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|[[Set:K8592|K8592]]||Rahkshi Kaita Za Kit||[[File:K8592.jpg|75px]]||???||2003||???||???||
|[[Set:K8592|K8592]]||Rahkshi Kaita Za Kit||[[File:K8592.jpg|75px]]||???||2003||???||???||
|[[Set:K8596|K8596]]||Takutanuva Kit||[[File:3287 Takutanuva.png|75px]]||When the Toa of Light and Makuta merge, they form the most powerful being ever to walk Mata Nui: Takutanuva! Build this amazing being from BIONICLE: The Mask of Light and create your own BIONICLE adventures.||2003||$49.98||398||
|[[Set:K8605|K8605]]||Toa Metru Collection I||[[File:K8605.jpg|75px]]||???||2004||???||???||
|[[Set:K8605|K8605]]||Toa Metru Collection I||[[File:K8605.jpg|75px]]||???||2004||???||???||

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The following is a list of every known BIONICLE product with an identifiable set number, including sets with unknown origins or that were never released, divided into categories to encompass gear and other non-buildable items. All descriptions reproduced directly from official product release copy unless otherwise noted. Click the arrows to sort the table by the specified category in ascending or descending order.


Set Number Name Picture Product Description Year Released MSRP Piece Count Notes
1388 Huki 1388.jpg Huki comes from the village of Po-Koro and wants to learn all he can from Toa Pohatu.[1] 2001 Free* 8
1389 Onepu 1389.jpg Onepu is incredibly strong for a Tohunga and can lift many times his weight.[1] 2001 Free* 8
1390 Maku 1390.jpg Maku is a female villager from Ga-Koro and an excellent swimmer.[1] 2001 Free* 8
1391 Jala 1391.jpg Tough and smart, Jala leads the Guard in the village of Ta-Koro.[1] 2001 Free* 8
1392 Kongu 1392.jpg Kongu can move through the trees at astonishing speed and is among the most clever of the villagers.[1] 2001 Free* 8
1393 Matoro 1393.jpg Matoro loves to climb steep mountains and slide down icy slopes, throwing his discs as he goes.[1] 2001 Free* 8
1417 Vakama 1417.jpg N/A 2001 ??? 8 Same as 8540
1418 Matau 1418.jpg N/A 2001 ??? 8 Same as 8540
1419 Nokama 1419.jpg N/A 2001 ??? 8 Same as 8543
1420 Nuju 1420.jpg N/A 2001 ??? 8 Same as 8544
1431 Tahnok Va 1431.jpg N/A 2003 27 Same as 8554
1432 Nuhvok Va 1432.jpg N/A 2003 27 Same as 8555
1433 Gahlok Va 1433.jpg N/A 2003 27 Same as 8550
1434 Lehvak Va 1434.jpg N/A 2003 27 Same as 8552
1441 Fikou 1441.png N/A 2003 Free 13 Recolor of Set:8531+8532; based on model found in Set:10023
3259 "Shooter and Disk" 3259.jpg N/A 2004 2
3287 Takutanuva 3287.png When the Toa of Light and Makuta merge, they form the most powerful being ever to walk Mata Nui: Takutanuva! Build this amazing being from BIONICLE: The Mask of Light and create your own BIONICLE adventures. Set includes:
#8593 Makuta
#8596 Takanuva
2003 $??? 396
4868 Rahaga Gaaki 4868.jpg Gaaki captures creatures of the protodermis sea to keep them safe from the Visorak horde. Her floater spinner makes creatures of the deep rise to the surface. Proud and independent, she is out to prove she is the equal of the other Rahaga. 2005 $3.99 28
4869 Rahaga Pouks 4869.jpg Pouks hunts only the largest and most dangerous Rahi! Using his Rhotuka bolo spinner, he entangles them in bonds of energy to bring them down. Fearless, there is no beast Pouks will not pursue and tame. 2005 $3.99 28
4870 Rahaga Kualus 4870.jpg Kualus uses his Rhotuka boomerang spinner to capture the Rahi who fly above Metru Nui. Completely devoted to their protection, Kualus has even learned the language of the flyers! 2005 $3.99 28
4877 Rahaga Norik 4877.png Rahaga Norik uses his Rhotuka snare spinner to net dangerous Rahi reptiles and insectoid creatures. Wise and strong, he struggles to keep the Toa Hordika together as a team so they can oppose the Visorak. 2005 $3.99 28
4878 Rahaga Bomonga 4878.jpg Rahaga Bomonga's spinners fly silently through the air, striking his prey and holding it motionless. Extremely patient and skilled, Bomonga will wait for hours to catch one Rahi. 2005 $3.99 28
4879 Rahaga Iruini 4879.jpg Nimble and athletic, Iruini is the best there is at trapping Rahi who hide atop the towers of Metru Nui. His snag spinner tangles the legs of creatures, cutting off their escape. 2005 $3.99 28
