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Arrival of the Toa Nuva

In Karda Nui, the core of the Matoran Universe, the Brotherhood of Makuta sent a team to enact a Siege on Karda Nui and its Av-Matoran inhabitants. Half of the team, led by Makuta Antroz, dropped Tridax Pods on the villages, releasing Shadow Leeches to drain the Light out of the Matoran, and turn them into Shadow Matoran. As Antroz's half of the team corrupted the Av-Matoran, the other half, led by Makuta Krika, flew to the swamp so that the Av-Matoran could not escape from Karda Nui. The Makuta managed to corrupt the Matoran of every village in Karda Nui, save one. However, as they raided the final village, Toa Mahri Matoro, carrying the Kanohi Ignika, fell through Karda Nui's waterfall. As he put on the Kanohi, his use of it flooded Karda Nui with a glowing ray of light, which caused Antroz, Chirox, and Vamprah to lose their sight. The Av-Matoran, now led by Tanma, took the opportunity to attack the blinded Makuta, but the Makuta soon recovered, using three Shadow Matoran, Gavla, Kirop, and Radiak as their "eyes" via telepathy.

Tanma, Solek, and Photok fleeing from the Makuta

As Tanma, Solek, and Photok tried to escape back to the village, the Toa Nuva were teleported by Artakha into the middle of the battle. Their new Adaptive Armor transformed in order to help the Toa stay aloft in Karda Nui's skies, and their Adaptive Weapons changed into powerful blasters and melee weapons designed for aerial combat. They quickly decided to aid the Matoran of Karda Nui, and the Toa flew into the battle. The battle remained at a stalemate until Onua discovered that the Makuta were blind. Tahu created a strategy using that knowledge, which involved aiming at the Shadow Matoran, in order to knock them off the Makuta's backs. The strategy worked for a moment, which allowed both sides to regroup and examine recent events.

The Toa returned to the Av-Matoran's shelter to discuss what happened. They began to discuss Pohatu's discovery that they had been in Karda Nui before, as well as the other memories that had begun to flow through the Toa's minds. During the course of the conversation, Pohatu discovered the light-firing abilities of the new blasters that Artakha had given them. Soon afterward, they learned the fate of Matoro from Tanma, and also learned of the possible location of the Kanohi Ignika. Eventually, the team decided to split up. One half of the team, consisting of Tahu, Gali, and Onua, would fly down into the swamp to search for the Kanohi Ignika, while Kopaka's team of himself, Pohatu, and Lewa stayed to fight Antroz's Makuta and defend the Matoran.

In Metru Nui, Toa Takanuva was walking along the shoreline, thinking about what might have happened differently if he had been able to intervene in recent events. Takanuva then felt something dark and strange in the back of his mind, which, unknown to him, was the Dark Hunter Dweller reading his mind. However, using instructions given to him by Turaga Onewa, he pushed back against the other mind and saw a mental picture of Dweller in the Great Archives in Onu-Metru, and heard the words "Dark Hunter" in his mind. After discovering where his attacker was, he raced to Onu-Metru, but he did not notice Makuta Icarax dropping a Tridax Pod, or the single Shadow Leech that came out of it and prepared to attack. Just outside the Archives, the leech leapt onto Takanuva's armor and began to devour his light. Takanuva's armor began to change from gold to gray as he fired a thin laser at the leech, which received it readily, until it began to dissolve. The leech then detached from Takanuva and squirmed away, but Takanuva continued to fire the laser until the leech smoldered into ashes. Takanuva then fell unconscious due to the sudden loss of his moral light.

As Tahu's team dove down into the mist-filled swamps of Karda Nui, the Phantoka Toa Nuva learned more about their past while defending the village from attack. As Kopaka and Lewa kept watch, Solek and Kopaka had a brief conversation about Kopaka and his past adventures. Kopaka learned that Takanuva had once been an Av-Matoran and Solek's best friend. After the talk, Solek gave Kopaka his piece of the Keystone, and informed Kopaka that, according to Matoran legend, that piece and five other pieces of the Keystone would be needed to awaken Mata Nui. Meanwhile, Lewa and Tanma spotted a Shadow Matoran flying just out of the Av-Matoran's range, and Lewa sent a blast of wind to knock the Matoran out of the sky. Kopaka quickly used an Ice bridge to slide over and capture the Matoran, who turned out to be Kirop, the former leader of the Karda Nui Matoran.

Tahu signaling for help

After Tahu's team arrived in the swamp, they decided to split up in order to cover more ground in their search for the Kanohi Ignika. While searching, Tahu discovered the Codrex, a massive spherical structure. As he flew towards the Codrex, he was hurled backward by the sphere's powerful energy field. He crashed onto a small islet in the swamp, where Makuta Krika discovered him. Krika approached and began to explain to Tahu why the Makuta despise Toa, while draining the heat in the air as well as the heat in Tahu. Desperate for help, Tahu then used his remaining power and launched a fireball into the air as a signal to his teammates.

Within the Shadow Leech Hive, the Makuta Mutran and Chirox created a Rahi beast by the order of Antroz. After some brief argument about how the creature should be designed, Chirox called for a Shadow Matoran to attend to him, and threw the Matoran into the Liquid Protodermis vat. After the process was complete, Mutran pulled out the Rahi and argued more with Chirox, saying that the creature would either die of horror over its new appearance, or combine the worst elements of both species. Before Mutran could argue further, Antroz confirmed that the beast was sufficient for the mission he needed done. He reasoned that if it did not have the physical ability to escape the Toa, its appearance would stall them long enough to escape to Destral so that Mutran's Matoran assistant, Vican, could summon Icarax. At the revelation of Vican's mission, a wave of shock passed through the room due to the seemingly extravagant course of action. After they voiced their shock, Antroz replied that they had most likely been underestimating their enemies, as the Makuta often did.

Elsewhere, Roodaka, Carapar, Takadox, Spiriah and Vezon, the latter having been rescued from Zyglak, were captured, brought together and were joined by Brutaka and taken for a dangerous mission for the Order of Mata Nui. The group traveled to Stelt in a small boat and there obtained a larger boat, stealing one from a trader. During their journey, they were told of their mission to rescue Makuta Miserix from Artidax. Shortly afterward, Spiriah hijacked the boat with the threat of Zyglak which he had contacted through channels on Stelt. The course was changed towards Zakaz, where Spiriah intended to exact revenge for the failed experiment on the Skakdi which resulted in his disgrace. When the boat reached Zakaz, the Zyglak began attacking the shore, only to be defeated by members of Ehlek's species. Subduing the threat of Spiriah, Brutaka regained control of the team and the last member, Lariska arrived.

Meanwhile, Takanuva awoke inside one of the many rooms in the Archives designed for examining the bodies of dead Rahi. As he rose, he used his power to see a Toa of Water and another gray Toa, neither of which he knew. The Toa of Water revealed the gray Toa to be Toa Krakua, and that he had rescued Takanuva and brought him to this room, thinking that Takanuva might die. She then introduced herself as Toa Helryx, the leader of the Order of Mata Nui. Helryx told Takanuva about Krakua, that he was a courier to bring messages between the Order and the various Toa throughout the universe. Takanuva muttered that he must have taken a hard blow to the head when he fell unconscious. Helryx then reacted by ramming him against the wall with spikes of water, informing him that the Toa Nuva were in Karda Nui, and that only Takanuva could help them, due to the fact that he now was a Toa of both Light and Shadow. Krakua then stepped up, carrying a creature that looked like a cross between Krana and a Kraata. It affixed itself to Takanuva's Kanohi Avohkii, and he started to see a vision from the past.

