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Piraka Attack
Piraka Attack Main Screen.png
Platform Online, BIONICLE.com
Controls Keyboard, mouse

Piraka Attack was a BIONICLE online game available at BIONICLE.com, created by IMBstudio and Mind Orchard. Essentially a shooter game, the player played as one of the six Piraka, shooting Zamor Spheres at Matoran.


A batch of defective Zamor spheres have caused the enslaved Matoran on Voya Nui to grow brave and strike back against the Piraka in large numbers. Together, the six Piraka decide to enslave the Matoran again with new Zamor so they can regain control of the island.



A screenshot from the game.

The player must choose from one of the six Piraka to begin playing. Each Piraka has a score out of five for each stat, and all Piraka have strengths and weaknesses. The stats are as follows:

  • Strength: How far the Piraka's Zamor Zamor can be launched.
  • Agility: How fast they are launched.
  • Speed: How fast the Piraka walks.
  • Intelligence: How long the Piraka's power-ups last.

Power Ups

There are various power-ups which appear in the form of a circle with a symbol. Walking over one activates it. Most powerups affect the Zamor and last for an amount of shots depending on the chosen Piraka's intelligence.

PA Long Shot.png Long Shot: Enables the player's Piraka to shoot all the way across the field and capture with one shot. This power-up dampers the Piraka's agility, though.
PA Rapid Fire.png Rapid Fire: Makes the player's Zamor fire rapidly. How rapid it is depends on the chosen Piraka's agility.
PA 3-Way.png 3-Way: Enables the player to fire three Zamor at different angles.
PA 2-Way.png Two-Way: Makes the player's Zamor fire forwards and backwards.
PA Speed Up.png Speed Up: Makes the player's Piraka walk a little faster for the rest of the level or until a life is lost.
PA Shield.png Shield: Makes the Piraka invincible for a few seconds. The length on this power-up varies depends of the chosen Piraka.

Controllable Characters

Choosing Avak as a One Player Controllable Character.

In order to play the game, the player must choose a character. Each character has its own weaknesses and strengths.

  • Avak - Slow, but strong and a quick shooter.
  • Vezok - Not very intelligent, but very fast, and very agile. He is great for escaping and close-range combat.
  • Thok - Very fast, great for escaping, but not very good at combat.
  • Hakann - Balanced in all stats, a great character for beginners
  • Zaktan - Has limited range, but a lot of intelligence, thus making the best of power-ups
  • Reidak - Very strong, but has limited intelligence and agility.

Matoran Characters

Throughout the levels the player have to try and enslave all the Matoran in each room. The six types of Matoran have different powers.

PA Velika.png Po-Matoran - Easiest melee enemy. Walks slowly towards the player. Encountered in masses. One shot will capture. First encountered in level 1.
PA Kazi.png Ko-Matoran - Easiest shooter. Launches a small yellow sound wave towards the player. Walks slowly in fixed patterns. Takes three shots to capture. Encountered in ones and twos. First encuntered in level 3.
PA Piruk.png Le-Matoran - Harder melee enemy. They run in random patterns very quickly and slash with their claws. Encountered in masses. Three shots will capture. First encountered in level 5.
PA Garan.png Onu-Matoran - Harder shooter. Shoots pulse bolts at the player which grow bigger and faster as they travel. Walks slowly towards the character. Encountered in twos, threes and fours. Three shots will capture. First encuntered in level 8.
PA Balta.png Ta-Matoran - Also a harder melee enemy. A little slower than the Le-Matoran. They also run towards the player. Encountered in masses. Two shots will capture. First encountered in level 10.
PA Dalu.png Ga-Matoran - Hardest shooter. Rapidly shoots blue balls at the player. Walks slowly in random patterns. Encountered in ones and twos. Three shots will capture. First encountered in level 19.


The Awards screen with downloadable prizes.

The player can get Awards which download IM icons and desktop backgrounds.

  • Ice - Complete Level 5 - Unlocks IM Portrait Pack 1.
  • Air - Complete Level 10 - Unlocks IM Portrait Pack 2.
  • Rock - Complete Level 15 - Unlocks IM Award Pack 1.
  • Water - Complete Level 20 - Unlocks IM Award Pack 2.
  • Lava - Complete Level 25 - Unlocks IM Game Pack 1.
  • Earth - Complete Level 30 - Unlocks IM Game Pack 2.
  • Island Novice - Complete Level 5 without losing a life - Unlocks Piraka group wallpaper.
  • Island Master - Complete the Game losing only 3 lives - Unlocks Piraka Attack wallpaper.
  • Courage - Play more than 30 games - Unlocks Reidak and Vezok wallpaper.
  • Slave Driver - Get more than 100 Matoran Slaves - Unlocks Zaktan and Avak wallpaper.
  • Challenger - Play a 2 Player Game - Unlocks Thok and Hakann wallpaper.
  • Weakling - Game Over without getting any slaves - Unlocks Matoran wallpaper (called "Secret" before unlocked).


  • Piraka Attack was first previewed on the French and German versions of BIONICLE.com, and word of the game quickly spread among the fanbase. A demo version of the game then appeared on the Norwegian version of CartoonNetwork.com, and it finally appeared on BIONICLE.com on the 30th of March, 2006.
  • The game was announced long after the Voya Nui Online Game, but actually appeared online first. Some fans were initially unsure what to make of Piraka Attack: some believed it actually was the Voya Nui Online Game, but it soon became apparent that it could not be since the player controls the Toa Inika in the Voya Nui Online Game, not the Piraka.
  • Right clicking, and selecting Play on Piraka Attack would cause the current level to be restarted, and the player to gain a life.
  • If the player right clicks and selects Play twice after being defeated, the player will win the game.
  • According to the producers, the game was published in eighteen languages.

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