6126 Good Guy 2008 6126.jpg N/A 2008 Free ???
6127 Bad Guy 2008 6127.jpg N/A 2008 Free ???
6128 "Function 2008" 6128.jpg N/A 2008 Free ???
6620 Ultimate Accessory Set 6620.jpg N/A 2006 £14.99 500
6637 Ultimate Battle Set 6637.jpg N/A 2005 ??? 194
6638 Ultimate Creatures Accessory Kit (Special Edition) 6638.jpg This special canister contains the parts you need to build a BIONICLE creation or modify one of your existing ones. 2005 ??? 345
6934 Good Guy 6934.jpg N/A 2005 Free ???
6935 Bad Guy 6935.jpg N/A 2005 Free ???
6936 Piraka and Catapault 6936.jpg N/A 2006 Free ???
6937 Give Away 6937.jpg N/A 2006 Free ???
6944 Good Guy 07 6944.jpg N/A 2007 N/A ???
6945 Bad Guy 07 6945.png N/A 2007 Free ???
6946 Squid Launcher Function 6946.png N/A 2007 Free ???
7116 Tahu 7116.png Transformed by the power of the Mask of Life, Tahu must embark on a dangerous quest -- find the pieces of golden armor that will enable him to defeat the forces of evil Makuta! The Toa of Fire uses his elemental powers and Mask of Shielding to aid him in his fight. 2010 $7.99 19
7117 Gresh 7117.png Now a veteran Glatorian with the elemental power of air, Gresh is ready to make new allies and fight new foes to keep his people free. Gifted with elemental power by Mata Nui, he will use the skills he learned in the arena and in battle with Skrall to fight off the armies of Makuta. 2010 $7.99 19
7135 Takanuva 7135.png Takanuva challenges hordes of evil Rahkshi with his twin light staffs and powerful Mask of Light. If he falls, two universes are doomed! Armed with twin light staffs and the Kanohi Mask of Light, Takanuva will make a last stand against the forces of darkness on Bara Magna. 2010 $7.99 21
7136 Skrall 7136.png Although driven from their city, the evil Skrall warriors are quick to ally with Makuta to try to seize Bara Magna. Wielding new powers of shadow, the Skrall are more dangerous than ever before. 2010 $7.99 21
7137 Piraka 7137.png Once a powerful Skakdi leader, Nektann has gone rogue and become a Piraka. Allied with the evil Makuta, he challenges the might of the Glatorian in a final battle for the fate of Bara Magna. 2010 $7.99 15
7138 Rahkshi 7138.png This yellow-armored servant of Makuta uses its searing power of heat vision to melt any obstacle in its path. One of an army unleashed by Makuta, only the Golden Toa can hope to stop its rampage. 2010 $7.99 18
7216 Gold Good Guy 7216.png N/A 2006 Free 22
7217 Duracell Bad Guy 7217.png N/A 2006 Free 16
7716 QUICK White Good Guy 7716.png N/A 2006 Free 21
7717 QUICK Green Bad Guy 7717.png N/A 2006 Free 26
7718 QUICK Yellow Bad Guy 7718.png N/A 2006 Free 26
7719 QUICK Red Good Guy 7719.png N/A 2006 Free 21
7934 "Kanoka Disk Launcher and Disk" 7934.jpg N/A 2004 Free 2
8026 Kraatu 8026.jpg N/A 2004 ??? 20
8525 BIONICLE Masks 8525.jpg The Masks of Power add to the skills and wisdom of the Toa. Each Toa must collect six Great Masks of Power in their own color before challenging the might of Makuta! 2001 $1.99 6 Same as Set:8530, NA exclusive
8530 BIONICLE Masks 8530.jpg The Masks of Power add to the skills and wisdom of the Toa. Each Toa must collect six Great Masks of Power in their own color before challenging the might of Makuta! 2001 £1.45 6 Same as Set:8525, EU exclusive
8531 Pohatu 8531.png Pohatu, the Toa of stone, is respected by all for his sheer power. The strongest of the heroes, he can kick massive boulders out of his way, cause landslides, and much more. 2001 $7.99 49
8532 Onua 8532.png Wise and powerful, Onua has huge, clawed hands to dig tunnels in the ground and infrared vision to allow him to see in the dark. 2001 $7.99 30
8533 Gali 8533.png Gali, the only female Toa, controls the waves themselves! When she’s angered, she can cause tidal waves and storms. Explore the waters around Mata Nui with her and use her powers to fight Makuta. Her hook arm helps her get out of trouble when danger threatens. 2001 $7.99 35
8534 Tahu 8534.png Tahu, the Toa of fire, is respected for his power and feared for his quick temper. He can surf on molten lava and cut through solid rock with his sword of flames! 2001 $7.99 33
