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== L ==
== L ==
* [[Lava Ape]] - A large ape-like Rahi seen in the ''[[Voya Nui Online Game]]''.
* [[Lava Ape]] - A large ape-like Rahi from [[Voya Nui]].
* [[Lava Crawler]] - A Rahi native to [[Voya Nui]].
* [[Lava Crawler]] - A Rahi native to [[Voya Nui]].
* [[Lava Eel]] - An eel-like Rahi which can melt almost anything.
* [[Lava Eel]] - An eel-like Rahi which can melt almost anything.

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HT Hydraxon and Reef Raiders.png Rahi

Matoran carvings representing Rahi

Rahi are biomechanical creatures composed of organic and inorganic Protodermis that serve as the fauna of the Matoran Universe. The term "Rahi" literally translates to "not us" in the Matoran language although it is more commonly translated to "wildlife." Rahi are generally considered to have lower intellects than the Sapient Species of the universe, acting primarily on instinct and out of a desire for basic needs such as food and shelter. They contain very little inner Light: enough to be drained but not enough to have an effect on their judgment.

Toa Mata Lewa and Kopaka battled infected Rahi on the island of Mata Nui

Some Rahi are able to wear powerless Kanohi, which can be infected by Kraata in order to subject the wearer to a Makuta's influence. Rahi may also be controlled by beings with the power of Rahi Control or by users of the Mask of Rahi Control.

Most Rahi were created by the Makuta in a process that involved blending various Viruses in vats of Liquid Protodermis. Later, as the Brotherhood of Makuta grew corrupt, the Makuta began to create Rahi for the organization's own use. A few Rahi that were created by the Great Beings or other, earlier factions such as the Hand of Artakha preyed upon Makuta. Other species of Rahi are the result of factors such as Energized Protodermis acting on pre-existing Rahi, sapient beings, or the environment.

Many Rahi immigrated to the planet of Spherus Magna after the Matoran Universe was rendered inoperable.



A Blade Burrower
  • Blade Burrower - One of the most powerful Rahi known in Onu-Metru. Created by Makuta Mutran.
  • Bog Leech - A leech Rahi known to live in swamps.[3]
  • Bog Snake - A serpentine Rahi that lives in swamp regions.
  • Borer Worm - A worm Rahi.[4]
  • Brakas - A mischievous monkey Rahi that was commonly found in Le-Wahi.
  • Burnak - A quadrupedal Rahi found on Voya Nui.




  • Electric Bug - An insect that attacks with high-voltage bolts.
  • Electric Spider - An arachnid that sprays jolts of lightning.[5]
  • Energy Hound - Canine-like creatures with superior tracking senses.


  • Fader Bull - A bull Rahi that can teleport.
  • Feeder Worm - A species of Rahi that produce a repulsive, slimy sound from within their nests.[7]
  • Fenrakk Spawn[8] - A large spider-like Rahi, which is native to Voya Nui. One specimen was enlarged, and forcibly fused to Vezon.
  • Fikou - A dangerous tree spider Rahi that was commonly found in Le-Wahi.
    • Fikou-Nui - A very large sub-species of the Fikou.
  • Fire Entity - A Rahi completely composed of Fire.
  • Fireflyer - Flying Rahi that have bites that make one feel like they are on fire.
  • First Rahi - Massive, monstrous sea beasts created by the Great Beings.
  • Frost Beetle - A large, intelligent beetle Rahi.
  • Frost Leech - A small creature which absorbs heat from other beings.
  • Furnace Salamander - Reptile Rahi that resided in Ta-Metru.
  • Fusa - A kangaroo Rahi that was commonly found in Po-Wahi.


The enlarged Gadunka


  • Hahnah - A small crab Rahi found in the depths of the Pit.
  • Hapaka - Hound-like Rahi that were native to the mountainous regions of Mata Nui, where they bounded from rock to rock with sure-footed ease.
  • Hikaki - A "Dragon Lizard".
  • Hoto - Firebug that lived in Ta-Wahi.
  • Husi - An ostrich Rahi.
  • Hydruka - Rahi native around Mahri Nui.
    • Morak - A blue-colored Hydruka.
    • Thulox - A red-colored Hydruka.


  • Ice Bat - A bat Rahi that is a nuisance to Ko-Matoran Seers as they knock over their instruments.
  • Ice Vermin - A rodent Rahi that travels in packs to attack larger creatures.
  • Infernavika - A tiny bird Rahi that lived near Ta-Koro.