Onua using his powers in the swamp of Karda Nui

After the team split up, Onua was battling a Nui-Kopen when he was ambushed by Makuta Bitil and the past versions of the Makuta, which were summoned by Bitil's Kanohi Mohtrek, and Bitil hit Onua with a bolt from his Nynrah Ghost Blaster. As he took control of Onua's mechanical parts, he explained the powers of his Ghost Blaster, and brought Onua to the Makuta's camp. Gradually, as the effect of the Ghost Blaster wore off, Onua cleverly pretended to still be under Bitil's control in order to perform his own ambush. As Bitil waited impatiently for Krika to arrive, Onua jumped into action, grabbing hold of Bitil's neck, and threatening to kill Bitil and dispose of his duplicates. Bitil then described the powers of the Kanohi Mohtrek and how his duplicates were actually his past selves, after which Onua took advantage of the situation to create a sudden eruption of mud, and escape while Bitil's duplicates were hurled off the ground. Bitil quickly flew after Onua, chasing him through the swamp. During the chase, Onua realized that his Midak Skyblaster had changed into a Nynrah Ghost Blaster similar to Bitil's. Onua promptly fired the blaster at Bitil, who, after being struck by the blast, was surrounded by a sphere of energy and sent plummeting to the swamp below.

Beneath the waters of Karda Nui's swamp, the Kanohi Ignika reached out with its energy to examine its surroundings. It soon decided, due to the sacrifice of Matoro, that it wanted to experience life, and to even be a hero like Matoro and the other Toa Mahri. With that decision, it drew the particles drifting through the swamp water to build itself a body. As it quickly discovered, its new body could not breathe water, but rather than redesigning the body it designed a Skyboard to help it escape the swamp and explore the universe. As he flew out of the water, he sensed the Phantoka Toa Nuva up above, and flew towards them, hoping to establish the first friendships of his life.

Toa Ignika leaving the swamp on his Skyboard

Meanwhile, Gali flew through the swamp, and located a Keystone embedded in the branches of a tree. Cautiously, she used her Water powers to smash the tree and free the Keystone. However, as she approached the stone, Makuta Gorast leaped up and attacked the Toa, preparing to feed off Gali's light with her stinger. But Gali, prompted by a memory of the past, turned and launched a blast of water to throw off her enemy's flight path. Gorast finally got a grip on a tree using her claws, and took off towards the Toa of Water again, who responded with another powerful water blast. However, Gorast dodged out of the way of the blast and rammed Gali into another tree, which was ripped from the ground from the force. Gorast landed and ran for Gali, hoping for a meal, but Gali cut off the Makuta's source of air with a sphere of water around her enemy's head. Gali then discovered that her Skyblaster had also changed into a Ghost Blaster, and fired it at the Makuta while removing the water sphere. The energy dart hits its target, and bound Gorast with energy chains. Gali then ordered the Makuta to surrender, or she would put another water sphere around Gorast's head. As Gorast snapped her chains, she introduced herself, followed by a chain of achievements, and then fired her own Ghost Blaster. Gali dodged the bolt and fired bursts of water, which Gorast batted away. Gali then increased the moisture in the mud beneath Gorast, who sank in. However, in order to get Gali to take her attention off of the Makuta, Gorast dove underneath the mud. As Gali started to walk away, Gorast sprang out to attack with her stinger, just as Tahu's fireball flew into the air.

Gorast attacking Gali

Towards the south of the Universe, Spiriah, Roodaka, Lariska, Brutaka, Takadox, Vezon and Carapar journeyed to a barren island to collect supplies left there by Trinuma and Botar who had fought Icarax, resulting in Botar's death and the weapons being left on the island, instead of the planned location. Upon taking their weapons, the team was captured by Tren Krom who brought them to his cave where he interrogated them, learning of the events in the universe. He also killed Carapar, who attempted to attack him. Tren Krom allowed the team to leave, as he felt the horrors of the universe were worse than anything he could do and that they deserved them. Reaching Artidax later, the group traveled into the heart of the island, using Spiriah to know the traps which had been designed to halt Makuta. The team carefully entered a tunnel whose entrance had a vine as a trap. After everyone else had entered, Takadox cut the vine, trapping the others and allowing himself to escape.

Meanwhile, the Toa took Kirop's piece of the Keystone, and got ready to put their plan into action. As Kirop woke up, the Toa put on a false conversation. Kirop listened in, and heard them discussing a raid on the Shadow Leech Hive. Hearing this, Kirop blasted a hole in the roof and flew for the Hive. As he departed, Kopaka's team and Tanma's trio of Matoran flew after him. As they followed, Toa Ignika joined them, although they ignored him for the moment. Eventually they began to lose ground, but Photok discovered his new power of super-speed, nearly giving their presence away. Although Kirop still did not notice their presence, they found a new danger, as a large, multi-headed flying Rahi flew up with the intention to make a meal out of one of them. With the appearance of this new threat, Toa Ignika flew up and used his power to speed up the life processes of the creature, sending it plummeting to the ground. After this action, the Toa readily accepted him into their group, and continued their chase after Kirop.

In the swamp, Onua had arrived, flying in to rescue Gali. He grabbed hold of her attacker and, using all his strength plus the extra power of the Pakari Nuva, slammed Gorast into the ground, something she thought that not even being trampled by a Tahtorak or being sent through a wall by Krekka could compare to. Onua warily stepped back to Gali and helped her up as Gorast made an offer for him to join the Brotherhood's forces, to which he promptly and firmly answered "no." Gorast charged forward, only to be met by a powerful mud geyser as Onua flew away with Gali to where Tahu's fireball had shot up. Gorast finally pushed her way through the geyser and took off after the Toa.

When Kirop arrived at the Shadow Leech Hive, Vican came out, riding on the unusual Matoran-Rahi hybrid. As Kirop quickly flew in to warn Mutran, the Makuta spotted the Toa flying towards the hive, and slammed the door shut. The Toa wasted no time in trying to bash the door in, using boulders from Pohatu, a burst of air from Lewa, and blasts of light from the Av-Matoran. With that, the door finally flew in, and was caught by Mutran, who had secretly created an illusion within the hive moments before in order to hide the Shadow Leech vats. Kopaka ordered Lewa, Pohatu, and the Av-Matoran to fly with the new "Toa" further into the hive, to search for the Leech vats. Meanwhile, Kopaka stayed to fight Mutran along with Solek.

Despite going through about a Kio of tunnels, Lewa, Pohatu, Ignika, and the Matoran had not yet found the leech vats, due to the Makuta's illusion. Baffled, they decided to ask the new ally they had gained. To their shock and dismay, Toa Ignika had vanished and standing in his place was a massive white-skinned beast with funnel-like jaws. However, Ignika was simply covered up by another illusion. After brief debate, the Toa Nuva and Matoran began to attack, something Toa Ignika did not take lightly. Finally, he could take it no longer and began to slow down their life processes with the final goal of ending their existence.

Meanwhile, Kopaka continued to fight Mutran. During the course of the fight, Solek had been knocked unconscious. As Kopaka prepared to fire an ice blast, Mutran used his Fear power to distract the Toa. With that, Mutran walked over and grabbed Kopaka by the throat and began to use his other mind powers with the goal of driving Kopaka insane.

Back near the entrance, Solek awakened to see Kopaka Nuva on the ground staring into space with Mutran preparing a Shadow blast. Despite his efforts, Solek could not block it with his body, but he did accidentally create a shield of solid light with his newfound powers. While Solek and Mutran tried to figure out what had just happened, Kopaka jumped up and attacked Mutran with his Ice powers continually. As he did so, he explained to Solek that he was faking his defeat. Mutran attempted to create chain lightning, but Kopaka continued to blast him with Ice.

Meanwhile, the other Toa and Matoran began to realize that they were slowly dying. Photok and Pohatu also realized that the 'monster' was really Ignika, and they pleaded for him to stop, though unsuccessfully. This prompted Pohatu to attack Ignika. However, before any blows could be exchanged, Pohatu discovered that their ally was wearing the Mask of Life.