8535 Lewa 8535.jpg Lewa, the Toa of the air, loves to move quickly among the treetops of the jungle. His powerful hatchet arm slices through vines and plants so he can glide through the air! 2001 $7.99 36
8536 Kopaka 8536.png Kopaka, the Toa of ice, sends shivers through the Makuta. With a single swipe of his blade, he can create an avalanche or freeze anything in his path! 2001 $7.99 33
8537 Nui-Rama 8537.jpg With buzzing wings and a razor-sharp beak, Nui-Rama are giant insect-like creatures. When wearing infected masks, they battle the Toa - but if the Toa are victorious, they can tame the Nui-Rama. 2001 $14.99 138
8538 Muaka & Kane-Ra 8538.png With sharp claws and powerful jaws, Muaka is a fierce tiger-like beast - and Kane-Ra's sharp horns make him just as dangerous! When wearing infected masks, they are among Makuta's most powerful servants. But if the Toa can remove the Rahi's masks, the beasts can be tamed. 2001 $69.99 647
8539 Manas 8539.jpg The Manas, fearsome giant crabs, guard Makuta's lair and can only be defeated by Toa who have collected enough masks of power. Pit your strength against these mighty beasts, with the victor disabling his opponent. Set includes two remote-control Manas and two multi-channel handsets. 12 AA batteries required (not included). 2001 $89.99 442
8540 Vakama 8540.png Famous for his quick temper and great courage, Vakama is the protector of the legend of Tahu and is Turaga of the village of fire. 2001 $2.99 29 Same as 1417
8541 Matau 8541.jpg Both a brave warrior and a practical joker, Matau is the protector of the legend of Lewa. He is the Turaga of the village of air and shares his knowledge of Mata Nui's lore with Lewa. 2001 $2.99 29 Same as 1418
8542 Onewa 8542.jpg Swift and sure-footed, Onewa often referees the village games. He is the protector of the Pohatu legend and is Turaga of the village of stone. 2001 $2.99 30
8543 Nokama 8543.jpg Famed for being a great fisherwoman, Nokama moves quickly and easily through water. She is the protector of the legend of Gali and is Turaga of the village of water. 2001 $2.99 29 Same as 1419
8544 Nuju 8544.png Nuju may seem cold and uncaring, but he's actually one of the most generous Turaga. He tells his tales through gestures and whistles, which are interpreted by one of the Tohunga villagers. Nuju leads the village of ice and guards the legend of Kopaka. 2001 $2.99 30 Same as 1420
8545 Whenua 8545.jpg Respected for his fairness and good judgment, Whenua is the protector of the Onua legend and master navigator of the island's complex tunnels. He is the Turaga of the village of earth. 2001 $2.99 28
8548 Nui-Jaga 8548.png The Nui-Jaga resemble giant scorpions, and have fierce claws and stingers. When wearing infected masks, they are fierce foes of the Toa - but if the Toa are victorious, these beasts can be tamed. Make this massive scorpion's tail strike out to tear off an enemy's mask. Includes two Nui-Jaga. Each measures 7½" tall and 7" wide. 2001 $34.99 214
8549 Tarakava 8549.jpg Often found hiding in the murky swamp water of Mata Nui, the Tarakava is a ruthless lizard-like creature that lunges from hiding to attack. When they wear infected masks, the Tarakava are dangerous foes of the Toa - but if the Toa are victorious, these beasts can be tamed. Press the Tarakava's levers for powerful punching action versus its foes. Includes two Tarakava. Each measures 9" tall and 3½" wide. 2001 $49.99 401
8550 Gahlok Va 8550.png The Gahlok Va stalks the seas, keeping an eye out for any threats to the Gahlok's mission. 2002 $2.99 26
8551 Kohrak Va 8551.png The Kohrak Va's claws make it an excellent climber, even on the icy slopes of Mount Ihu! 2002 $2.99 28
8552 Lehvak Va 8552.png The Lehvak Va use their small blades to cut through the dense undergrowth of the jungle, as they go on scouting missions for their masters! 2002 $2.99 28
8553 Pahrak Va 8553.png The Pahrak Va are among the easiest of the Bohrok Va to catch, but good luck holding onto them -- they are also the strongest! 2002 $2.99 27
8554 Tahnok Va 8554.png The Tahnok Va acts as scout and courier for the mighty Tahnok. When cornered, they use their firestaff to defend themselves. 2002 $2.99 27
