List of The Journey to One Episodes

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The Journey to One is a Netflix-exclusive animated series that tells the story of the BIONICLE reboot's second year. Announced in 2015, the series premiered in March of 2016, with two episodes and a prologue. A further two episodes are scheduled for a summer release.

List of Episodes

Season 1

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season[note 1]
Title Original air date Runtime
N/A 1 Prologue: The Legend Begins March 4, 2016 12 minutes, 24 seconds
1 2 Episode 1: Quest for Unity March 4, 2016 21 minute, 38 seconds
2 3 Episode 2: Trials of the Toa March 4, 2016 21 minute, 38 seconds

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  1. Netflix labels the prologue as "S1, Ep 1", but the title cards of the subsequent episodes start the numbering at 1.