The Kardas Dragon
  • Kahu - A Rahi hawk that lived in Le-Wahi.
  • Kane-Ra - A bull Rahi which is also known as the "Bull of Legends."
  • Kanohi Dragon - A legendary dragon Rahi that had Kanohi-shaped scales.
  • Kardas Dragon - A dragon Rahi that was transformed from an enlarged Fenrakk spider by the Ignika.
  • Kavinika - Wolf Rahi used by Matoran scientists to guard certain places and things.
  • Keetongu - A large, wise, sentient Rahi that knows how to negate Hordika Venom.
  • Keras - A coral crab that can be tamed, and even used as a mount.
  • Kewa - Smaller bird-like Rahi that the Matoran can fly on. Commonly found in Le-Wahi and tamed by the Le-Matoran.
  • Kikanalo - Massive rhino-like Rahi that lived in the Sculpture Fields of Po-Metru. They also lived on Voya Nui.
    • Kikanalo Hordika - A mutated form of Kikanalo, caused by one being injected with Hordika Venom from the Visorak.
  • Kinloka - Voracious rodents created in a failed experiment to produce Rahi with highly efficient digestive systems.
  • Kirikori Nui - A huge insect-like Rahi.
  • Klakk - Flying Rahi created by Mutran with sonic screams that can quell a Makuta.
  • Kofo-Jaga - A smaller cousin of the Nui-Jaga. They are drawn to heat sources, but abhor light.
  • Kraawa - A Rahi with the ability to absorb any force used against it and use it to grow in size.
  • Krahka - A species of Rahi with powerful Shapeshifting.[10][11] This species was attacked by the Visorak, leaving one female Krahka as the last known free member of the species.[12]
  • "Kratana" - A Rahi with the ability to give visions.[13]
  • Kuma-Nui - A giant rat Rahi.



  • Mahi - A horned goat-like Rahi that can be tamed.
  • Makika - A large and very dangerous toad Rahi that dwelt in the caves of Po-Wahi.
  • Makuta Fish - A swift fish Rahi who had "The same happy-smile as Makuta".
  • Mana Ko - A legendary Rahi believed to be Teridax's ultimate guardian; secretly servants of the Order of Mata Nui.
  • Manas - A giant crab known to serve Teridax and Karzahni.
  • Manutri - A large flightless Rahi bird.
  • Mata Nui Cow - A placid cow Rahi.
  • Mata Nui Fishing Bird - Seabird Rahi that roosted in the lower branches of Le-Wahi.
  • Metallic Hornet - An insect Rahi that gathers in swarms.[15]
  • Metru Mantis - A mantis Rahi that feeds on other insects.
  • Minion - A result of a Rahi experiment; now a Dark Hunter.
  • Moa - Bird-like Rahi found in Po-Wahi.
  • Muaka - A tiger-like Rahi that can extend its neck forward to grab its prey.
  • Mud Crawler - A carnivorous Rahi with acidic breath.[16]


  • Necrofinch - A species of bird Rahi that lived in the mountains of Zakaz and can remain singing after it is deceased.[17]
  • Niazesk - Species of tiny Rahi created to keep larger Rahi in check. Created by Bitil.[18]
  • Night Creeper - A nocturnal Rahi found in Onu-Metru. Roughly seven feet long, squat, and possessing six powerful legs, it forages for small insects and rodents.[19]
  • Nivawk - A hawk-like Rahi, one of which served Makuta Teridax during his rule of Metru Nui disguised as Turaga Dume.
  • Nui-Jaga - Large scorpions with stingers that can shoot venom.
  • Nui-Kopen - A giant wasp Rahi. They are hostile toward Nui-Rama since they hunt the same prey.
  • Nui-Rama - A large flying insect Rahi. They created enormous, towering hives in the Le-Wahi jungle.


A Proto Drake
  • Parakrekks - Large, bipedal amphibious Rahi that feed on the rubble left by the Protocairns.
  • Phase Dragon - An unusual Rahi that goes so fast that it can pass through solid objects.
  • Pit War Tortoise - Large tortoise Rahi that were part of Carapar's army.
  • Pokawi - A small flightless bird that lived in Le-Wahi.
  • Proto Drake - A large, graceful amphibious Rahi that lived in Ga-Metru and on the coasts of Mata Nui. Created by Kojol.
  • Protodite - A microscopic Rahi that escaped from the Archives.