8555 Nuhvok Va 8555.png The Nuhvok Va are excellent diggers, and can tunnel to anywhere on Mata Nui! 2002 $2.99 26
8556 Boxor 8556.jpg The Matoran have made an amazing discovery – the Bohrok are not truly alive, but are mechanical creations! Using parts from fallen Bohrok, they have built mighty defense vehicles called Boxor. But can even the Boxor stand up to the swarms? Push down on the Boxor to strike with either or both arms! Includes a Matoran. 2002 $14.99 157
8557 Exo-Toa 8557.jpg When a Toa dons the Exo-Toa armor, he wields more power than any being on Mata Nui has ever known! Hidden underground for centuries, the Exo-Toa features a mighty claw arm and an electro-missile that really fires. But will even the power of the Exo-Toa be enough to overcome the Bahrag? 2002 $34.99 360
8558 Cahdok and Gahdok 8558.jpg The Bahrag twins lurk beneath the surface of Mata Nui, protecting the secrets of the Bohrok swarms. If their snapping jaws were not enough, they also possess great mental abilities and the elemental powers possessed by all of the Bohrok. The Toa have never faced an opponent like this! Press the lever to make them bite, or strike them in their one vulnerable spot to disable their attack. Includes both Cahdok and Gahdok. 2002 $59.99 630
8559 Krana 8559.jpg The krana are the key to defeating the Bohrok! Can you capture them all? Each pack comes with three randomly assorted krana, plus two randomly assorted gold and silver Kanohi Masks of Power! 2002 $1.00 5
8560 Pahrak 8560.jpg The Pahrak are the most unrelenting of the Bohrok, never giving up until their destructive work is done. Their shields have the power to set off earthquakes, and they can move massive boulders with their bare hands. No matter what the obstacle, Pahrak can reduce it to rubble! But if you remove their krana, the Pahrak can be tamed! 2002 $7.99 40
8561 Nuhvok 8561.jpg The Nuhvok are the tunnelers of the Bohrok, using the power of their shields to blow up rock and blast passages through the earth. They even have the power to bring down a mountain! Although their reactions are slow, they are dangerously fierce when cornered. When their krana is removed, they can be put to work rebuilding what they have destroyed. 2002 $7.99 40
8562 Gahlok 8562.jpg The Gahlok are the trickiest Bohrok opponents – they never attack the same way twice! Able to control water, the Gahlok use tidal waves to flood Mata Nui. Remove their krana and they can be tamed. 2002 $7.99 40
8563 Tahnok 8563.jpg The Tahnok are the most aggressive and destructive of all the Bohrok swarms! They use their mastery of fire to burn and melt whatever's in their way. Even with their krana removed, Tahnok are hard to tame. Can the Toa stop them before they turn Mata Nui into ash? 2002 $7.99 40
8564 Lehvak 8564.jpg The Lehvak are the only Bohrok swarm designed for combat. Using their crushing shields and dissolving spray, they exist to destroy anything that lives on Mata Nui. Clever and unpredictable, stopping the Lehvak may be the Toa’s greatest challenge! With their Krana removed, they are still highly difficult to tame. 2002 $7.99 40
8565 Kohrak 8565.jpg The Kohrak are the most cold-blooded of the Bohrok. They want to bring a new Ice Age to Mata Nui – and they have the power to do it! Their shields are capable of freezing anything and can even fire blasts of ice. Get in their way and you’ll wind up in a block of ice! 2002 $7.99 40
8566 Onua Nuva 8566.png Onua Nuva lives in the rocky tunnels deep beneath the surface of Mata Nui. His quake breakers make carving new passageways in the stone child’s play, and when they are attached to his feet, they turn into high-speed, all-terrain tracks that get him wherever he needs to go! Turn the wheel on his back to move his mighty arms. 2002 $7.99 41
8567 Lewa Nuva 8567.png Lewa Nuva lives in the jungles near Kanae Bay, keeping watch on Mata Nui from above. His swords can be used to clear obstacles – and when they are attached to his arms and legs, they form katana that allow him to soar above the island! Turn the wheel on his back to move his arms. 2002 $7.99 36
