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The Journey to One is a Netflix-exclusive animated series that tells the story of the BIONICLE reboot's second year. Announced in 2015, the series premiered in March of 2016, with two episodes and a prologue. A further two episodes are scheduled for a summer release.

List of Episodes

Season 1

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season[note 1]
Title Original air date Runtime Title Card
N/A 1 Prologue: The Legend Begins March 4, 2016 12 minutes, 24 seconds JTO TitleCard 0.jpg
Narmoto, the Protector of Fire, tells some villagers the story of the Toa awakening Ekimu and recovering the Mask of Creation. He begins by speaking of Makuta’s betrayal of his brother, the forgery of the Mask of Ultimate Power, and the corruption of Makuta. Following the defeat of Makuta, Narmoto says, Ekimu was laid to rest and the Masks of Power were hidden.

But Makuta’s spirit summoned the Skull Spiders to awaken his body and destroy the Masks of Power. In fear, the Protectors performed the rite to summon the Toa. They came: the playful Lewa, the brooding Pohatu, the fearless Kopaka, the resilient Gali, the immovable Onua, and their leader, Tahu. These Toa, with their Protectors, found their Golden Masks of Power and obtained greater mastery of their elements.

The Toa went to the City of the Mask Makers, defeating the Skull Slicer, Skull Warriors, and Skull Scorpios and awoke Ekimu from his sleep. Ekimu led the Toa to the Temple of Creation. After beating Skull Basher, they invaded the forge where they found Kulta, the Skull Grinder, attempting to destroy the Mask of Creation. Seeing the Toa, Kulta donned the mask and tried to destroy them. Despite having their Golden Masks knocked off, the Toa stalled until Ekimu could rebuild his hammer, defeat Kulta, and take back the Mask of Creation.

But the adventures of the Toa are not done. With new masks and new armor forged by Ekimu, they prepare to set out on a new journey.

1 2 Episode 1: Quest for Unity March 4, 2016 21 minutes, 38 seconds JTO TitleCard 1.jpg
Melum, the Elemental Creature of Ice, glides along ice paths under his own power. As he skates out of view, Umarak the Hunter and two Shadow Traps step out of the shadows.

In the City of the Mask Makers, Ekimu is telling the Toa of the journey ahead when the city is attacked by Skull Warriors controlled by Skull Spiders. Under the encouragement of Ekimu, the Toa use their newfound elemental powers to defeat the Skull Spiders. The Toa then use their powers to see visions of the Elemental Creatures under attack by Umarak’s Shadow Traps. The Toa depart to find the Creatures.

Before long, each of the Toa find their Elemental Creatures who immediately start competing or fighting with their respective Toa. As Lewa is racing with Uxar, Creature of Jungle, several Shadow Traps capture the Creature and summon Umarak. When he Hunter arrives, he forces the Creature to unite with him, revealing the location of the Labyrinth of Control, hiding spot of the Mask of Control. Just as the Hunter is about to see the location, Lewa swoops in, forcing the two apart. The two fight until Lewa opens the trees, shining sunlight on the Hunter and forcing him to retreat. Lewa and Uxar make peace and resume their path toward the temple.

Meanwhile, the other Toa are still fighting their Creatures until each of them realize they should work with their creatures rather than against them. They regard the Creatures as equals who in turn lead them to their temples. Only Pohatu refuses to accept his Creature, Ketar, as a friend.

The Toa find the Golden Masks of Unity in their temples and replace their normal masks with those. Each of the Toa unites with their Creatures to receive the location of the Labyrinth of Control. The Toa return to Ekimu with Pohatu the last to arrive, disunited with Ketar. They agree to get some rest and then set out for the Mask of Control.

2 3 Episode 2: Trials of the Toa March 4, 2016 21 minutes, 38 seconds JTO TitleCard 2.jpg
In the City of the Mask Makers, Ekimu tells the Toa they must recover the Mask of Control from the Labyrinth of Control, lest the forces of Makuta get there first. Nearby, the spirit of Makuta orders Umarak to take one of the Elemental Creatures and seize the mask. Umarak states that he will find the weakest link and exploit it.

As the Toa arrive at jungle, Kopaka suggests Lewa lead the way, but Lewa abstains in favor of the Creatures. They start walking, but the Creatures begin panicking. A fire bolt strikes Tahu and a Shadow Trap leaps out, attacking Ikir. Under fire from Umarak the Hunter, the Toa scramble to protect their Creatures with the exception of Pohatu who leaves Onua to save Ketar. Satisfied, Umarak retreats and the Toa start off again.

As they come within sight of the Labyrinth which is situated on an island, most of the Toa unite with their Creatures and race for the island. The Toa land at the island with the last to arrive being Onua, who’d helped the abandoned Ketar across. The Toa reprimand Pohatu for leaving his Creature behind, but Pohatu tells them that he will only unite with Ketar in case of an emergency.

The Toa enter the maze and make their way to the center, assaulted by slabs of rocks and moving walls. At the center of the maze, they are instructed by carvings to stand in areas corresponding to their element and the regions of Okoto. One-by-one, the Toa unite with their creatures and walk through individual doors to the chamber beneath. Ketar prods Pohatu, but before the hesitant Toa can unite Ketar, Umarak attacks, firing a Shadow Trap at the Toa and forcing Ketar to unite with him. Umarak hurls a rock slab at Pohatu and rushes into the lower chamber.

Down below, Umarak attacks the Toa and destroys the crystal holding the Mask of Control as the Labyrinth of Control starts caving in. Before the Toa can recover, Umarak flies out of a hole in the ceiling and on top of the maze, near the cliffs. Pohatu jumps after him as Ketar forces Umarak to disunite with him. The Mask of Control is knocked away from Umarak and Pohatu starts to run for the Mask, only for Umarak to drop Ketar off the cliff. Pohatu saves Ketar, allowing Umarak to make off with the Mask of Control. Pohatu apologizes to Ketar for his behavior and to the Toa for letting Umarak get away. The Toa come together and swear to recover the Mask.

Elsewhere, Umarak meets with Makuta to show off his victory. He replaces his mask with the Mask of Control, only for Makuta to seize control of him and transform him into Umarak the Destroyer.

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  1. Netflix labels the prologue as "S1, Ep 1", but the title cards of the subsequent episodes start the numbering at 1.