A school of Reef Raiders swim past Hydraxon
  • Rock Lion - A mysterious creature that dwelt in the deepest sections of the Archives. Its teeth and claws are extremely sharp and the tendrils of its mane become very hot when the Rahi gets irritated.
  • Rock Raptor - A raptor Rahi that traps prey bigger than itself by making landslides.
  • Rockworm - A small, venomous subterranean Rahi.
  • Ruki - A common fish Rahi. They have powerful jaws and are natural enemies of Tarakava.


  • Sand Frog - An irritable frog-like Rahi.[21]
  • Sand Screamer - A mysterious creature that inhabited the desert of Voya Nui.
  • Sand Snipe - A small biting insect from Po-Metru.
  • Sand Tarakava - A relative of the Tarakava that lives in the desert.
  • Sea Spider - An amphibious spider Rahi that is the only known predator of the Visorak.
  • Shallows Cat - A panther-like Rahi that lived on Daxia.
  • Shore Turtle - A flying turtle Rahi that lived in Le-Wahi.
  • Silver Chute Spider - A spider Rahi that is believed to be related to the Visorak. They would hunt in the Metru Nui Chute System, catching their prey in paralyzing webbing.
  • Slime-Worm - Clawed Rahi encountered by Onu-Matoran miners.[22]
  • Smoke Hawk - A bird Rahi native to Xia.[23]
  • Spider Crab - A Rahi that the Barraki used in battle.
  • Spiked Fire Worm - A Rahi that is known to congregate in large numbers.[24]
  • Spiny Stone Ape - A Po-Metru ape that lives in the shadows of the sculptures. When threatened, they curl into a huge spiky ball and attempt to crush their enemies.
  • Spine Slug - A parasitic slug that attaches itself onto Skakdi and feeds on their anger.
  • Stinger Whale - A large whale-like Rahi.
  • Stone Rat - Rat Rahi that once dwelt in the Archives. They can and will eat almost any object, due to teeth that can grind through stone.
  • Stone Snake - A Rahi which Krahka once transformed into.[25]
  • Swamp Stalker - A reptilian Rahi that lived in the Swamp of Secrets.
  • Subterranean Worm - Giant, tentacled creatures that dwelt deep in Onu-Wahi and are spoken mainly in legends, and occasionally spotted by miners.


The Tahtorak
  • Tahtorak - A massive forty-foot-tall Rahi that can speak Matoran. Its species is native to Zakaz and another island south of Metru Nui.
  • Takea - A shark Rahi.
  • Taku - A small bird Rahi which is a close relative to the Gukko.
  • Tarakava - Lizard-like Rahi. Its long forelegs can deliver powerful punches to stun its prey.
    • Two-Headed Tarakava - A mutant Tarakava with two heads that was found in Ga-Metru, and then transported to the Onu-Metru Archives.
    • Tarakava Nui - The "King of Lizards", a mutated Tarakava.
  • The Mountain - A Rahi that was once a sentient rock and now has grown into a large Mountain.
  • Toa Terrain Crawler - A massive sea beast used by the Toa Mahri.
  • Troller - A huge, horned, worm-like beast that lived beneath the Po-Metru sands. Its mouth is large enough to swallow an entire block of the Metru.
  • Tunnel Stalker - A gigantic, dangerous, and rare Rahi from Metru Nui.
  • Tunneler - A lizard whose body changes depending on what kind of attack it is hit with.



A Vahki Hunter
  • Vahki Hunter - A Rahi that chases Vahki as prey.
  • Vako - A great horned rhino Rahi that roamed the plains of Po-Wahi.
  • Venom Flyer - A flying creature that would travel with the Visorak, assisting them in capturing flying Rahi.
  • Visorak - A species of intelligent spider-like creatures whose names mean "stealers of life" in their own tongue, created by Chirox. They can fire Rhotuka spinners with various powers, inject Hordika Venom, and create thick webs. They were led by Roodaka and Sidorak.
    • Boggarak - A Visorak breed with a number of water-related abilities.
    • Kahgarak - A giant, elite Visorak which can summon the Zivon.
    • Keelerak - Wild and unruly, green-colored Visorak.
    • Oohnorak - A black Visorak breed with the ability to mimic voices.
    • Roporak - A camouflaging breed of Visorak.
    • Suukorak - White Visorak able to slow down its life-processes.
    • Vohtarak - A constantly aggressive breed of Visorak.


  • Waikiru - A walrus-like Rahi.
  • Water Wraith - A small marine Rahi disregarded by larger fish. Their outer shells are covered in poison. They were created by Teridax.
  • Worm - A small, Kraata-like Rahi that can communicate with others of its species via telepathy. They are small enough to fit into Bohrok headplates designed for Krana, and are able to control Bohrok in the same fashion.[26]



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