8568 Pohatu Nuva 8568.png Strength and speed combined!
Pohatu Nuva's awesome might and blazing speed make him one of the most powerful of the Toa Nuva! His climbing claws help him scale any peak, and can be combined to form his legendary Kodan ball. Turn the wheel on his back to move his mighty arms.
2002 $7.99 44
8569 Krana 8569.jpg The krana are the key to defeating the Bohrok! Can you capture them all? Each pack comes with three randomly assorted krana, plus two randomly assorted gold and silver Kanohi Masks of Power! 2002 $2.00 5
8570 Gali Nuva 8570.png The most agile and acrobatic of Mata Nui's heroes, Gali Nuva lives under the sea and uses her powers to protect the island from Makuta's servants. Her aqua axes help her clear the toughest underwater obstacles, and can even be used as fins! Turn the wheel on her back to move her arms. 2002 $7.99 44
8571 Kopaka Nuva 8571.png Cold, cunning Kopaka Nuva dwells in the snowy wastes of Mount Ihu, and is perhaps the most mysterious of all the Toa Nuva. His ice blade can be attached to his feet to form skates for extra speed on the ice and snow. Turn the wheel on his back to move his arms! 2002 $7.99 43
8572 Tahu Nuva 8572.png Tahu Nuva dwells deep within the Mangai Volcano, only venturing out to protect his people from the menacing forces that plague Mata Nui. His magma swords can be attached to his feet to make a lava surfboard, for lightning-fast travel down the sides of the volcano. Turn the wheel on his back to move his arms! 2002 $7.99 36
8573 Nuhvok-Kal 8573.png One of the most dangerous of the Bohrok-Kal, Nuhvok-Kal has single-handedly defeated both Tahu Nuva and an entire Bohrok swarm. With its gravity shield, Nuhvok-Kal can increase gravity (making an opponent too heavy to stand), or eliminate it (causing a foe to float into the air)! 2003 $7.99 40
8574 Tahnok-Kal 8574.jpg Fast and powerful, Tahnok-Kal is the leader of the Bohrok-Kal squad. Its power shield can hurl lightning bolts or create an awesome force field of electrical energy that no Toa can overcome! 2003 $7.99 40
8575 Kohrak-Kal 8575.jpg Kohrak-Kal's sonic powers are so great, even the other Bohrok-Kal must beware of them! Its mastery over sound allows it to create sonic barriers, cause objects to stress and shatter, or even create objects made completely from solid sound. 2003 $7.99 40
8576 Lehvak-Kal 8576.png A master of ambush and surprise, Lehvak-Kal seems to appear and disappear at will. Its vacuum shield can absorb all of the air in the area and then release it in a single blast that can shatter solid rock! 2003 $7.99 40
8577 Pahrak-Kal 8577.png Pahrak-Kal may move slowly, but nothing dares to get in its way! Its plasma shield can superheat rock, metal, or any other substance and reduce it to molten liquid. Nothing can stop Pahrak-Kal as it searches for the swarm queens! 2003 $7.99 40
8578 Gahlok-Kal 8578.png Gahlok-Kal's magnetic powers are so great that this Bohrok-Kal could root Lewa Nuva to the ground - and not even the Mask of Speed could break him free! Its magnetic shield can also be used to create a powerful force field. Gahlok-Kal can slip in and out of any place without being detected, actually "flowing" around obstacles in its path. 2003 $7.99 40
8580 Kraata 8580.png These slug-like creatures are capable of infecting any Mask of Power they touch and making the wearer a servant of Makuta. 2003 $1.99 4
8581 Kopeke 8581.png Kopeke is known throughout Ko-Koro for his skill at carving ice bridges in honour of Kopaka Nuva. He is also a champion of the Haui snowball sling. 2003 $3.99 25
8582 Matoro 8582.png Matoro has one of the most important jobs of any Matoran -- he must interpret the stories told by Turaga Nuju so all can benefit from the village elder's wisdom. 2003 $3.99 25
