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The Beginning

Long ago, Okoto and its inhabitants enjoyed a time of peace. The island was ruled by two Mask Makers, Makuta and Ekimu, who created Masks of Power for the inhabitants. They obeyed a sacred rule to never include more than one power in each mask, lest it become too powerful and dangerous. Ekimu's craftsmanship was excellent, and his masks were greatly sought after by the people of Okoto.


Makuta grew jealous, and disobeyed the sacred law to forge the Mask of Ultimate Power. However, upon donning the mask, he was taken over by its power, and Okoto began to crumble. Ekimu confronted Makuta and knocked the mask from his face, unleashing a shockwave that rocked the island. Both of the Mask Makers were cast into an endless sleep, ending their benevolent reign. Their masks became scattered across Okoto, waiting for the day when someone would find them once more.

After the battle, the Protectors found the body of Ekimu, and the Prophecy of Heroes was whispered to them. They put the unconscious body of Ekimu inside a sarcophagus.

At one point, Skull Spiders invaded the island Okoto. One known invasion of the Skull Spiders was their attack on a Village of Fire. With the swarms of Skull Spiders attacking, they eventually followed the Prophecy of Heroes and went to the Temple of Time where they sent their prayers to the skies.