Before they could escape to help the other Toa and Matoran, the Phantoka Makuta arrived at the entrance. Vamprah cast his shadow powers over the cave, while Chirox used his shattering powers to open a crevasse in the floor in order to distract Kopaka and Solek, and Antroz finished the attack by using his Magnetism powers to slam the two into the wall until they were knocked unconscious. The Makuta then proceeded through the tunnels to find the Toa, leaving Mutran behind to get free from the ice by himself.

The Phantoka dueling in the sky

Chirox, Vamprah, and Antroz found Lewa, Pohatu, Photok, and Tanma in one of the tunnels and used their power screams to knock out their enemies. Vamprah and Chirox then took the Matoran for questioning, while Antroz and the newly freed Mutran imprisoned Kopaka, Pohatu, and Lewa with Protosteel chains in the Hive. Antroz informed the Toa that if they made any attempt to free themselves, he would send a telepathic message to Vamprah and Chirox, ordering them to kill the Matoran. After Mutran explained the illusions they had seen before, Antroz revealed that they were going to use Shadow Leeches to drain the Toa's light, starting with Lewa. Mutran then drew a Shadow Leech out of a vat and brought it up to Lewa's Kanohi.

Icarax on Teridax's throne on Destral

Meanwhile, Vican touched down on Destral and used his Tablet of Transit to gain access to the Brotherhood Fortress. Despite having been given instructions on how to find Icarax, he did not need them, as Icarax was sitting on Teridax's throne. Vican's shock increased when he saw Icarax wearing Teridax's Kanohi Kraahkan. Vican nervously began to give Icarax Antroz's message when Icarax used his Shadow powers to yank Vican off the floor and squeeze the breath out of him, while threatening Vican to hurry by way of a twin-bladed sword to the throat. Vican quickly told his message to Icarax, who freed him while saying how absurd it was that Antroz would try to give him orders. After Vican replied by saying that Antroz and the rest of the Brotherhood were simply following Teridax's Plan, Icarax grabbed him and held him over a pool of Energized Protodermis, discussing the dependence on chance that Teridax's Plan had, which he considered to be the Plan's major fault. He then ordered Vican out, and to tell Antroz that he would come to Karda Nui. Vican quickly ran out and flew away on his mount to fulfill his orders.

As Mutran brought the Shadow Leech up close to Lewa, Pohatu quickly thought up a plan using his ability to destroy stone. He carefully weakened the rock beneath Mutran, but when the Shadow Leech made contact with Lewa's Kanohi, Pohatu mentally yanked the rock out from under the Makuta. At that moment, he activated his Kanohi Kakama Nuva to vibrate his particles and escape his bonds, as well as to cut the chains binding the other two Toa. Kopaka and Lewa retrieved their weapons while Toa Ignika awakened and Pohatu rescued the Matoran. Kopaka then recalled a situation from when they had first arrived in Metru Nui. In Ga-Metru, they had used a Kanohi Kakama Nuva to confuse and defeat several Doom Vipers, and decided to use the same strategy to escape and destroy the Shadow Leech vats. Pohatu activated his Kanohi Nuva, and they all fled through the vats and toward the exit, just when Vamprah and Chirox arrived right in their path. Antroz ordered them to block the exit, but it was a futile attempt, as the Toa vibrated through their bodies, disrupting their Antidermis. After they escaped the Hive, they combined their powers in an attempt to destroy the organic-looking stone holding it up, but the damage repaired almost immediately. Toa Ignika then used his power to snap the stone, and bring down the hive. Both sides then regrouped for a final battle.

The Makuta returned to Antroz's cavern and had an argument over why they keep the Shadow Matoran around. The argument began with Mutran screaming at Kirop for leading the Toa to the Shadow Leech Hive and Chirox's disapproval of Shadow Matoran as a whole. The discussion continued until Icarax arrived and interrupted, mocking them about the whole part of the Plan. Antroz then told Icarax of the task he requested him for, to defeat Toa Ignika and capture the Mask of Life. Icarax agreed, but only for his own amusement.

The last battle over Karda Nui began as the Makuta flew over Karda Nui spreading Shadow over the remaining village of light. Just before breaking off from the formation, Mutran and Icarax struck the roof of Karda Nui with Lightning. While Mutran and Icarax broke off, the Phantoka Makuta flew on. Antroz used his weather control power to create a storm, and Vamprah and Chirox alternated the use of their Sonics and cyclone powers to destroy all the Matoran Homes and lightvines. After the attacks, the hiding place of the Toa and Av-Matoran was revealed, and Mutran and Icarax flew down to it. After Mutran used his Plasma power to melt the hinges, Icarax ripped the hatch off, and walked down to find it empty. He yelled in rage about the absence of their enemies, and the Makuta searched for them without success. However, Gavla spotted some Shadow Matoran down below, and she and Vamprah flew down and freed them. After the Matoran were freed, they informed the Makuta that the Toa flew towards Antroz's cave when the Makuta attacked. Vamprah then smashed a rock and picked up one of the fragments, which Gavla interpreted as meaning that the Toa were stealing the Makuta's piece of the Keystone.

The Makuta flew as fast as possible to the cave, but Pohatu started throwing stalactites down at them. As he readied another stalactite, Antroz fired heat vision at him, but Kopaka flew in front of Pohatu and made a shield of ice to reflect the two laser beams back at Antroz and, despite Kirop's warning, Antroz was hit by his own attack, causing his Antidermis to leak out. Chirox and Kirop then tried to make their own attack on the Toa of Stone, but Lewa leaped out of the cave and used his Midak Skyblaster to keep Chirox off balance long enough for Pohatu to slam the stalactite into him. However, two Av-Matoran came out, eager to join in the battle, and Icarax wasted no time in using his Cyclone powers to capture them. Lewa quickly created his own cyclone and collided it with Icarax's, but Icarax simply deactivated his and let the Matoran fall toward the swamp. Kopaka and Solek flew to rescue them, using a chain of ice from Kopaka to rescue one, and a scoop made of light from Solek. But while they did that, Mutran hit them with a Power Scream. Antroz prepared to add to the attack, charging his hand with shattering energy, and swooping toward Kopaka. Pohatu saw Antroz's attack coming and threw his stalactite, then flew after the dazed Makuta. Photok and Pohatu then used Photok's new super-speed ability to deliver hundreds of powerful blows over and over again, until Icarax sent Pohatu, Photok, Antroz, and Radiak down towards the swamp using his Gravity powers.

On Artidax, Brutaka's team regrouped and continued on, facing dangerous insects before they reached the forty-foot tall dragon-like Miserix who was imprisoned in a great chamber and guarded by Klakk. They spoke to Miserix, who killed Spiriah upon seeing his fellow Makuta. Brutaka and Roodaka used their powers to break a weak link of the chain binding Miserix's arm, prompting an attack from the Klakk which Lariska and Vezon fought off. Miserix then gave out a power scream that defeated the Klakk, as well as Lariska and Vezon. Free of bonds, Miserix broke the island's mountain, creating a way out. Roodaka attempted to get Miserix on her side, resulting in her being stunned by his responding roar. Brutaka loaded the team on Miserix's back, the Makuta shapeshifting a pair of wings which he used to fly north. The team briefly rested before traveling to Daxia.

At Onua and Gali's destination, Tahu was still having his energy drained by Krika. Tahu thought quickly, and used his remaining power to superheat the mud beneath Krika's feet until it almost began to boil, causing Krika to stop his energy drain and lower his density to become intangible. As Tahu rose, he saw the other Mistika flying towards him and Krika. Tahu quickly absorbed the heat back into his body so that the Toa could land, and then threw up a shield over them using his Kanohi Hau Nuva. As soon as Bitil and Gorast arrived, they planned to knock down the shield, but Chirox then fell out of the sky, prompting them to try and rescue him. While the Mistika Makuta were distracted trying to save their brother, an Av-Matoran got the Toa's attention and brought them into a small clearing with Lightvines all around and Av-Matoran scattered on the ground in the process of a transformation. Onua ran over to the Matoran, but was stopped by the Av-Matoran who guided them there. Gradually, they realized that the Matoran were turning into Bohrok, the machines that they had fought on Mata Nui the past year.

