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"The masks were scattered across the island, waiting for a time when someone would come looking for them."
— Narrator, The Legend Animation

Masks of Power
Animation Masks of Power.png
Users Protectors, Masters, Mask Makers
Function Providing power(s) to their wearers
Status In use
Location Scattered across Okoto

Masks of Power are objects that grant power to their wearers.


A mask worn by a Protector.

A variety of beings can wear and use Masks of Power, including Protectors, Masters, and Mask Makers.[1][2]

On Okoto, Masks of Power were made by the brothers and Mask Makers Makuta and Ekimu. It was a sacred law that Masks of Power could never contain the power of more than one element, as they would otherwise be too powerful and dangerous. Ekimu's masks were more sought after than Makuta's, and as a result, Makuta became jealous and created the Mask of Ultimate Power, which broke the sacred law by having the powers of multiple elements.[1]

Okoto has recently been plagued by Skull Spiders, which have the ability to remove a being's mask.


Mask Makers

Mask of Creation.jpg Video Mask of Control.png Video Mask of Ultimate Power.png
Mask of Creation Mask of Control Mask of Ultimate Power



Mask of Fire.png Mask of Ice.png Mask of Earth.png Jungle Mask.png Mask of Stone.png Mask of Water.png
Mask of Fire Mask of Ice Mask of Earth Mask of Jungle Mask of Stone Mask of Water


The Golden Masks of Power are gold-colored versions of the Masters' masks. They are known to have more power than the originals.

Golden Mask of Fire.jpg Golden Mask of Ice.jpg Golden Mask of Earth.jpg Golden Jungle Mask.jpg Golden Mask of Stone.jpg Golden Mask of Water.jpg
Golden Mask of Fire Golden Mask of Ice Golden Mask of Earth Golden Mask of Jungle Golden Mask of Stone Golden Mask of Water

Set Information

One of the transparent Masks of Fire

In 2015, each of the six Master sets will include two Masks of Power: one in the Master's respective color and one in gold. Each Protector set will also include a mask; all six Protector masks will utilize the same mold.

A total of 1,500 transparent copies of the Mask of Fire were released, 800 of which were given away to attendees at New York Comic Con 2014. Copies of the mask were also given away on Twitter[3] and donated to BZPower.[4]

14-karat solid gold versions of the six Master masks and the Mask of Creation were also produced, intended to be given away through various means. They were also first revealed and on display together at NYCC 2014.


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