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"The challenge of being a Makuta is choosing which powers to use to destroy your enemies. It gets boring using the same ones all the time. Variety is the spice of destruction, after all."
— Makuta Antroz, Shadows in the Sky

Makuta Species.png
Sapient Species
Powers Shadow
Kraata Powers
Use of Kanohi
Kaita dissolution
Status Critically endangered (one surviving)
Locations Matoran Universe (formerly)
Spherus Magna
Pronunciation mah-KOO-tah

The Makuta are a species of corrupt, arrogant beings originally intended to enforce peace and stability in the Matoran Universe.


Around 100,000 years ago, the Makuta species were created by Mata Nui on an island in the far south of the Matoran Universe. He formed their bodies out of a green liquid created by the Great Beings. Mata Nui created one hundred members of the species, eighty-five male and fifteen female, all of whom were made to be a part of the Brotherhood of Makuta and create Rahi to fill the universe with. Shortly after their creation, Miserix was appointed leader of the Brotherhood by Mata Nui.

Miserix, in the wake of the Matoran Civil War, appointed each Makuta to a certain region of the universe, in order to enforce the peace in their area and prevent another uprising.

After the defeat of the Barraki, Makuta Teridax began to develop thoughts of overthrowing the Great Spirit. After gathering knowledge from Mutran, who had obtained it from Tren Krom, he proposed the idea to the rest of the Brotherhood, the majority of which sided with him. Five Makuta remained loyal to Miserix, however, and after defeating Miserix, Teridax ordered their deaths. Miserix was secretly imprisoned on Artidax by Krika, defying Teridax's order of killing the former Brotherhood leader.

Originally biomechanical, the Makuta race eventually evolved to a state of pure energy, in which they no longer had to eat, sleep, breathe, or could feel pain. This evolution was first noticed by Bitil, and Chirox learned by examining a sample of Kojol's essence what had happened to them. Teridax ordered the Nynrah Ghosts to assist them by modifying their new armor. Soon after, the Makuta made a collective decision to shun their inner light, becoming true creatures of shadow. Due to the threat posed to their new armor by Toa of Iron and Magnetism, Makuta began monitoring Matoran populations of those elements, and employed several Iron and Magnetism Toa in their guardian Toa Hagah teams, in order to keep them in check.

As part of his plan, Teridax infected Mata Nui with a specialized virus around 1,300 years ago, causing the Great Spirit to be cast into slumber three centuries later, and revealed the Brotherhood's ultimate betrayal. The Makuta began carrying out a master plot in attempt to overthrow the Great Spirit and claim power over the universe.

In an attempt to rid himself of Makuta who might one day challenge him, Teridax ordered seven of his best warriors to enter Karda Nui upon its discovery. When the seven Makuta invaded Karda Nui, three of them, Krika, Bitil, and Gorast, went into the Swamp of Secrets while the remaining four--Vamprah, Antroz, Chirox and Mutran--remained in the Stalactite Villages, converting Av-Matoran into Shadow Matoran, manufacturing Shadow Leeches, and searching for the Keystones. During this time, the Phantoka Makuta took bat-like forms in order to frighten the Av-Matoran. Vamprah, Antroz and Chirox were present when Toa Mahri Matoro used the Kanohi Ignika and were subsequently blinded. To compensate, they chose three Shadow Matoran to join them and become their eyes, via telepathy. Antroz, leader of the team, later called upon Icarax to assist them in battle, and attempted to fight off the Toa Nuva. Gorast, Krika and Bitil searched the swamp for the Keystones, and also attempted to locate the Codrex. The mutagenic swamp waters eventually affected the Brotherhood members in severe ways, locking them into their insectoid forms, restricting their use of Kraata Powers, and giving them other mutations. Icarax and Krika later died during the battles, and the rest were obliterated by the Energy Storms of Karda Nui when the Toa Nuva awoke Mata Nui.

The Order of Mata Nui, a secretive organization which had been keeping a close eye on the Makuta, eventually revealed their existence to the universe and initiated a war with the Brotherhood. Miserix was freed as part of their early campaign efforts. Several Makuta were killed by the Order of Mata Nui and Miserix, casualties of the war. Miserix, after learning of Teridax's whereabouts from the Makuta of Stelt, absorbed the Makuta and headed to Metru Nui, where he discovered the Toa Hagah also on a quest to defeat Teridax. Upon arriving at their destination, Teridax revealed to them his position as ruler of the universe, and cast a powerful illusion around Miserix, causing the former Brotherhood leader to believe he was a painting on the wall.

Upon gaining full control of Mata Nui's body, Teridax rose from the seabed of Aqua Magna, and set about enforcing his rule in the Matoran Universe. He began using the remaining Makuta to produce Kraata for him, in order to keep his Rahkshi army plentiful, though he later killed all of them.[1] While contemplating the notion of finding Mata Nui's spirit and destroying it, Teridax noticed the presence of another Makuta, one from an alternate dimension. Realizing that it was an alternate version of himself, he spoke to the Makuta, and transported three Shadow Takanuva to face him.