As Pohatu and Photok dropped toward the swamp, Pohatu suddenly felt one of Photok's memories flow through his mind, one of a stalactite in the swamp. Pohatu strained to land on that stalactite, and was driven through the stalactite until it snapped, causing Pohatu and Photok to fall all over again.

After rescuing Chirox, the Makuta discussed whether or not they should chase the Toa. Krika assured them that the Toa would not possibly leave without all the pieces of the Keystone, one of which they possessed already. Due to Krika's choice of wording, Bitil commented that Krika sounded as if he admired the Toa, to which Krika replied that he simply respected the power and skill of the Toa. When Gorast commented that Krika should be extremely careful, seeing as the Plan was so close to completion, he activated his Kanohi Crast and repelled Gorast into a stalactite, claiming that he had always been careful, which had allowed him to survive.

Up until this point, Ignika had not participated in the battle, because he was too overwhelmed by the course of the fight. However, Icarax's attack on Pohatu and Photok convinced Ignika to attack. He flew up to Icarax and struck him with the flat of his Lifeblade. Although he suffered no damage, Icarax turned to face his new attacker, and recognized him as the Toa Antroz wanted him to take the Mask of Life from. Ignika swiped at Icarax with his Lifeblade a second time, but Icarax used his density control power to let the blade pass through him and then used the same power to punch Ignika with a super-hardened fist. As Ignika clutched the side of his Skyboard, Icarax reached down to take the Kanohi, but Ignika cursed him by reversing his evolution until all his Antidermis transformed back into organic tissue, which caused great pain for Icarax, seeing as his armor was designed for energy, not organs and muscle.

Back in the clearing, the Av-Matoran confirmed that Av-Matoran transform into Bohrok if they are destined to. When asked where the new Bohrok were transported to, he stated that they were about to be fitted with Krana, which would control the machines in their mission to serve Mata Nui. The Matoran then gave the Toa Nuva another piece of the Keystone, and told them that that all six would be needed to gain access to the Codrex, which he described as being the place of their beginning, and most likely, their ending. However, before the Toa could learn more, the Matoran transformed into a Bohrok. As he contemplated the discoveries made in the past few moments, Tahu heard a voice from his past, although he did not know it.

A member of Botar's species and Krakua arrived on Voya Nui to summon Axonn to Daxia. Axonn teleported away with after a minor conflict broke out. He arrived in the Daxia Fortress to meet Miserix and Brutaka, who told him that the Order of Mata Nui was going to reveal its existence in its battle against the Brotherhood of Makuta.

At the same time, a number of flying messenger Rahi flew over Odina, in a pattern that gave the Dark Hunter Ancient the message that he had to convince the Shadowed One to ally with the Order of Mata Nui or kill him.

The Mistika Toa went on the trail left by the Makuta; despite that they knew it was a trap. However, Tahu developed a plan involving the ability Pohatu discovered when they were on Odina searching for the Staff of Artakha. Concentrating on one spot while carefully using his elemental power, he demonstrated his newfound ability to create a timed fireball, and informed them that all the Toa Nuva could do it with their own element. Using their timed abilities, Tahu launched a fireball at Gorast, Gali hurled a water blast at Bitil, and Krika was hit by Onua's timed earthquake. As the Makuta investigated the apparent source of the attacks, the Toa searched the Mistika Makuta's camp, and discovered a piece of the Keystone.

On Xia, the Toa Hagah fought and defeated the Tahtorak and Kanohi Dragon. Just then, Gaaki had a vision of hundreds of battle-ready 'seekers of shadows'. Norik calmed her and at his signal, Kualus sent a Smoke Hawk as a scout, and it returned with the news that the Dark Hunters were coming. Iruini immediately teleported to the lead ship and confronted the Shadowed One who told him that he was there to destroy Xia and threatened him. Helryx arrived with two other Order of Mata Nui members and forced the Shadowed One into merely invading and defeating Xia, throwing three Dark Hunters overboard in the discussion. One of her companions then teleported to Xia and back with the other Toa Hagah. Helryx informed them of their mission to find Teridax and gave them Zaktan as a guide. Gaaki in the meanwhile, had another vision of where they were going - a 'place of death' from which one of them would not return.

The Makuta Mistika

Just as the Toa were about to leave the Mistika Makuta's, Krika's team returned, and fired their Ghost Blasters, but their shots were blocked by the power of Tahu Nuva's Kanohi Hau Nuva. However, the Makuta knew that the shield could not stay up for too long, and planned to knock it down so that their search for the Kanohi Ignika would not be delayed. Tahu desperately told them that the Toa had already found the Kanohi Ignika, and that the Phantoka Toa Nuva were using it to defeat Antroz's Makuta. Bitil, in order to disprove Tahu's statement, contacted the Phantoka Makuta through telepathy, and discovered that the Ignika had become a Toa, and already defeated Icarax. While the Makuta were distracted by this revelation, Gali used her power to increase the moisture in the air, allowing the Toa to escape underground with help from Onua. The Makuta soon realized that the Toa were missing, but rather than chase them, Krika decided to simply go to their quarry's destination, the Codrex, a decision based on a memory of the characteristics of the Vahki Keerakh.

Underground, the Toa hurried through the earth, when Tahu told Onua to stop digging for a while. They heard nothing, and Gali suggested that they exit the tunnel and go to the Codrex, but Tahu said otherwise, and told Onua to turn the tunnel around, and go straight back to the Makuta's camp. On Daxia, Vezon was released by Trinuma for a suicidal mission and traveled with him in a boat to Destral where Vezon was to betray the entire universe.

Since Icarax's concentration was broken, Pohatu was able to fly back up and helped Kopaka fight Chirox, but when Mutran saw the way the battle was heading, he unleashed every bit of Elemental Shadow energy he had, similar to a Nova Blast. Shortly afterwards he sent Vican to gather the other Makuta so they could escape back down to the swamp, but Mutran and Icarax were captured by the Toa. After short discussion, the Toa Nuva decided to go and help the Mistika Toa Nuva fight the Makuta with the help of Tanma, Photok, and Solek. Toa Ignika however, remained above to guard Icarax.

Miserix tore off the roof of a trader's shop on Stelt and demanded knowledge on the whereabouts of Teridax. Upon being told the trader did not know, he told the trader to tell everyone that he was back and that he was hunting Teridax.

Krika ordered each of the Mistika Makuta to hide in the shadows and wait for the Toa. As they did, each of them thought over various things, mostly related to their view of Teridax's Plan. However, the Toa Nuva scanned over their opponents from the mists, and planned to attack from behind. While Gali used a water sphere to attack Gorast, Onua opened a hole in the mud beneath Bitil, and Tahu launched a fireball at Krika, causing the Makuta to drop his Ghost Blaster. Gali then fired her own Ghost Blaster and trapped Gorast in energy pincers, while her brothers hurled whatever they could think of at the Makuta. However, Krika attacked Gali with a shadow blast and broke her concentration, which allowed Gorast to be freed of the water sphere. Krika then ordered Gorast to free Bitil, but Onua chased after her.

On Zakaz, Axonn and Brutaka fought a Skakdi horde and eventually faked surrender, so they were taken to the main warlord Nektann and convinced him to join the Order in the fight against the Brotherhood. They then proceeded to the other warlord's camps to persuade them in turn.

