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"Rhotuka Launching Shield" is not an official name.
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"Both carried shields that seemed to radiate light, despite the oppressive darkness."
— Narrator, No One Gets Left Behind

Rhotuka Launching Shield
Comic Rhotuka Launching Shield.png
Users Toa Hagah
Function Defense
Launching Rhotuka
Status In use
Pronunciation roe-TOO-kah[1]

The Rhotuka Launching Shield in set form
The set function of the Rhotuka Launching Shield

Rhotuka Launching Shields are special weapons wielded by Toa, including the Toa Hagah previously assigned to guard Makuta Teridax, used both for defense and for launching Rhotuka.

When the Toa Hagah were transformed into Rahaga, their shields were transformed into mounted Rhotuka Launchers.[2][3][4] The launchers later regained their shield forms when Roodaka transformed the Rahaga back into Toa.[5][6]

Example Usage

In Dwellers In Darkness, Norik used his Rhotuka Launching Shield to fire his slowness spinner at the Kanohi Dragon.

Set Information

In the Special Edition Toa Hagah sets, the shields included two places for Rhotuka. The top half of the shield constituted the actual launcher, fitted with an Elementally-colored Spinner. The bottom half held an inactive Rhotuka that matched the shield's metallic color.


  • Some copies of 8762 Toa Iruini and 8763 Toa Norik included a mismolded version of the shield, which unabled the launcher to operate correctly. These copies later included additional notes to attach the shield backwards, so the spinners can be launched properly.


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