Matoran Cliff Village

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"The high rock walls around the settlement had been meant to keep enemies out. On this terrible night, they served only to trap the Matoran inside with six monsters who lurched from the darkness, sowing fear and despair."
— Narrator, Island of Doom

Matoran Cliff Village
Status Destroyed
Position Southern Continent (Voya Nui)
Pronunciation mat-OAR-an

The Matoran Cliff Village was the only village of Matoran in the Voya Nui region of the Southern Continent.


An aerial view of the village's location

This village was the last remaining Matoran settlement of the several that used to exist in this region; most of the others were abandoned or destroyed completely, so all the Matoran moved together into the most defensible one with high walls. It was meant to keep Rahi and other adversaries out, but this attribute also made it a good location for the Piraka to enslave the Matoran with their Antidermis-loaded Zamor Spheres, as the defenses trapped the Matoran within their village, when they were summoned there apparently for a meeting which served as a lure to bring them together to be enslaved.

The village was destroyed during Voya Nui's return back to its position on the Southern Continent.


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