Rhotuka Launching Shield

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Rhotuka Launching Shield
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Users Toa Hagah, Varian
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Status In use

The Rhotuka Launching Shield in set form
The set function of the Rhotuka Launching Shield

Rhotuka Launching Shields are shields wielded by Toa, including the Toa Hagah previously assigned to guard Makuta Teridax. The tools are used for both defense and launching Rhotuka.

These shields were lost when the Toa were transformed into Rahaga, and later regained when Roodaka reformed them into Toa.

Example Usage

In Dwellers In Darkness, Norik used his Rhotuka Launching Shield to fire his slowness spinner at the Kanohi Dragon.

Set Information

In the Special Edition Toa Hagah sets, the shields included two places for Rhotuka. The top half of the shield constituted the actual launcher, fitted with an Elementally-colored Spinner. The bottom half held an inactive Rhotuka, being the metallic color of the shield.