In the swamp, Tahu continued attacking Krika with fire bolts, but Krika simply lowered his density, allowing the flames to pass right through him. Krika then told Tahu a fable about a Kavinika and a Lohrak, the moral of which was, that sometimes both sides of a fight may lose. Meanwhile, Gorast had not yet made it to Bitil, and was held back by blasts of mud from Onua. Despite that, Bitil had escaped and was hot on Gali's trail, but she swooped down and around and fired a water blast while flying up to a higher altitude. She then fired her Nynrah Ghost Blaster to make energy obstacles in the air, keeping Bitil off balance. Bitil then activated his Kanohi Mohtrek, and the duplicates summoned by it grabbed Gali and hurled her to the swamp, but Onua used his Ghost Blaster to create a flexible platform that broke Gali's fall for a short second, just long enough for him to make a bridge of land to protect her from the swamp while she got back in the air. However his effort to rescue Gali allowed Gorast to gain progress through his mud blast, and he had to hold her off so she could not drain his light. As she mocked him over the color of his armor, he struck a hard blow that knocked Gorast out of the air.

The fight stayed evenly balanced by the quick thinking of Tahu's team, and the formidable powers of the Makuta. Krika, while locked in combat with Tahu, lied to his opponent that the Codrex's energy field was going to implode thanks to Bitil's tampering with energy fields, but Tahu called his bluff, claiming that the Makuta would not dare to, and voiced his theory that the Makuta wanted the Toa to gain access to the giant sphere. Tahu then began to absorb the heat around Krika before the Makuta could escape using his ghostly, intangible form. Krika then informed Tahu that something was happening behind him, and with hesitation, Tahu did look behind him to see the Phantoka Makuta and their Shadow Matoran riders flying into the swamp.

On Stelt, the Ko-Matoran Mazeka arrived in order to question a Fe-Matoran crafter. Dispatching the two guards, Mazeka burst into the Matoran's workshop and questioned him on the whereabouts of Vultraz, for whom the Fe-Matoran had modified his Skyfighter. The Matoran told Mazeka, under the threat of his mask being destroyed, that Vultraz had gone to 'the core' for Makuta Icarax. Mazeka then left, destroying the Matoran's mask anyway and dealing with the guards. The Ko-Matoran then traveled to Daxia to ask Helryx about the core. Dodging guards, he made it to Helryx's chamber through an escape tunnel. There he met Tobduk who said that he knew where the core was, but that Mazeka had to help him on a mission, which they both left on.

As the Phantoka Makuta flew down in the swamp in Karda Nui, their Mistika brothers and sister joined them into a V formation, driving the Mistika Toa Nuva back until they were just outside the Codrex's defensive field. Antroz then prepared a burst of Shadow energy to execute his enemies, but the blast was fed back into him when it hit the ice that had formed around his hand by Kopaka. He, along with Lewa and Pohatu, joined up with the Mistika Toa Nuva, and arriving moments afterwards were Tanma's trio of Av-Matoran. With the sides even once again, the final battle for the Matoran Universe began.

In Metru Nui, Takanuva awoke from his vision after Krakua removed the creature from his face. Helryx then informed him that the Toa Nuva had forgotten all he had just seen due to their sleep in the Toa Canisters, and were about to unknowingly destroy themselves, the Matoran, and everything else in the swamp in order to awaken Mata Nui. She then gave him his mission, the goal of which was to inform the Toa Nuva of the danger before it was too late. She also mentioned that as he did that, the Order of Mata Nui would strike at the Brotherhood's base on Destral. After he voiced his worries for the protection of his home city, Helryx told him that the city would be safe, with the help of the Toa Mahri and Brutaka. Takanuva doubted the trustworthiness of Brutaka, to which Helryx answered that the desperation of the universe's situation required it. She then informed him that Brutaka's Kanohi Olmak would be his transportation to Karda Nui, and then had Brutaka open a portal as close to Karda Nui as he could. Brutaka handed a sundial to Takanuva and explained its importance. Takanuva then stepped into the portal as the first step on his mission.

The Toa Hagah teleported to Metru Nui for their mission, having been informed by Zaktan that they had to destroy the Coliseum in order to follow Teridax. Upon meeting the Toa Mahri and telling them that they had to destroy the Coliseum, the two Toa teams clashed. The fight was abruptly stopped when a gigantic Rahi summoned by Kualus went out of control and the Toa had to stop it. Together defeating the Rahi, the Toa came to an understanding and worked out a plan for the Toa Hagah to travel under the Coliseum without destroying. After convincing the Turaga and finishing the preparations, the Toa created an passage which was held up by Hewkii, Bomonga and Kualus while the Toa of Water cooled the walls down and the Toa of Air kept a watch on Zaktan. The Toa Hagah then proceeded in, refusing the Toa Mahri's offer to join them, and Hewkii let the structure down, before he briefly passed out.

Meanwhile, in a wild and unknown area beneath the Coliseum of Metru Nui, Makuta Teridax in Antidermis form drifted through the defenses of the area. He had no worries about the weaponry here, for they were designed to deal with beings with a physical form. He then noticed a carving of a Kanohi Hau, and "spoke" to his "brother" Mata Nui as he often had. Soon, he arrived at his destination, and started to finish the last step of his Plan.

After a brief struggle with Tahu, Vamprah had flown into the mist, and now silently hunted the cautious Toa of Fire. Tahu carefully flew through the swamp, wishing he had an Av-Matoran to help him watch for the Makuta. A Shadow blast was hurled at Tahu, but he evaded the burst and launched several fireballs towards the source of the dark energy blast, only to watch them fly through empty air. Tahu then heard something drop, and the clicking sound of its opening signaled the coming of the Shadow Leeches from the Tridax Pod. He activated his Hau Nuva, but the leeches simply attached themselves to the energy shield, and vainly attempt to drain light from it. In order to dispose of them, he flew close to the swamp waters and deactivated his Kanohi, allowing the leeches to fall into the mutagenic waters.

On one of the Southern Islands, Skakdi fought Rahkshi which had come there as part of the Brotherhood's plan to invade the mainland and had slaughtered the Matoran residents. Though the Skakdi were nearly defeated, they managed to get into a rage and defeat the Rahkshi. Axonn and Brutaka watched for some time then walked down into a small canyon, in the middle of which was a trapdoor hidden under rocks and stones. Axonn split the trap with a blow and they entered the place beneath the ground, a dark dank place with a pool of Antidermis from which the Makuta species had been created. The two warriors prepared to destroy the pool but the liquid exploded over them, causing them to stumble in. Axonn nearly drowned but Brutaka pulled him out. Brutaka was effected by the Antidermis in strange ways, becoming extremely powerful and having his mind subjugated by that of the essence of the Makuta species. The warrior began speaking of Spherus Magna, the shattering and wrongs that had to be repaired.

The Shadowed One on Xia, was wandering the island when he came across a Vortixx desperately searching through rubble. The leader of the Dark Hunters confronted the Vortixx and then gagged him when the Vortixx lied about what he was doing. The Shadowed One then began digging and came across a small chest containing three vials of viruses which Makuta Kojol had brought with him when he visited Xia. The Shadowed One then killed the Vortixx. Ancient, keeping tabs on the actions of the Dark Hunters to report to Helryx, came upon his leader who explained what he had found and then killed Ancient to keep the information from getting out.

Meanwhile, Kopaka, Lewa, and Onua were fighting the Makuta, and seemingly for no reason, Lewa began telling a story about three Matoran, a Nui-Rama swarm, and a basket of Bula berries. After being interrupted several times, Lewa finally finished the story, and explained that the Makuta simply wanted something, and they should give it to them, like the Matoran in the story. They discussed exactly what the Makuta wanted, and, for a moment, believed they wanted the keystones, but Onua convinced them to dismiss that theory.