Tren Krom, who had stolen the body of Toa Nuva Lewa, arrived in the Core Processor, intending to send a message to Mata Nui. While there, he discovered the portrait of Miserix, and utilized his powers to free the Makuta from the illusion. Following a battle, Miserix, along with the others present, was teleported out of the Matoran Universe and into space. Before his Antidermis froze, he and the others were rescued by Vezon, who brought them all to the prison of a Great Being cursed by the Kanohi Ignika in Bota Magna.

Later, Teridax landed on Bara Magna, where he battled with Mata Nui. During the conflict, he attempted to destroy the planet by blasting it with gravity. Mata Nui was able to redirect the energy at the two moons of the shattered planet, drawing them closer to the larger planet. The two continued to fight, until Mata Nui pushed his enemy into the path of one of the oncoming satellites. The rock crashed into the larger robot's head, killing Teridax.

Alternate Universes

The Melding Alternate Universe

On an alternate Spherus Magna, the Great Beings created the Makuta race to aid the Toa, create new life forms, and teach the Three Virtues. Each Makuta bore white armor, and spent long years meditating to get rid of all traces of darkness, doubt, and fear, after which they gained Elemental control of Light. Unlike in the core dimension, their Kraata powers include Telekinesis and do not include Darkness, Anger, or Fear.[2] In place of the latter two, they possess their antitheses, Courage and Peace.[3] These Makuta cannot create Shadow Hands, but they can use Telepathy and Shapeshifting, just like the Makuta of the main universe.[4]

When Mazeka and Vultraz arrived in this alternate universe, they were led to the main fortress of the Great Beings by Teridax. After a meeting with the Great Beings, Vultraz was taken away by the Great Beings to test why he was filled with darkness. Mazeka was then transported back to the Matoran Universe, now accompanied by the alternate Teridax as instructed by the Great Beings to keep the balance between the two realities.

Spherus Magna Alternate Universe

In another alternate universe, the Makuta species never rebelled against Mata Nui, and he completed his mission as planned. Once on Spherus Magna, some of the Makuta left the Mata Nui robot and went to the south, living in peace with the inhabitants of the planet. They then took command over the Skrall and worked to help the Agori.

Toa Empire Alternate Universe

In this alternate universe, the Makuta were hunted by the Toa Empire until only a few remaining specimens, such as Teridax, Krika and Kojol survived. In the Rebellion Against the Toa Empire, Kojol was killed.

The Kingdom Alternate Universe

In an alternate timeline, Mata Nui died, resulting in many of the universe's species undergoing a mass migration to the surface world. The Makuta attempted to migrate as well, but were stopped and forced back underground by Toa Takanuva and the Order of Mata Nui.

Later, Teridax gained control of Icarax's body and used his power to absorb the other Makuta into his essence, becoming the last Makuta. He was later killed when he absorbed Toa Matoro into his essence. Without a purpose to exist, Teridax found his will overpowered and destroyed by Matoro's, and the Makuta race became extinct.

Abilities and Traits

Chirox creating a Shadow hand

Arrogant and proud, Makuta were not inherently heroic or dutiful, and did not perform their jobs out of a sense of loyalty or duty, but rather a fear of punishment. They had a small amount of inner light in their character when they were created. After they made the decision to attack and usurp Mata Nui, they forced their light out, which was replaced completely by darkness. Makuta were created out of liquid Antidermis, and their physical forms were composed of solid Antidermis and Protosteel armor.

All Makuta were created with an innate character flaw that many view as a curse on the species. They all have immense pride in their abilities, lust for great power, and believe themselves to be superior to all other beings.

The Makuta species can produce Kraata from their bodies, a slug-like creature which possesses one of forty-two powers that the Makuta wield. Before evolving into pure energy, Makuta could not create Kraata as easily as they can now. They had to use another, longer process which produced inferior results. In addition, they are capable of shapeshifting at will; however, drastic changes in size require equally drastic amounts of energy, which they can acquire by absorbing other beings. Makuta have the ability to produce a Shadow Hand, a claw-like hand and long arm made of shadow energy. This hand bursts out of their chest or tools and grabs the Makuta's target, pulling it toward them. Once the hand has latched onto something, it will be dragged back, and often merged into the essence of the Makuta. Generally, Makuta have no control over this, although Chirox had learned how to control his shadow hand power. Makuta are also telepaths, able to read, detect, and interact with non-shielded minds. The Makuta also have the ability to dissolve Kaita fusions.[5]

All Makuta have access to knowledge about the way the world works and the laws that govern the universe--a knowledge granted to them by Tren Krom. This knowledge could be used to manipulate the environment into doing their bidding.

