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"He was a viper, and Tuma had no wish to suffer his company any longer than was necessary."
— Narrator, Empire of the Skrall

Other Being
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Location Wastelands
Pronunciation Meh-tus

Metus was a self-serving and traitorous Agori of the Ice Tribe living on Bara Magna. He was later transformed into a snake by the Kanohi Ignika.


Metus worked in an Ice army training camp during the Core War on Spherus Magna, helping prepare warriors for battle. He was a part of the last Ice Tribe group to migrate south to the site that would eventually become Iconox.

While traveling with a supply caravan during the war, Metus' group was ambushed by the Baterra. Unarmed at the time, Metus was spared from the assault, and made it to the intended destination of an Ice army outpost. He later realized it was due to his lack of armament that he had been allowed to live.

After the Shattering, Metus concentrated on making deals with other villages. Once Exsidian was discovered in the area, Metus began selling the precious metal. However, he was extremely effective at his selling, and other villages threatened violence if they could not acquire the material. This prompted Certavus and other warriors to develop the Glatorian system to resolve these disputes.

With his experience working in training camps, Metus chose Glatorian tutoring as his profession. After initially working with Certavus, Metus then passed skills he learned on to fighters like Strakk and Gelu. Metus' career eventually evolved into organizing Arena Matches. Village leaders, lacking their own time, would hire Metus to coordinate matches.

During one of his outings to another village, Metus was captured by the Rock Tribe, which had just joined the social system. Believing it to be the best option for his own preservation, he offered his assistance to Tuma, and began providing the Skrall with information on the various village defenses. He also started acting as an intermediary between the Skrall and the Bone Hunters.

Once, while in Vulcanus, he was arguing with Raanu about the Fire Tribe's need of a Glatorian. Metus insisted that no one would ally with the Fire Tribe if it meant fighting a Skrall. After the match there, Metus met with the Skrall warrior that had fought, and passed along information to him, for Tuma.

When an Agori sent by Raanu to seek help from several villages for Vulcanus arrived in Iconox, Metus approached him and accused him of trying to step in on his business. He believed the Agori was seeking some kind of personal gain, similar to himself, but offered a deal in exchange for the location of a desert spring. The Agori readily agreed and gave Metus the location. Metus bestowed Iconox's Favor upon the Agori and told him to seek out Strakk, with whom it would grant him an audience.

Metus was later approached by Tarduk, Crotesius, and Kirbold, and sold them three Sand Stalkers for their journey through the White Quartz Mountains.

Raanu, Berix and Metus in the Arena Magna

In need of assistance to accompany a trade caravan to Vulcanus, Metus hired several Glatorian and Agori from Tesara. Despite the security, Metus felt the need for extra protection, and asked Strakk for help, who refused. Metus was finally able convince the Glatorian to come with them, at a steep price. Metus left the party to inform the tribal elders of the deal.

Metus visited Vulcanus, but was informed that the caravan he arranged had not yet arrived. Both Agori hoped that the caravan arrived soon, to prevent the breakdown of the Glatorian system.

Tuma called for Metus, as he had received worrisome news about the Baterra. Metus was furious at the summons, which could have revealed his position as the traitor. He traveled to Roxtus, and was informed by Tuma about his plans to invade the city of Atero. Metus taunted the Rock Tribe leader by mentioning the Baterra, and implied that he could help him defeat the robot menaces. Tuma decided against killing the Ice Agori, despite his urges, and Metus bargained himself into a higher position.

Metus, along with many other Agori, traveled to Atero, in order to view the Great Tournament. During a match, Metus and two other Agori, Raanu and Berix, decided to leave the arena to look for the Skrall, although Metus knew they were marching to attack Atero. Upon reaching outside of the city, the Agori saw the approaching army of Skrall. The Skrall easily overtook Arena Magna, but still allowed Metus to escape, so he could continue providing them with information. Metus later joined Tarix, Strakk, Gresh, Berix, and Raanu in a cavern in the wastelands.

Metus later saved Tuma and Stronius from several Baterra, by hiding his weapon and kicking the Skrall weapons away. When the two Skrall regained consciousness, Tuma accused him of leading the machines, but Metus disproved his accusations. He made Tuma promise him control of the Rock Tribe should something happen to the Skrall leader, which Tuma eventually agreed to.

When Vulcanus updated its fortifications, Metus managed to acquire a detailed copy of the plans. He later gave these plans to the Skrall, who in turn leaked them to the Bone Hunters.

After arranging a match between Ackar and Gresh, Metus traveled to Tajun to accompany the Jungle Tribe fighter, where he encountered Gelu. Metus attempted to get the Ice Tribe warrior to rejoin arena fighting, but was unsuccessful. Metus and Gresh set out for Vulcanus, accompanied by Gelu.