8583 Hahli 8583.png Hahli of Ga-Koro never knew she had the potential to be a great athlete - but now she has become a Koli ball champion for her village. Despite this, she is still very shy and quiet. 2003 $3.99 25
8584 Hewkii 8584.png Hewkii is one of the most powerful Matoran in Po-Koro, and the all-time top koli scorer! 2003 $3.99 25
8585 Hafu 8585.png Hafu is known throughout Po-Koro for his skill at carving stone. Even though he can sometimes get too wrapped up in his work, the other Po-Matoran all like and trust him. 2003 $3.99 25
8586 Macku 8586.png Macku can always be found in the waters around Ga-Koro, patrolling and keeping an eye out for danger. 2003 $3.99 25
8588 Kurahk 8588.png Kurahk is one of the most dangerous Rahkshi, for his power can turn the Toa Nuva against each other! His staff fills opponents with anger and makes them fight among themselves. The Toa Nuva will need all their strength to resist the rage Kurahk creates! 2003 $8.99 45
8589 Lerahk 8589.png Lerahk uses his Staff of Power to spread poison. By ramming it into the ground, he can turn the soil toxic, and the merest scratch can infect an opponent. 2003 $8.99 45
8590 Guurahk 8590.png Guurahk’s Staff of Power can cause objects to fragment and collapse into rubble. He will bring down the entire island of Mata Nui in his search for the Mask of Light, unless the Toa Nuva can stop him! 2003 $8.99 45
8591 Vorahk 8591.png Vorahk’s staff can drain the energy of any foe -- and add it to the might of this Rahkshi! Not even the powerful Onua Nuva can stand against him. Will the day of the Seventh Toa end before it has even begun? 2003 $8.99 45
8592 Turahk 8592.png Never before have the Toa Nuva faced such a terrifying foe! Turahk’s staff can create fear in an opponent, paralyzing him with terror or making him run away. Even the heroes of Mata Nui cannot resist the fear Turahk brings! 2003 $8.99 45
8593 Makuta 8593.png Makuta is the powerful enemy of the Toa Nuva, who schemes to keep Mata Nui asleep forever. Using his power of darkness, he turns friends into enemies and tries to rob the Matoran of their three values: unity, duty and destiny. 2003 $19.99 199
8594 Jaller & Gukko 8594.png Jaller, Captain of the Ta-Koro Guard, has never flown a Gukko bird before. But he has to learn in a hurry so he and his friend Takua can find the Seventh Toa! 2003 $19.99 221
8595 Takua & Pewku 8595.png Takua the Chronicler is on his most dangerous quest. With his best friend Jaller, he is searching the island of Mata Nui for the mysterious Toa of Light. His trusted Ussal crab, Pewku, helps him stay one step ahead of Makuta and the Rahkshi. 2003 $19.99 221
8596 Takanuva 8596.png Legends tell of a mysterious and powerful Seventh Toa who will save the island from Makuta... and now he has arrived! Wearing the Kanohi Avohkii, the Mask of Light, and carrying the Kolhii Staff of Light, he will challenge the darkness of Makuta to free the Matoran. His vehicle, the Ussanui, can speed through the ancient tunnels beneath the island to reach Makuta's lair. The final challenge is about the begin! 2003 $19.99 197
8597 Kanohi Nuva 8597-b-b.jpg N/A 2002 ??? 5 Polybag version of 8598
8598 Kanohi Nuva 8598.png This special pack features two randomly packed Kanohi Nuva masks and three randomly packed krana. 2002 $1.99 5 Box version of 8597
8599 Krana-Kal 8599.jpg N/A 2003 $1.99 5 Box version of 8600
8600 Krana-Kal 8600-b.jpg N/A 2003 ??? 5 Polybag/EU version of 8599
8601 Toa Vakama 8601.png Toa Metru of Fire and guardian of Ta-Metru, Vakama uses his disk launcher and Great Mask of Concealment to defeat threats to Metru Nui. His strange visions of the future lead the Toa on dangerous quests into the darkest parts of the city of legends. 2004 $7.99 49
