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"This is Maxilos. Being completely mechanical, he is the perfect guard, for he cannot be bribed or deceived. His reflexes are faster than any living being."
Hydraxon to Toa Mahri Matoro, Prisoners of the Pit

Comic Maxilos.png
Manufacturer Artakha
Function Police the Pit (formerly)
Defend Daxia[1] (formerly)
Powers Black Fire
Tools Twin-Bladed Black Fire Swords
Cordak Blasters
Status Active
Location The Pit (formerly)
Daxia[1] (formerly)
Spherus Magna
Pronunciation MACKS-ih-LOHS
Set number 8924

The Maxilos are the guardian robots of the Pit.


The Maxilos robots were built as guard robots for the Pit on Artakha. The Order of Mata Nui also employed some on Daxia.[1]

Prior to the Great Cataclysm, the robots and their Energy Hounds helped Hydraxon keep order in the prison. When the original Pit was destroyed, the robots wandered the area, accompanied by Energy Hounds, attempting to subdue and capture escaped criminals. Only one stayed to guard the prison, the robot which had taken Spinax, Hydraxon's former Energy Hound.

Maxilos/Teridax releases Matoro from his prison.

One thousand years later, the Makuta Teridax was in need of a body to house his energy. After following the Toa Mahri into the Pit, he came across the Maxilos robot that still guarded the Pit and soon took over it. After Hydraxon captured Matoro, he introduced Maxilos and Spinax to his newest prisoner, and left. Maxilos revealed himself as Teridax to Matoro, and freed him from his prison. The two went back to Mahri Nui, where they met the other Toa and decided on exploring separate ways.

While exploring, they were surrounded by Pridak's army of Takea Sharks. Teridax disguised himself as the Maxilos robot, not wanting to be recognized by the Barraki. Matoro used his Tryna to reanimate an army of deceased sea creatures from the bottom and commanded them fight the Takea. When Pridak's army broke through Matoro's lines, Ehlek's army, under direction of Hewkii's Garai, attacked Pridak's and the two Barraki began to fight amongst themselves. After the battle, Teridax took Matoro down into the old Inner Pit, where he forced Matoro to reanimate Toa Tuyet's body in an attempt to recreate the Nui Stone from shards of it embedded in the Toa's armor. After a brief encounter with Toa Hahli, Maxilos and Matoro retrieved the Staff of Artakha from Icarax. Teridax/Maxilos then faced off against Karzahni, who destroyed Tuyet's reanimated body. After annihilating his Manas forces, Teridax/Maxilos left Karzahni senseless when he used his mental powers to tear Karzahni's mind to shreds, and threw the tyrant's body into the recesses of the ocean.

As Teridax/Maxilos began to recreate the Nui Stone, Matoro made a futile attempt to stop him. Brutaka then attacked Teridax/Maxilos, recognizing him as the Makuta of Metru Nui, and stole the staff, summoning Botar to take it away. As the two large beings battled, Brutaka warned Teridax/Maxilos that Dekar-Hydraxon had the Ignika. Not wanting to lose control of events at such a crucial stage in his plan, Teridax/Maxilos left, but not before warning Brutaka their fight was not over.

After reuniting with Matoro who had left to meet his teammates when Brutaka began fighting the robot, and meeting up with the Toa Mahri, Teridax/Maxilos was dismissed, and ordered to track Hydraxon's movements. Upon finding him, Teridax, under the guise of Maxilos, attempted to convince Hydraxon to chase after other escapees. Hydraxon, obsessed with capturing the Ignika, refused, angering Maxilos and causing him to unleash a torrent of Makuta powers against him. Maxilos scanned Hydraxon's mind, discovering that he was not the true jailer, but a Matoran transformed by the power of the Ignika. Hydraxon unleashed Spinax upon the robot and, taking advantage of the distraction, embedded two daggers into the robot, paralyzing the left arm and leg. Maxilos/Teridax unleashed a power scream, removing the daggers. Hydraxon then fired his Cordak Blaster, burying them both in a landslide which carried them to the Razor Whale's Teeth and badly damaged Teridax/Maxilos' robotic body.

Teridax's destroyed Maxilos is discovered.

Escaping from the rubble, Maxilos/Teridax encountered Takadox, who attempted to hypnotize him. Unaffected, Maxilos knocked him aside, intent on finding and punishing Hydraxon, only to be frozen to the core by Matoro. Expressing his approval of Matoro, Maxilos/Teridax was soon accidentally defrosted by a fire wall from Jaller. Taking control of Spinax with his Rahi Control ability, Maxilos unleashed the Energy Hound upon Hydraxon, and allowed Jaller and Matoro to get away with the Ignika. With the jailer dealt with, Maxilos confronted the Barraki as they amassed their armies in an attempt to delay them from chasing the Toa Mahri. Revealing himself as Teridax, he proceeded to combat the warlords. Ignoring Takadox's pleas to spare him because of his possession of a Tablet of Transit, he cast the Barraki into an illusion, only to realize he was outnumbered by the Barraki and their armies, as the Barraki who had pretended defeat summoned their legions. After a massive battle with the Barraki and their minions, the Maxilos body was badly damaged and Teridax left it. Hydraxon later discovered the damaged robot and picked up its parts, planning to repair it. Maxilos's damage was too severe, and Hydraxon abandoned his attempt to fix it.

The other Maxilos robots were assisting Hydraxon in hunting down escaped prisoners, until he was called away to assist in the war between Order of Mata Nui and the Brotherhood of Makuta. They took to roaming the Pit in order to prevent further escapes.

When Teridax was killed, several Maxilos robots left the Matoran Universe and emerged onto Spherus Magna.[2][3]

Abilities and Traits

Maxilos robots are capable of channeling their internal energies of black fire through their swords.

Maxilos are also capable of speaking Matoran, in their own mechanical voices. They are waterproof, able to prevent water from affecting the mechanisms housed inside.


Each Maxilos carries a Twin-Bladed Black Fire Sword and possess massive strength. They also have shoulder-mounted Cordak Blasters. Stats


Set Information

Maxilos and Spinax as a set

Maxilos was released in August 2007 as one of the five titan sets. Included with the set was the Energy Hound Spinax and Maxilos's Twin-Bladed Black Fire Sword. Maxilos is one of the few sets to feature waist articulation. The set consists of 256 pieces altogether with Spinax.


  • In Prisoners of the Pit, Maxilos is seen shooting a blast of Lightning from his sword, within view of Hydraxon and Matoro.[4] However, this is not one of the powers of the original Maxilos, but one of Teridax's. Hydraxon was not paying attention at the time and did not notice the robot's strange behavior.[citation needed]
  • Greg Farshtey considered Maxilos one of his favorite characters from 2007.[5]


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