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|[[Image:Kanohi Miru - Small.PNG|90px]]
|[[Image:Kanohi Miru - Small.PNG|90px]]
|A Great Kanohi Miru
|A Great Kanohi Miru
|[[File:Flash Infected Kanohi Miru.PNG|90px]]
|An [[Infected Kanohi|Infected]] Great Kanohi Miru
|[[Image:Tanma's Kanohi.png|90px]]
|[[Image:Tanma's Kanohi.png|90px]]

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"...then sweeping one arm through the air to call wind to his aid. The sudden gust that resulted gave him a quick lift. But he soon left the wind behind, floating upward on his own power."
— Narrator, Tale of the Toa

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The Kanohi Miru is the Mask of Levitation. It allows its user to float and glide on air or slow their fall. To simulate flight while using this mask, the user has to rely on wind currents to push them while they stay afloat. Kanohi Miru are created from Teleport and Weaken Kanoka disks on Metru Nui.

Example Usage

Great: While falling from a mountain, Toa Gali used her Kanohi Miru to slow her descent, allowing her to land safely in Deep into Darkness.

A Great Kanohi Miru in action



  • Lewa - Formerly; removed by Onua




Picture Description
90px A Great Kanohi Miru
Flash Infected Kanohi Miru.PNG An Infected Great Kanohi Miru
Tanma's Kanohi.png A Noble Kanohi Miru

Set Information

The Great Kanohi Miru was first released with the Toa Lewa set in 2001, colored green. The same mask was also released with the Kongu set distributed by McDonald's, but in teal instead. It was also possible to receive a Great Miru in a mask pack that year in green, red, brown, blue, white, and black variations.

In 2002, a Krana pack was released that contained three Krana and two Kanohi of either silver or gold color. The Great Miru was one of the six masks available as such.

A transparent neon green Great Miru (advertised as a "special edition Lewa mask") was also distributed in 2001 through promotional events and at LEGOLAND parks.

In early 2008, a lime green Noble Miru was released in the Tanma set.