At the Coliseum in Metru Nui, shortly after the Toa Hagah had left, the Toa Mahri briefly discussed the Toa Hagah's mission and, turning, found a golden crystal hanging in the air. Johmak told them that what it was and that they had to take it to Artidax so the Visorak following it could be trapped. The Order of Mata Nui agent then broke into crystals. Jaller, Nuparu and Hahli left for Artidax while Hewkii and Kongu remained to protect the city. Soon after their comrades left, Kongu and Hewkii were knocked unconscious by Johmak, whose fragments had recollected behind them.

On Destral, Vezon had been captured by Rahkshi and brought before Makuta Tridax for interrogation. Upon intimidating questioning, Vezon revealed the existence of the Order of Mata Nui, its plan to assault Destral and the fact that a spy had sabotaged the teleportation device. Tridax did not believe however, as the device showed no signs of tampering and interrogated him further, hanging the half-Skakdi from his ankles. Just then, Destral came under attack and Tridax left for the sub-basement, followed by Vezon. There Tridax confronted Vezon and showed him around hundred alternate Takanuvas, each taken from a different dimension using a Kanohi Olmak. Tridax had drained the light of some of them and planned to release them to fight the Order of Mata Nui's forces. At that moment, Tobduk and Mazeka appeared and fought Tridax and Vezon respectively. While Tobduk killed the Makuta, telling his story as he did so, Mazeka took Vezon away from the fight and let him free, as he saw no reason to kill him. Vezon took the Olmak present and created a portal when he was alone.

Krika, in the middle of a struggle with Gali, decided to take action. After dodging a blast of water, he argued with Gali, while still fighting her. He used his power of density control to pass through bars of energy made by Gali's Ghost Blaster, and then grabbed her while draining some of her energy. With her now unable to resist, he carried her off into the swamp.

On Artidax, Jaller, Nuparu and Hahli encountered Takadox, who had been trapped after the boat used by Brutaka's team which he took was wrecked and he ended back up on the island, a story which he told to the Toa. The Toa told him something of their mission, showing him the Heart of the Visorak and the spider-like Rahi following them. The former Barraki then hypnotized them to remain there while he took their boat, leaving them stranded to be killed when the Visorak came and the volcano erupted due to a device placed earlier by two Order members. The Visorak arrived on the island and began scouting around. However, Teridax woke Jaller up, speaking to him briefly, a memory which the Toa later forgot. Jaller hastily woke his teammates from their paralysis with small fireballs and Hahli and Jaller used their powers to keep the Visorak at bay. Just then, the volcano rumbled, foretelling the eruption. The Toa made for the water, Nuparu creating a path free of Visorak with his elemental powers. The Visorak were all killed by the eruption when it occurred but the three Toa escaped.

As Krika took Gali into the swamp, Pohatu continued fighting Gorast. He had tried everything he could think of, from swinging trees into her, blasting Midak light spheres at her, throwing boulders, and super-speed blows using his Kanohi Kakama Nuva and Photok's super-speed ability. However, Gorast seemed just as unharmed as before, and struck a blow to Pohatu and Photok, knocking them into the Codrex's energy field, which then knocked them straight back into another blow from Gorast. After announcing the inevitable victory of the Plan, she used her Kanohi Felnas to set off Pohatu's stone powers. With that, she walked away from the growing pile of rock.

In the Pit, Hydraxon received a message from Helryx telling the current situation and giving orders which he showed to Lesovikk. Hydraxon then descended to the Barraki's cells and told them of the deal offered by the Order of Mata Nui for their freedom in exchange for their fighting against the Makuta in the war. The Barraki accepted and Pridak upon being freed, led forces against a Brotherhood fortress. Exploring the lower levels, Pridak found a room whose walls had detailed the plan of the Makuta, but the wall had been broken into pieces. Pridak then began to reassemble the pieces.

Vamprah had proven to be much more of a challenge for Tahu than the Toa had believed, and the Makuta's power of heat resistance did not help. However, and idea came to his mind when he spotted some rotting swamp plants on an islet of mud, and remembered something Turaga Matau had said about the plants in the Fau Swamp. The Turaga of Air had said that the plants were more organic and broke down faster than Protodermis. When Vamprah flew over the plants, Tahu hurled a fireball at the plants, causing an explosion from the swamp gas from the plants. When Tahu looked back, Vamprah was clinging to a tree in order to stay out of the mutagen-filled waters.

On Nynrah, Helryx sifted through Rahkshi armor with her new ally Keetongu. She used her mask to find a new source of Energized Protodermis. They had been destroying sources of Energized Protodermis to keep the Makuta from making more Rahkshi. Keetongu and Helryx left for the new island which had a pool of Energized Protodermis which manifested itself in a rough figure and introduced itself. When Helryx spoke of their mission to cap sources of Energized Protodermis, the Entity laughed and sent a wave at them. However, a portal created by Vezon emerged, which they jumped into, while Vezon was struck by the wave and fused with the Olmak.

On a patch of land in the swamp, Krika spoke with Gali, the Toa of Water still dizzy from the Makuta's attack. He told her that the Brotherhood of Makuta once had a noble cause, under Makuta Miserix's rule, but due to jealousy of Mata Nui and the urging of Makuta Teridax, they turned against Miserix, and began working in favor of the Plan. Krika informed her that Teridax had wanted Miserix killed, and had assigned the task to Krika and Spiriah, but Krika had instead imprisoned him on Artidax, a volcanic island in one of the southern island chains. As Krika continued, Gali came upon the thought that the island that Tahu and Kopaka were sent to in order to stop volcano eruptions may have been that island. Krika then gave her a Brotherhood Tablet of Transit, and told her to leave Karda Nui before they could awaken Mata Nui. When Gali asked him about his motives, he told her of a Makuta superstition that everything they had put into the world came back to the Makuta in his or her death, and that perhaps he wanted to put some mercy out instead of the pain and fear that was usually sown by Makuta.

Under the Coliseum, the Toa Hagah walked on, amidst slight bickering. They came upon a part of the wall which had ancient inscriptions from which Bomonga could only translate the words 'Bara Magna', which none of them recognized. A few moments later, the six Toa were magnetized to the walls while molten Protodermis rushed at them. The Toa would have died, but Miserix suddenly tore a hole in the wall and teleported the Toa up to where he was. Norik briefly explained their history and the Toa were told in turn who Miserix was and why he was there. Miserix then struck Pouks who had been attempting to mimic the Makuta's power with his mask. Continuing on, they came across to dead bodies which, to their surprise, were not composed of Protodermis. Just then, Helryx and Keetongu emerged from a portal, which shrunk and then widened to admit Axonn and Brutaka. Axonn briefly explained what had happened. As Iruini spoke up, a bolt of energy destroyed Brutaka's mask and Teridax's voice was heard. He then seemingly killed Zaktan.

Icarax, still under guard by Ignika, telepathically sent for Vultraz. Vultraz arrived soon after, discreetly followed by Mazeka. When he realized Mazeka was here, he charged at his old enemy. As they attacked each other, a portal opened between them, and they both entered it.

Pohatu and Photok were still buried under rubble. Photok's first attempt at escape was a light sphere, but it came nowhere near to breaking through all the rock. Once Photok woke Pohatu, they began discussing ways of escape. Photok suggested using the Kanohi Kakama Nuva to go through the stone, but Pohatu rejected that plan, because the result would probably be mutation by the swamp water. Instead, Pohatu began his own plan, using his rebalanced stone power to fuse and lift the rock pile into the air above the swamp water. Pohatu then split the rock in two, and flew off with Photok.

Still flying toward the Codrex, Photok and Pohatu were joined by Tahu. Pohatu quickly asked if the Toa of Fire had seen Gali, but he had not. Pohatu then explained to his leader what had happened to Gali. Worried for the Toa of Water, Tahu ordered Pohatu to find Gali, while he went off to help the others fight, so they could join up with Pohatu and Photok.

