Mask of Emulation

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"The others knew Pouks was just buying time. His mask was analyzing and copying Miserix's power, but that took a while to do."
— Narrator, Dwellers In Darkness

Mask of Emulation
Matoran Mask of Emulation.png
Title Mask of Emulation
Powers Analyzing and copying a sapient being's power
Component disks Unknown
Bearers Pouks

The Mask of Emulation is a Kanohi that allows its user to replicate any one power of another sapient being for a short time by analyzing and duplicating it, as long as the user sees the power in use. The length of the process varies, depending on the power analyzed.[1] When copied, the ability becomes like a temporary mask power to the Kanohi user. The user cannot copy Rahi powers, other Kanohi powers, or the powers of a weapon.[2] If the user deactivates the copied power, they will have to recopy it, though the copying time will become progressively shorter with each time the same power is copied. It does, however, reach a state in which the speed of copying cannot become faster.[3]

Example Usage

In Dwellers In Darkness, Pouks attempted to copy Miserix's power of teleportation, [citation needed] only to have the Makuta recognize his efforts and interrupt the process.


The front of a Matoran Mask of Emulation




  • A poll was held on BZPower to name Pouks's mask, based on a selection of possible titles. The winning title was then canonized by BIONICLE book author Greg Farshtey.[citation needed]
  • Like all Toa Hagah, Pouks wears a mask forged in the shape of one worn by a past hero. It is unknown if this hero wore a Mask of Emulation or a different one, so Pouks' mask may or may not look like the one pictured.[citation needed]


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