The Makuta once had physical bodies, but naturally evolved past the point of needing them, becoming a gaseous form of Antidermis encased in suits of armor. The Protosteel armor they wore was enhanced by the Nynrah Ghosts to better accommodate their new form. This evolution into a state of pure energy gave many advantages to the Makuta; because of their new form, the Makuta did not need to sleep or get tired, breathe, eat, or drink, and were much harder to wound. The one weakness to this evolution is that if the shell is broken, then the essence of the Makuta will slowly leak out, and eventually dissipate, killing them. If a Makuta's Kanohi is removed, Antidermis will also leak out.

Makuta can sense the presence of other Makuta, even if the other is not inside their armor. All Makuta have the ability to absorb and convert other beings into mass for their armor. If a Makuta's armor is destroyed or damaged, they are not capable of shapeshifting to repair it. The Makuta can, however, inhabit another empty shell, such as robots or living soul-less beings. However, this results in a loss of several abilities, such as being incapable of creating a Shadow hand, and an inability to use some physically-based Kraata powers (such as dodge, invulnerability, and chameleon, as well as shapeshifting) if the inhabited body is incapable of performing these abilities.

Known Makuta

Below is a list of all currently known Makuta:


Social Structure and Interactions

Makuta were created with the intention of producing Rahi, which were necessary for the universe. Over time, they appointed themselves as enforcers of justice, and took on different regions of the universe to watch over. The Makuta rarely interacted with the inhabitants of their designated areas, but were effective at preventing disaster. Their own greed and ambition lead them to eventually take over the Matoran Universe, though Teridax killed all of the other Makuta once he had done this.

Between each other, the Makuta organized themselves into a Brotherhood, with Miserix as their overall leader. He was eventually usurped and replaced by Teridax.

Makuta as a Title

The word "Makuta" was not always seen as a title; it evolved to this status over time. Because the Makuta as a species were a small group of very powerful beings that protected the Matoran, they were slowly referred to as "The Makuta." Thus over time, the name "Makuta" became as much a title as a species name. Makuta rarely revealed their name to the inhabitants of their designated area, and their subjects simply referred to them as "Makuta."

Set Information

The first Makuta set was a 199-piece large boxed set released in mid-2003, depicting Makuta Teridax in his Shadow Titan form. This set's parts could be combined with the Jaller & Gukko and Takua & Pewku sets to create another form called Makuta Nui. Yet another form of Teridax was released in late 2004 under the name "Ultimate Dume". This 555-piece set was a combiner of the three large boxed sets Nidhiki, Krekka, and Turaga Dume & Nivawk, all of whose parts were included.

In 2006, the six Piraka sets included Zamor Spheres in a translucent greenish blend, representing Teridax's Antidermis which the spheres contained in story. Playsets released later that year also included these Zamor Spheres, including one in the Piraka Stronghold set which was mounted on a pedestal and represented not a Zamor, but rather Zaktan's Crystal of Collection (also containing Teridax's Antidermis).

Early 2008 brought the first set depictions of other Makuta: the three Phantoka canister sets Antroz, Vamprah, and Chirox, as well as the large boxed set Makuta Icarax and the large boxed set Mutran & Vican (the latter being not a Makuta, but a Shadow Matoran). Instructions for a combiner model of Spiriah were also released in January 2008. In mid-2008 three more Makuta appeared as Mistika canister sets: Krika, Gorast, and Bitil. Another form of Makuta Antroz also appeared in both versions of the Jetrax T6 set.


"You Makuta, in the end, you're just wisps of corruption, aren't you? No substance at all."
— Tobduk to Tridax, Brothers In Arms

"Do you know why we Makuta hate Toa so much? It's because you are what we could only pretend to be, once upon a time--heroes who do good for no reward. And so we call you fools, and even slay you... because we could not be you."
— Krika, Swamp of Shadows

"For thousands of years, we created the beasts that roamed and swam and flew. We watched over the Matoran villages and protected the peace."
— Teridax, BIONICLE: Makuta's Guide to the Universe


The Mistika Makuta
  • When exposed to Pit Mutagen, Makuta are locked in their forms and lose access to some of their Kraata powers.
  • Makuta were able to create Matoran, but they simply did not wish to.[citation needed]
  • The Makuta in Karda Nui were the most skilled Makuta in combat, which was why they were chosen for that mission.[citation needed]
  • Most Makuta did not adhere to a single weapon and use it to exclusion of all else; instead, most possessed armories, and rotated their weapons on a regular basis.[citation needed]
  • As Makuta were composed of Antidermis and not Protodermis, they could not be revived on the Red Star.[6]
  • Makuta could form Kaita[7], but generally did not as they were unwilling to surrender their individual identities.[8]


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