Mask of Control

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Mask of Control
Mask of Control.png
Mask of Power
Powers Mind-bending[1]
Bearers Makuta (formerly)

The Mask of Control is one of the legendary Masks of Power, worn by Makuta. Following a skirmish with his brother Ekimu, the mask was lost to the wilds of Okoto.


The mask as seen in The Legend

The Mask of Control was worn by Makuta, one of the two Mask Makers of Okoto.

When Makuta grew envious of his brother Ekimu's popularity with the Islanders, he broke sacred laws to forge the Mask of Ultimate Power, and replaced his Mask of Control with it. After Makuta's conflict with Ekimu left them both comatose, the Mask of Control was hidden away in the Labyrinth of Control by the great Elemental Creatures.

Centuries later, Makuta has appeared to return in some form; though depicted wearing his Mask of Control, he is actually seeking all three legendary Masks of Power for his own use.

Set Information

The Mask of Control will be included in set 71310 Umarak the Hunter, in BIONICLE's first 2016 wave.


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