Above where the Toa Hagah and others were, Hewkii and Kongu woke up with their weapons gone. Johmak spoke to them and explained that they needed to get the Toa Mahri out of the way so they would not interfere with their plans to fortify Metru Nui, something which she also explained and showed the Toa from a window. The Order of Mata Nui told them of the current situation and that Brotherhood forces would be attacking as it had been leaked out that viruses to destroy Protosteel were being created on the island city. Hewkii and Kongu then joined in the oncoming battle. While this was taking place, Voporak defeated many Ta-Matoran and a four-armed warrior, before stealing the Vahi, a theft witnessed by Vakama.

Back at the Av-Matoran village, Toa Ignika guarded his captive, Makuta Icarax. The Makuta mocked Ignika, as he saw giving mercy to an enemy as a sign of weakness. However, his mocking was in vain, for Ignika was unaware of the Toa Code, and had only allowed Icarax to live because he saw no reason to kill an enemy who was no longer a threat. As he taunted Ignika, Icarax realized that Ignika did not know that it was designed with a countdown that signaled the time when the mask would absorb all life in the universe. After Icarax informed Ignika that this countdown would end when the Kanohi's coloring changed from its current shade of silver to pure black, Ignika forgot all about his prisoner and sped down into the swamp to warn the Toa Nuva.

Gali was about to ask Krika something, but Takanuva, who had just arrived to Karda Nui through a dimensional gate, fired a bolt of light which forced Krika to retreat, with an almost resigned look on his face. Gali recognized Takanuva and began asking him questions, but the Toa of Light told her he would explain later his changed appearance and how he came to be in Karda Nui, as they needed to find the others. Before they went, Takanuva took out the small sundial he carried and shone light upon it, causing a beam to point in one direction. He explained its usage to Gali, saying that if he shone light upon it, the shadow would indicate the location where Mata Nui could be awakened. The two Toa then spotted Pohatu flying through the air. Takanuva felt an urge to attack the Toa who he did not recognize but Gali reassured him. After the Toa of Stone joined them, Gali and Pohatu explained that the Makuta had turned dozens of Av-Matoran into Shadow Matoran, and Takanuva swore that he would see the Matoran cured.

However, as they continued flying, some Niazesk spotted and attacked them. The Rahi dodged Pohatu's attack of stone blocks and one was downed by a blast of water from Gali but the rest kept coming. Takanuva prepared to hurl light at them but, worried whether one of his friends would be harmed by the Rahi, decided to use his power of Shadow. He defeated them with a shadow bolt, but this caused Pohatu to believe Takanuva was Makuta Teridax. The Toa of Stone prepared to attack Takanuva with his Midak Skyblaster, giving him a countdown of ten. The desperate Toa paused Pohatu by quoting Pohatu's first words upon waking up on Daxia: "What's a Toa?" Struck with an idea, Takanuva turned to Gali and suggested she read his mind to see the truth. Despite Pohatu's objections, Gali created a mental link and learnt of Takanuva's adventures on his way to Karda Nui, thus verifying his identity. Reassured, the Toa of Stone continued filling Takanuva in on the situation as the group flew towards the other Toa Nuva.

On Xia, Kalmah, Mantax and Ehlek arrived and came to speak with the Shadowed One. Kalmah outlined a possible alliance between the Dark Hunters and Barraki, based mutual assistance on the matter of the viruses which the Shadowed One had found. The Shadowed One acquiesced on the condition that Pridak and he meet in Karzahni to come to an agreement on the deal.

Meanwhile, despite poor working conditions that he complained about, Mutran had created a Klakk, and was showing it off to Vican who asked about it, when it escaped, and screamed a sonic attack at Vican, knocking the Matoran out briefly. Upon waking, Vican felt strange somehow, but Mutran sent him to find it before Vican could realize the truth: he was once again a Le-Matoran. Understanding this, the Matoran rushed off to find a Toa, Mutran having not realized what had occurred.

Gali, Takanuva, and Pohatu then arrived at the scene of a battle between the rest of the Toa and the Makuta. Then, Takanuva tried to tell the group of the storm about to arrive, but Tahu ordered the group to keep fighting. Tahu, Gali, Pohatu, Onua, Kopaka, Lewa, Takanuva, and Toa Ignika traveled towards the Codrex while Photok, Tanma, and Solek battled the Shadow Matoran a short distance away. Takanuva's powers tipped the balance of the fight, forcing the Makuta to retreat.

The Battle for the Codrex

Tahu then showed the other six Toa the Keystones and the Toa began read the stone pieces. At this moment, Toa Ignika arrived and told the Toa, using his new knowledge of spoken languages, that he was not simply wearing the Mask of Life, he was the Ignika and apparently on a countdown to destroy the universe. Takanuva then revealed that as soon as the Toa Nuva awakened Mata Nui, an energy storm would ravage Karda Nui. However, Tahu said that they would then have to get in the Codrex, the place where Mata Nui was to be awakened, reawaken him and get out of Karda Nui very fast. The Toa then flew off to the battle. Gali and Lewa created a thunderstorm while Takanuva struck with his Power Lance, effectively distracting the Makuta. Continuously fighting, the Toa managed to reach the Codrex.

Tahu managed to fit the Keystones into niche in the force field surrounding the Codrex while all the others were caught up in battle. And then, as the Toa passed inside, Tahu retrieved the Keystones, to prevent any pursuit. However, unseen, Antroz managed to slip in behind the Toa and follow them by their voices. Inside the structure, Onua accidentally hit a button which made the floor descend. There, the Toa found six giant Lightstones and six pathways leading off in different directions. Lewa, Pohatu and Kopaka found at the end of theirs three vehicles, the Axalara T9, the Rockoh T3 and the Jetrax T6.

Under the Coliseum, Miserix shouted at Teridax to show himself in order to decide who would lead the Brotherhood, only to be told that the Brotherhood no longer existed, with most of its members dead or about to die. After another brief exchange, Teridax attacked the group with a powerful sonic hum which increased to an unbearable volume, when Brutaka struck machinery on the opposite wall, ceasing the attack. Brutaka spoke to Teridax and Miserix lashed out at the machinery, his understanding being that Teridax was present in the machines. Brutaka knocked the Makuta to the floor and explained that they were near Mata Nui's mind and that if the machinery was shattered, the mind would be destroyed and the universe doomed. He explained further that Mata Nui's body was the Matoran universe and that when Mata Nui was awakened, Teridax, having possessed the body, would be free to cause misery to the universe.

Meanwhile, the Makuta were still outside the Codrex. Icarax made his way to them and convinced Krika to bring the shield down. Using his intangible form, Krika fought his way through, breaking it down. Just as he was thrown to the whole other side of the swamp, dazed by the explosion of the shield, the shield went down and Icarax began to destroy the Codrex. Inside the Codrex, Pohatu and Lewa mounted their respective vehicles to combat this new threat. However, before Kopaka could board the Jetrax, Antroz hijacked the vehicle and discovered it acted like eyes for him. Flying out of the chamber, the Jetrax crashed with a Lightstone, becoming super-charged. Pohatu, aboard the Rockoh, and Lewa, riding the Axalara, pursued Antroz through a maze of tunnels. Takanuva left to try and restore the Shadow Matoran to their original state, while Onua, Gali, Ignika, and Tahu tried to figure out how to awaken Mata Nui.

Antroz was flying out of the Codrex when Radiak asked to help him. Antroz answered by saying that he did not need him anymore, and flung him down to the swamp. Kopaka was there to witness the whole thing, and caught the Shadow Matoran. Takanuva told him to give him Radiak while Kopaka went to help Lewa and Pohatu. Photok, Tanma, and Solek, having barely escaped the Av-Matoran/Shadow Matoran battle, teamed up with Takanuva. Then, they met Vican, who told them about the Klakk. At first, the Av-Matoran did not believe him, but Takanuva did, and told him to lead the way to the Rahi.

