Pohatu (Generation 2)

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Pohatu (Generation 2)
Set Pohatu Master of Stone.JPG
Master of Stone
Mask Unknown
Element Stone
Tools Jeterangs/Stormerangs
Status Unknown
Location Okoto

Pohatu is a Toa of Stone, one of the six elemental Masters.


At one point in time after the battle of Ekimu and Makuta, Pohatu and the other Masters crash landed on Okoto. They then began a search for the Masks of Power, to free the island from darkness.

Abilities and Traits

Pohatu is a resolute and stubborn Toa. He possesses great strength which he uses to break and throw rocks. While also being extremely brave, he dislikes the dark.

As a Toa, he can control the element of Stone.

Mask and Tools

Pohatu bears an unnamed mask.

He is equipped with two large "Stormerang" boomerangs that double as "Jeterang" boot jets and a secondary dagger-like weapon.

Set Information

Pohatu with his dagger.

Pohatu - Master of Stone will be released in the Winter 2015 product wave. His product number is 70785 and contains 66 pieces. He is one of the three smaller-sized Toa figures. He includes a golden version of his mask, and a blue skull spider for him to fight.