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*'''[[Kolhii Ball]]''' - Equipment used in the game of Kolhii.
*'''[[Kolhii Ball]]''' - Equipment used in the game of Kolhii.
**'''[[Comet]]''' - A specialized type of Kolhii Ball.
**'''[[Comet]]''' - A specialized type of Kolhii Ball.
*'''Kolhii Shield''' - A shield carried by the defender in a Kolhii game. They are often decorated with the emblem of team's village.{{MediaCitation|MNE03}}
*'''Kolhii Shield''' - A shield carried by the defender in a Kolhii game. They are often decorated with the emblem of the team's village.{{MediaCitation|MNE03}}{{MediaCitation|B:MoL}}
*'''[[Kolhii Stick]]''' - Equipment used in the game of Kolhii.
*'''[[Kolhii Stick]]''' - Equipment used in the game of Kolhii.
*'''[[Nuva Cube]]''' - Artifact made in Artakha.
*'''[[Nuva Cube]]''' - Artifact made in Artakha.

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Animation Metru Nui Kanohi.png Objects


Spherus Magna
  • Agori Honor Badges - Badges given by Agori to recognize acts of courage.
  • Ancient Spear - An artifact from the period before the Shattering.
  • Book of Certavus - A book in which the Glatorian Certavus recorded his arena strategies.
  • Blades - Tools that were found in the wastelands that Gresh swapped for his Jungle Shield.
  • Blasters - Ancient weaponry from the time of the Core War, capable of launching spheres of explosive force; based on similar technology to the Force Blasters.
  • Darkfire Torch - A torch that emits heat without giving off light.
  • Exsidian - A valuable type of metal known for its durability.
  • Fire Blade - A blade that Raanu carries.
  • Flame Claws - A pair of claws carried by Malum.
  • Flame Sword - A sword carried by Ackar.
  • Force Blasters - Weapons equipped to vehicles that strike with explosive force.
  • Golden Armor - Powerful armor created by the Kanohi Ignika according to programming by the Great Beings.
  • Ice Axe - A sharp axe carried by Strakk.
  • Ice Axe - A blade carried by Metus.
  • Ice Slicer - A dual-sided weapon carried by Gelu.
  • Iconox's Favor - An item symbolizing the allegiance of the village Iconox.
  • Jungle Shield - A shield used by Gresh.
  • Mata Nui's Sword - A sword the Kanohi Ignika created by transforming a Vorox stinger.
Matoran Universe
  • Nail - Fastener used by Onu-Matoran.
  • Net - Item made out of string.
  • Ore - A rock-like substance mined in Onu-Koro.
  • Razor Crystals - Sharp stones capable of shredding a Matoran's armor and tissue.
  • Rigging - Item used in the construction of ships.
  • Sailcloth - Woven material used in the making of Boats.
  • ScareRahi - An object used in Karda Nui to scare away Rahi.
  • Scroll of Preparations - A list of the necessary preparations for Mata Nui to awaken.
  • Suva - A special storage system for Kanohi.
  • Tablet of Transit - A stone tablet granted by the Brotherhood of Makuta to beings as a sign of their being allied with them.
  • Telescreen - Large screen used by Turaga Dume to broadcast messages to the residents of Metru Nui.
  • Telescopic Lenses - Lenses in masks or a part of a being's eyes which allows the user/being to zoom in on targets and examine them from great distances.
  • Throne of Vision - Chair in the Mahri Nui Fortress. Here, the Matoran came to relate any memory they had of the time before the city's sinking. The Throne was destroyed along with the fortress when Voya Nui crushed Mahri Nui on its way to the Southern Continent.
  • Toa Stone - A stone containing a small amount of Toa Power.
  • Ussal Wax - Substance used by Ussal racers on their crabs.
  • Vuata Maca Crystal - A rare crystal that can heal diseased Vuata Maca Trees.
  • Widgets - A system of currency.

Brotherhood of Makuta

Bohrok and Vahki

Order of Mata Nui

Piraka and Barraki

Dark Hunters

  • Staff of Protodermis - Staff carried by the Shadowed One.
  • Acid Staff - Staff carried by Airwatcher.
  • Arm Blades - Blades attached to Charger's arms.
  • Conjurer's Staff - A staff of Disintegration carried by Conjurer.
  • Darkness' Blades - Blades wielded by Darkness.
  • Double-Edged Blade - Weapon carried by Silence.
  • Dweller's Blades - Weapons carried by Dweller.
  • Firedracax's Shield - A shield used by Firedracax.
  • Flame Sword - A blade wielded by Kraata-Kal.
  • Elemental Axe - Axe stolen from a Toa by Charger that can absorb and hurl Elemental Energy.
  • Lurker's Stingers - Artificial stingers wielded by Lurker.
  • Mimic's Sword - A sword carried by Mimic.
  • Primal's Spear - A spear wielded by Primal.
  • Ravager's Sword and Shield - Paired weapons carried by Ravager.
  • Rhotuka Blade - A blade with a built-in Rhotuka launcher carried by Firedracax.
  • Seismic Staff - A staff carried by Seeker.
  • Shadow Stealer's Blades - Blades wielded by Shadow Stealer.
  • Subterranean's Maces - A pair of maces carried by Subterranean.
  • Throwing Daggers - Lariska's signature weapons, including one made of Protosteel.
  • Tri-Claw - Weapon used by Savage, can liquefy solid matter.
  • Twin Slicers - Rhotuka-launching staffs wielded by Spinner.
  • Two-Bladed Sword - Weapon carried by Tracker.
  • Vanisher's Spear - Spear of Vanisher's that may be capable of opening dimensional rifts.
  • Vengeance's Shield - A shield carried by Vengeance.

Toa Mata/Nuva

Toa Metru/Hordika and Hagah/Rahaga

Toa Inika/Mahri and Other



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