8602 Toa Nokama 8602.png Toa Metru of water and guardian of Ga-metru, Toa Nokama can often be found using her twin hydro blades to speed through the protodermis canals. Intelligent and strong, she has the wits to solve mysteries and the power to defeat any foe. 2004 $7.99 46
8603 Toa Whenua 8603.png Toa Metru of earth and guardian of Onu-Metru, Whenua spends much of his time in the vast Archives beneath the city. When danger threatens, he relies on his twin earthshock drills and his Great Mask of Night Vision. 2004 $7.99 50
8604 Toa Onewa 8604.png Toa Metru of stone and guardian of Po-Metru, Onewa is strong-willed and stubborn. No matter the odds, Onewa will never admit defeat – he always finds a way to win. When his own strength and agility are not enough, he uses his proto piton tools and his Great Mask of Mind Control. 2004 $7.99 45
8605 Toa Matau 8605.png Toa Metru of air and guardian of the transport hub of Le-Metru, Matau is known for his instincts and his sense of humor. His Great Mask of Illusion and twin aero slicers make him a hero to be reckoned with. 2004 $7.99 47
8606 Toa Nuju 8606.png Cold and aloof Toa Metru of ice and guardian of Ko-Metru, Nuju carries two crystal spikes for climbing the Knowledge Towers and wears the Great Mask of Telekinesis. 2004 $7.99 49
8607 Nuhrii 8607.png Nuhrii hopes someday to be the most famous mask maker in all of Metru Nui. Now he has the chance to create the ultimate Kanohi Mask -- but his plans puts the entire city in desperate danger! 2004 $3.99 27
8608 Vhisola 8608.png Vhisola is a brilliant scholar and a champion in the kolhii disk arena. But will the secret she knows spell the end of Metru Nui? 2004 $3.99 27
8609 Tehutti 8609.png Tehutti has worked in the Onu-Metru Archives for years, and dreams of finding a treasure that will bring him fame and fortune. But will his dream bring danger to the city of Metru Nui? 2004 $3.99 27
8610 Ahkmou 8610.png Ahkmou loves to compete, but always seems to come in second best. Now he plots to change all that — and Metru Nui may never be the same! 2004 $3.99 27
8611 Orkham 8611.png As chief Ussal rider, Orkahm knows all the hidden streets and alleys of Le-Metru. Now a secret he discovers will plunge into the middle of a plot that threatens all of Metru Nui! 2004 $3.99 27
8612 Ehrye 8612.png Ehrye has always hoped one day to work in a Ko-Metru Knowledge Tower, studying the secrets of Metru Nui. But will he use his knowledge to bring down the city? 2004 $3.99 27
8613 Kanoka Disk Launcher Pack 8613.png Kanoka disks are used all over the city of Metru Nui for sport and defense. Now you can challenge the enemies of the Toa Metru with a Kanoka disk launcher and collectable disks! 2004 $1.99 4
8614 Nuurakh 8614.png From the flames and smoke of Ta-Metru come the Nuurakh! The fastest of the Vahki, they prefer to lay in wait for their targets and then swiftly surround them. Their Staffs of Command fill the mind of a Matoran with a single overriding command. 2004 $8.99 33
8615 Bordakh 8615.png Ga-Metru is home to the Bordakh, the most cunning of all Vahki. The Bordakh love the chase and will sometimes delay a capture just to extend the thrill of pursuit. Their Staffs of Loyalty temporarily turn Matoran into spies for the Vahki. 2004 $8.99 33
8616 Vorzakh 8616.png Vorzakh of Le-Metru don't have the patience for long chases. They would rather just smash everything in their path until they find the Matoran they are searching for. Their Staffs of Erasing temporarily turn Matoran into mindless "shamblers." 2004 $8.99 33
8617 Zadakh 8617.png Racing across the Sculpture Fields of Po-Metru, the Zadakh always catch their prey. The most powerful Vahki, they are always the first into a fight and the last standing. Zadakh Staffs of Suggestion leave a Matoran very suggestible, and willing to follow orders from almost anyone. 2004 $8.99 33
