who carried a multi-bladed axe; killed by accelerated aging from Voporak's time field (revived)[DID, Ch. 2][DW, Ch. 8]
  • Two unnamed members who planted an explosive device on Artidax[DID, Ch. 4]
  • An unspecified number of members who were killed for knowing the location of Artakha (deceased)[20]
  • An unspecified number of members in the Destiny War and in the occupation and defense of Metru Nui[DID, Ch. 8]
  • An unspecified number who died on various missions (deceased)

Dark Hunters

  • Airwatcher
  • Amphibax
  • Darkness
  • Dweller
  • Eliminator
  • Ravager
  • The Recorder
  • Seeker
  • Sentrakh (transformed)
  • Shadow Stealer
  • Silence (transformed)
  • Tracker (transformed)
  • Triglax
  • Vanisher
  • Vengeance
  • A member responsible for fusing Prototype[4]
  • Various members defeated by Shadow Stealer and hired to defeat him[4]
  • Various members partnered with Vanisher to be killed by him
  • Various members who discovered Airwatcher, Avak, Gladiator, Guardian, Krekka, Poison, Ravager, Reidak, Spinner, Thok, and various other agents, and who rediscovered Prototype[4]
  • A member who disturbed the peace on Odina by shouting and was assigned a role as a practice dummy (deceased)[25]
  • A winged male member who gave away the location of the Makoki Stone to Hakann; destroyed by the Shadowed One's eyebeams (deceased)[26]
  • Two Dark Hunters sent to spy on Vanisher during a mission[4]
  • Three Dark Hunters whom Toa Helryx threw into the ocean[DID, Ch. 2]
  • Eight Dark Hunters whom the Shadowed One exposed to Hordika Venom; became the Hordika Dragons (transformed)
  • Some Dark Hunters in ships around Zakaz; all killed by the Zyglak and Skakdi {{C|deceased}[FoF, Ch. 4]
  • Ex-Dark Hunters who now serve in the Barraki's armies[DW, Ch. 5]
  • An unspecified number killed in Dark Hunter-Brotherhood of Makuta War (deceased)
  • An unspecified number involved in the Destiny War and in the occupation of Xia[DID, Ch. 8]
  • An unspecified number who died on various missions (deceased)


  • Subjects whom Tyrant gained sovereignty over[4]

Solis Magna System

Annona's Species

Members of this species feed on dreams, enabling them to radiate intensive heat.[ST, Ch. 7] All of them[27] wield a wide variety of psionic powers,[ST, Ch. 4-5] can teleport,[ST, Ch. 6] although not across interplanetary distances, and can enter a self-induced stasis.[28] Usually, two specimens cannot co-exist on the same planet,[29] and as such they reproduce asexually.[27] This species is widespread inside and outside the Solis Magna System.[30][27]

  • Annona
  • Many members of the species who came into existence on a planet created by the Golden-Skinned Being and Sahmad[ST, Ch. 7]; they are expected to die out due to their close proximity within a year
  • Many members of the species existing on other planets in the galaxy


  • The Spherus Magna warrior species has never been officially named, but due to their common employment as Glatorian, they are referred to as such by fans and this wiki.
  • According to Greg Farshtey, the Barraki do not belong to any of the species we had seen up until that point, including each others'.[citation needed]
  • Although Lariska is commonly assumed to belong to or be related to the Vortixx species, Greg maintains that she is not.[31][32][33][34]
  • Although Triglax is commonly assumed to belong to or be a member of the Krahka species, Greg maintains otherwise.[citation needed]
  • Although Axonn, Botar, Brutaka, Hydraxon, Johmak, and Lariska were not confirmed in canon to have had species, details have since been fleshed out outside of canon by Greg Farshtey. Nocturn, Lurker, Guardian, Primal, and Gladiator are not explicitly confirmed to have species, although their canon backgrounds seem to strongly imply such. Amphibax[citation needed] and Ravager are said to have possibly originated from a species, but it would not be any the Shadowed One is familiar with.[35]


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