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"The Music of Bionicle is a mixture of the mystical and the mechanical. Like the Toa, it blends the power of high technology with a raw elemental force."

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Music has always been a key component in attracting both new and old fans to the BIONICLE sets and storyline. It helps in providing atmosphere to the story and expresses themes in a different way. Many different artists have created music for the franchise since then, but it has all reflected that same principle.

2001 Music

In 2001, artist Paul Hardcastle collaborated with Simon Fuller, CEO of 19 Entertainment, to produce music for BIONICLE's European ad campaign. The music was featured in several BIONICLE media outlets for that year.

Universal Music created a website, the now-defunct, where fans could listen to samples of BIONICLE music and learn about how they were created. Fans could also mix different loops together to make their own songs and learn about the Power Pack's exclusive set and mask.


An exclusive set called the BIONICLE Power Pack was released. It featured a CD-ROM, Hafu, and a Kanohi Rua. The CD, featuring three music tracks, was produced by 19 Entertainment and distributed by Universal Music. Credits for the individual tracks were attributed to various Toa Mata

  • 1. The BIONICLE Music, by Lewa: The best-known of the tracks, as it has appeared in several different media. It is best known for its inclusion in the Mata Nui Online Game during the Lewa vs. Onua episode, Kopaka's battle with the Muaka and the final battle against Teridax Episode. Later it was featured in the short Vahki movies.
  • 2. Hura-Mafa Flow, Vocals and Guitars by Gali, programming by Kopaka: A darker piece, which features a vocal track which contains the words "Still Searching" and "Rock One, Rock Two, Rock Three". It is attributed to Gali because it is named after the Hura-Mafa River in Ga-Wahi.
  • 3. Kumo Rocks, Vocals and Guitars by Gali, programming by Kopaka: A guitar-driven mix interspersed with the words "Rock Your World".

Mata Nui Online Game Music

The soundtrack to the Mata Nui online game featured music from several sources, some original and some not. One of the tracks is the remix of the composer Wagner's famous piece "Ride of the Valkyries" heard during the Le-Wahi Kahu sequences (where the Kahu force 'rides' to battle the Nui-Rama). Several of the tracks used in the game have since been included on promotional CDs.


An official BIONICLE album was originally planned for release in 2002, but the project was scrapped when disagreements arose between The LEGO Group and Interscope Records, the company which they planned to partner with.

Advertisements for the album revealed that it was planned to feature such artists as the post-grunge band Cold, the artist Kenna, the metal/rock singer Rob Zombie, and alternative band Woven. A URL was also provided for, although the site was never launched and for a short time merely redirected to

Swift & Danny Tracks

When the drivers of the East Coast BIONICLE Unleashed Van, Swift and Danny, were touring in the summer of 2003, they composed two songs that were on BZPower for a short time. The first "track" was a BIONICLE rap and parody named BIONICLE Brain, and the second was a techno mix likened to the Power Pack music of 2001. However, The LEGO Group asked BZPower to remove the tracks from the Internet, and BZPower honored their request.

Movie Scores

The movie release of BIONICLE: Mask of Light added another dimension to the music of BIONICLE. Rather than the previous techno that had been associated with the BIONICLE line, the soundtrack written by Nathan Furst was much more classical in nature. In particular, one theme has been adapted and used as the theme throughout the first three of the BIONICLE films. This song is played during the end of BIONICLE: Mask of Light when Metru Nui was rediscovered, at the end of BIONICLE 2: Legends of Metru Nui, and during BIONICLE 3: Web of Shadows when the Toa Metru's Airship took off.

2005 Songs

In 2005, a pair of songs were released on the official BIONICLE website. These songs were written and produced by Morten Krog Helgesen and were performed by the band All Insane Kids, commonly abbreviated to AIK, with vocals by Christian Bastian.

  • "Caught In A Dream"
  • "Hero"

"Hero" was released first as the soundtrack to a short BIONICLE music video featuring Ghost CG from past years. "Caught In a Dream" was released later, and was also used as the closing credits music in the movie BIONICLE 3: Web of Shadows.

Interesting to note, the song "Hero" was released in two different versions. Most of the changes made to the song were minor, but there was also a change to the lyrics. In the original song, the singer would say "to grow up strong, and redo wrong", while in the altered version, it was changed to the slightly more obvious "undo wrong". This was most likely made to avoid confusion among young children who would listen to the song.

2006 Songs

The "Piraka Raps" were songs that are unofficial and were seen on and the false connect-the-dots game, Draw a Piraka.

The Toa Inika were advertised with the song Move Along by The All-American Rejects. The All-American Rejects were also the focus of the "Free the Band" promotion.

2007 Songs

Christine Lorentzen, singer of Creeping in my Soul, Closer To The Truth and Bye Bye Babylon

With the release of Barraki: Creeps From the Deep on early 2007, the soundtrack for the video, Creeping in my Soul, was also made available to download shortly afterwards. The song was performed by Christine Lorentzen, Mikkel Maltha, and Søren Bendz, a LEGO employee and music artist. A alternate version of the song was released with the Barraki Promo CD.

Niels Brinck, singer of Face Me and Gravity Hurts

Later, around July of the same year, the video BIONICLE: Toa Mahri was released. While on the United States version of the movie the song Crashed, by Daughtry, can be heard, other countries featured the video with original music. This, too, was later available on, and was named Face Me by Edsim (Eddie Simonsen) & Malta (Mikkel Maltha).

2008 Songs

During the Phantoka Mini Movie, chords from the song Gravity Hurts were played. The song is currently up for download on Several short clips of the songs were made available as ringtone downloads, as well. Like in Face Me, the keyboards are played by Mikkel Maltha, who was also the composer, the producer was Eddie Simonsen, guitarist is Kasper Søderlund and the vocals are done by Niels Brinck. It was also used in Battle for Power and has its own music video.

The song Closer to the Truth was featured in The Final Battle Animation and BIONICLE: Mistika. The song is also available for download on, and a music video accompaniment was released a week later on October 8th. The song was performed by Cryoshell, featuring Mikkel Maltha (Kal), Kasper Søderlund (Asp), and Christine Lorentzen (Lore).

2009 Songs

In 2008, the newly formed band Cryoshell announced plans to record new versions of Creeping in My Soul, Face Me and Gravity Hurts, which would be released together with Closer to the Truth in a new album in the fall of 2009, but delays had caused the CD's release date to be changed to late January 2010. By Myself by Linkin Park was also used in the Antroz Test Animation.

A new song by Cryoshell, named Bye Bye Babylon, was released on August in as a free download and was made available on iTunes for $0.99. Its music video was released on the Cryoshell website, and a special BIONICLE version of the music video has been released on and is also included in The Legend Reborn. Another song licensed for use in the movie is Ride by Canadian band Presence. The score for The Legend Reborn was written by John D'Andrea. Bye Bye Babylon can also be heard playing in the background of one of the promotional animations for the Glatorian sets.

Cryoshell's album

A re-recording of Creeping in my Soul later appeared on iTunes for paid download. Soon after, 5 songs from Cryoshell's new album appeared on iTunes, each song for $0.99 (the whole CD could be bought for $3.99). Re-recordings of songs included were Bye Bye Babylon, Closer to the Truth, and Creeping in my Soul. Two entirely new songs were also included, Murky and Falling.

Cryoshell later released their full length, self-titled debut album, in Denmark on June 7th, 2010 and American and Canadian releases were made available in March of 2011.

Currently, the band is looking for a new lead singer as their current one, Lore, is expecting a child.

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