Near Vulcanus, the trio discovered a convoy of Agori, attempting to fix a caravan with a broken wheel. Metus attempted to ride on, for fear of Vorox, but was stopped by Gresh, who helped the Agori repair the wheel. The group was later attacked by a pack of Vorox, though the two fighters managed to drive them off, and arrived safely in Vulcanus.

After the discovery of the Bone Hunters plans to raid, Metus assisted the village in constructing traps, in order to continue hiding his betrayal. The traps were seemingly successful, but the Bone Hunters later doubled back and attacked from the south, after Metus left the village.

Metus, as he was packing up to leave Vulcanus, was approached by Raanu, who was seeking new Glatorian. Metus initially rebuffed the desperate Fire Tribe leader, but was able to barter to an extremely high price, and requested to promote a match between Ackar and Strakk.

Metus searching for shelter in the wastelands

When returning to Vulcanus for business, Metus encountered the Agori Kyry, and heard of the Bone Hunters defeat by Glatorian. Marveling at the incredulity of the event, Metus noticed a shooting star enter Bara Magna, and strike the ground near where he was traveling. Initially dismissing it, Metus eventually decided to investigate the source, and drove toward it.

As he approached the crash site, Metus encountered an armored stranger. Deciding that the he was not an enemy, Metus offered the stranger a ride to Vulcanus. The mysterious being introduced himself as Toa Mata Nui, and the pair set off. During their travels, they were attacked by a massive Sand Bat, which destroyed part of the vehicle. Though he wanted to flee from the creature, Metus was convinced by Mata Nui to stand his ground, and the two managed to figure out a weakness and defeat the Sand Bat. Metus was impressed by Mata Nui's skills, and resolved to keep a closer eye on him, hoping that he could become Vulcanus' new Glatorian, and bring Metus the large fee he had bargained with Raanu for earlier.

Metus in Vulcanus in The Legend Reborn.

The two traveled to Vulcanus, where they witnessed the Arena Match between Ackar and Strakk. Strakk attacked Ackar after conceding the match, and Mata Nui leaped into the ring to protect the Fire Tribe warrior. Metus was impressed by the bold move, and approached Mata Nui after the fight, and asked Mata Nui to become Vulcanus' new Prime Glatorian, or a Glatorian for any other village. Mata Nui rejected the offer, despite Metus' insistence.

Metus later traveled to Sandray Canyon, where he passed along messages between the Skrall and the Bone Hunters, who were preparing to raid the village of Tajun. While there, he noticed the presence of Mata Nui, Ackar, and Kiina, and sent several Bone Hunters after them.

While Metus was watching a match between Tarix and Vastus, Mata Nui and his allies arrived in the Tesara arena. Ackar announced the end of the match system, and urged that the villagers unite. Metus later spied Kiina and Berix sneaking around the outskirts of the village, and had them captured. He returned to Tesara afterwards, and reported their capture.

After Mata Nui defeated Tuma, Metus arrived in the arena, revealing himself as the traitor, as well as his plans to take control of both the Rock Tribe and the Bone Hunters. Metus ordered the assembled Skrall and Bone Hunters to attack the group, confident that they would be defeated. A massive creature composed of Scarabax beetles emerged from the sands, frightening the Skrall and Bone Hunters. Attempting to flee the scene in his vehicle, Metus was stopped by angry Vorox, and cornered by Mata Nui. Metus desperately offered the warrior anything he wanted, though Mata Nui refused to listen to him. Mata Nui touched Metus to his mask, transforming the Ice Agori into a viper. Metus managed to retain his identity, and slithered away, vowing revenge.

Abilities and Traits

Metus was known for his eloquent speaking and for being very persuasive. He put the talent to use by being a recruiter and trader.

Metus was very concerned with his own safety and well-being, and made a deal with the Skrall to keep himself safe in the inevitable conflicts. He is also very ambitious, and planned to take control of the Rock Tribe and the Bone Hunters after Tuma's defeat.

Metus was transformed by the Kanohi Ignika into a snake-like creature.


Metus carried an Ice Axe and an Ice Shield. Both these tools were abandoned by Metus after his transformation. Stats:


Set Information

Metus as a set

Metus was released as a set in early 2009, containing 14 pieces.


"Stronius? Please. The guy couldn't lead a Spikit to dinner. And I won't work with him, meaning the baterra carve your last legion to bits. No, I was thinking more of... me."
— Metus to Tuma, Empire of the Skrall


  • Metus was voiced by David Leisure in The Legend Reborn.


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