In the Codrex, Tahu, Gali, and Onua were still worrying about how to awake Mata Nui while Ignika was listening, as the process detailed by the Keystones, that they should use progressively greater bursts of energy to awaken the Great Spirit, would take too much time. Then, the three Toa Nuva realized that the Ignika could awaken the Great Spirit. Tahu told Ignika this, but, shocked, Ignika tried to kill Tahu at the idea. Ignika had always wanted to be a hero, and the Toa wanted him to sacrifice himself. Tahu freed himself but the angry Ignika moved towards him again. However, Gali spoke to him about heroism, citing Matoro's courage, and Ignika decided to sacrifice himself, emulating Matoro's deed.

The Makuta were attracted to the noise of cracking metal, and Gorast, Gavla, and Vamprah were sent to investigate. They were surprised to find Icarax destroying the Codrex, and they began to attack him. First, however, Icarax knocked Gavla off Vamprah, and then challenged Gorast. But Vamprah sent a wave of Sonic toward Icarax, stunning him. This gave Gorast the chance to tear off Icarax's armor, thinking his Antidermis would leak out. But Icarax informed her he was now all-organic. A large fight between them then ensued.

Above, an aerial battle was taking place. Lewa tried shooting the Jetrax down, but to no avail. Pohatu pursued the Makuta and used his power over stone to try and stop him, but Antroz managed to shoot the Rockoh down. Lewa then arrived, declaring that only one of them would survive the fight. At this, Antroz taunted the Toa on. However, the Rockoh recovered quickly, and they both charged at the Jetrax, boxing him in. To add to the attack, Kopaka lowered the Jetrax's temperature, causing the engines to die out and forcing Antroz to jump off. But before the Axalara and the Rockoh could collide with the Jetrax, Kopaka made walls of ice to protect them. Kopaka then climbed into the Jetrax.

While Mutran was still waiting for Vican, Antroz appeared in front of him and told him to find a Shadow Matoran to help him and to go help Gorast. Mutran told a Shadow Matoran to help Antroz, and then approached Gorast. She told him to send gibberish telepathically at Icarax to distract him while she would send a message to Vamprah. Mutran sent his nonsensical message, while Gorast sent a plan to Vamprah (who once again had Gavla on his back). Gorast then announced to Icarax that Mata Nui was about to be awakened, and Icarax began to teleport away to stop the Toa. But Gorast used her Felnas to make his power run wild and Vamprah used a sonic scream to send Icarax's atoms all over the universe.

Miserix then resumed his attack on the machinery, wanting only vengeance on Teridax. As the attempts to stop him by the Toa Hagah, Axonn and Keetongu failed, Teridax cloaked the other Makuta in a powerful illusion where Miserix appeared to be a portrait of himself. He then cast the Toa Hagah into an illusion where they had defeated Teridax and peace reigned. Teridax finished off by teleporting Brutaka, Axonn and Keetongu to the dangerous southern islands. He kept Helryx to be his 'friend', the one to whom he would tell his thoughts and wishes, as long as the Toa of Water remained sane. Helryx made a vow that she would not break down and would continue to resist Teridax and help others in doing so.

Meanwhile, Takanuva and the accompanying Matoran had found the Klakk. Radiak, spotting it, threw a shadow bolt at it. Though he missed, the creature was provoked into a emitting a loud cry which stunned Radiak and turned him back into an Av-Matoran. Tanma was skeptical in spite of Radiak's behavior but when questioned, Radiak told them that the Makuta wanted Mata Nui awake and to then kill the Toa Nuva and convert the remaining Av-Matoran to darkness. Takanuva told the Matoran to gather the Shadow Matoran, cure them and then leave Karda Nui, because of the impending storm. Vican, Tanma, Photok, Solek, and Radiak left. But Krika heard this, and went off to tell the other Makuta.

Shortly after the Matoran left him, Takanuva was attacked with shadow bolts from Chirox and Bitil, who used his mask power to create six duplicates of himself. The Toa of Light furiously attacked Chirox, using his power over light to create a hole in the Makuta's armor, not noticing that one of Bitil's copies was about to hit him. Kopaka, in the Jetrax, struck Bitil with bursts of energy, causing him to lose his concentration and the duplicates to disappear. Takanuva, however, giving into battle rage and his shadow side, continued to wreak vengeance on Chirox, tearing Kirop from his back to the swamp below. Fed up of this, Kopaka caught Kirop as the Matoran fell, and stopped Takanuva, managing to calm his fellow Toa down. Takanuva informed Kopaka of what Radiak had told him and the Toa of Ice left to notify the other Toa. Inside the Codrex, Onua left to join his fellow Toa outside. After the Toa of Earth left, Tahu confessed how he had tricked the others into the canisters those thousands of years ago, having recalled his memories, and apologized to Gali who forgave him. The Toa pondered over the question of how to escape after the energy storms began. Then they remembered that they could leave Karda Nui by using the vehicles. Tahu flew off to fight the Makuta, while Toa Ignika prepared to sacrifice himself.

All the Matoran had regained their light. The only one left was Gavla. Grabbing her and getting into the Klakk's way, Takanuva restored her and himself back to normal. However, Gavla wished that she were still a Shadow Matoran as she felt more at home with the Makuta than among her fellow Matoran. She went with the other Matoran anyway, and they left through a portal to travel to Metru Nui.

The Energy Storm

Meanwhile, Krika was trying to warn the other Makuta about the storm. But before Tahu could save him or the Makuta could hear what he was saying, Gorast used her Felnas to make his intangibility power go wild. He was destroyed instantly as his out-of-control powers made him cease to exist.

Meanwhile, in Metru Nui, a great battle was taking place between the Brotherhood and the Order of Mata Nui, allied with the two Toa Mahri there, Kongu and Hewkii. The Order's warriors defended the city walls against Rahkshi attacks, some of which had breached parts of the walls, and shots from Brotherhood ships. When Jaller, Nuparu and Hahli finally managed to return from Artidax, they went to Vakama who was managing the barricades and told them how the battle began and the situation. Upon advice from Vakama, Hahli found Krakua and told him to shuffle through different frequencies, until he found one which gave the signal to awake the Bohrok specimens in the Archives. The Toa of Sonics did so, resulting in the Bohrok fighting the Rahkshi in an attempt to get to the island of Mata Nui.

The stars rearranged into the shape of the Kanohi Kraahkan

Inside the Codrex, Toa Ignika sacrificed himself, channeling energy into the Great Spirit. Thunderstruck, Gali witnessed this, and saw something pouring into the mask, though she did not know what and could not stop it. Outside the very powerful energy storms began. The Makuta realized that Teridax had betrayed them and tried fruitlessly to escape, save Gorast who was stunned and driven mad by this treachery. The Toa Nuva climbed onto the vehicles and rode out of the caves as fast as they could, while all the Makuta were killed in the storms. The Toa rode to Metru Nui and aided in the battle against the Brotherhood's forces. The defenders of Metru Nui, buoyed up by this, successfully defeated the invaders, most of whom were seriously injured or dead.

The populace gathered at the Coliseum to celebrate as Turaga Dume gave a speech. The victory celebrations at Metru Nui were interrupted, however, as Teridax revealed that he had taken over Mata Nui's body, and therefore the entire Matoran Universe. Furthermore, he trapped Mata Nui's spirit inside the Ignika and banished the Kanohi into outer space. Soon, Tahu was injured, and Gali went missing. Onua suggested that they regroup deep in the Archives, for a large group of Rahkshi had been chasing the Toa Nuva.

Later, Kopaka and Lewa found Gali, and they, along with a large amount of Matoran, took refuge in a chamber underground. The Turaga searched the Archives and found Krahka to assist them in escaping Metru Nui. She aided them, and the group fled to Stelt. There, they met up with Order of Mata Nui member Trinuma. Tahu then came up with a plan against Teridax, knowing that if it failed, the universe would be cast into an endless reign of shadows.