8618 Rorzakh 8618.png Rorzakh of Onu-Metru are not the strongest or fastest Vahki, but they never give up on the chase. Run anywhere, they will follow, no matter what the risk. Rorzakh Staffs of Presence make it possible for the Vahki to see and hear whatever the affected Matoran does, without the Matoran being aware. 2004 $8.99 33
8619 Keerakh 8619.png The Keerakh of Ko-Metru don't bother to chase lawbreakers. Instead, they figure out where their targets are heading and get there first! Keerakh Staffs of Confusion scramble a Matoran's sense of time and place. 2004 $8.99 33
8621 Turaga Dume & Nivawk 8621.png Turaga Dume commands the Vahki and maintains order in Metru Nui. His mighty hawk Rahi Nivawk flies above the city watching and listening to all that goes on. What mysterious plans does Dume have for the Matoran, and how will they affect the Toa Metru? 2004 $19.99 179
8622 Nidhiki 8622.png Cunning, evil, and powerful, the Dark Hunter called Nidhiki has already defeated one Toa. Can the rest hope to stop him? His pincers and energy blasts can fell any foe, and he can launch Kanoka disks from his jaws. He will track the Toa Metru anywhere to see them captured and helpless! 2004 $19.99 170
8623 Krekka 8623.png What Krekka lacks in intelligence he makes up for in sheer power. His energy nets are strong enough to snare a Toa Metru and his shoulder-mounted Kanoka disk launcher makes sure they stay defeated. This Dark Hunter is a menace to everything that lives on Metru Nui! 2004 $19.99 214
8624 Race for the Mask of Life 8624.jpg As they fight their way toward the Mask of Life, the Piraka and Toa Inika come to a great lava river. Now they must race down the treacherous molten river, each side trying to be first to reach the powerful mask. A mysterious tower is only the first of many obstacles that block their way! 2006 $59.99 507
8625 Umbra 8625.png The mighty Umbra has served as guard of the powerful Mask of Life for almost 100,000 years. His incredible light-based powers and ultra-speed skates make him a formidable foe for Toa and Piraka alike. How do you stop an enemy so fast he can turn into a beam of light? The Toa must find out, or their quest will come to a shattering end. 2006 $24.99 179
8626 Irnakk 8626.png As the Piraka travel the secret path to the Mask of Life, they are challenged by Irnakk, a monstrous creature drawn from their own nightmares! 2006 $24.99 132
8685 Toa Kopaka 8685.png Strong and agile, Kopaka soars through the sky on his high-tech wings. Armed with his Midak Skyblaster tipped with an ice bayonet and Mask of X-Ray Vision, he is ready for serious combat in the air. 2008 $12.99 54
8686 Toa Lewa 8686.png With his high-tech jet pack, Mask of Levitation, and wing blades, Lewa Nuva roars into battle! Tall, strong and armed with a razor-sharp sword and Midak Skyblaster, he is a force to be reckoned with. 2008 $12.99 52
8687 Toa Pohatu 8687.png Using his massive propellers to fly through the sky or bash his enemies, Pohatu Nuva is as tough as they come. His Mask of Speed and shoulder-mounted Midak Skyblaster make him a devastating fighter. 2008 $12.99 68
8688 Toa Gali 8688.png With two powerful, foot-mounted jet rockets, Nynrah ghost blaster, and Mask of Water Breathing, Toa Gali rules the low-lying, muddy waters of the Karda Nui swamp. But will all her power be enough to stop the Makuta? 2008 $12.99 60
8689 Toa Tahu 8689.png Toa Tahu moves fast and strikes hard in the swamp of Karda Nui! He's got four powerful jet rockets for speed, plus a Nynrah ghost blaster, rotating blade, and Mask of Shielding for combat. He's ready to lead his team to victory over the Brotherhood of Makuta! 2008 $12.99 73
8690 Toa Onua 8690.png Wise and strong, Toa Onua challenges the mysteries of Karda Nui with his jet rockets, Nynrah ghost blaster, multi-resistant shield, Mask of Strength and high-tech wings. But can the power of earth prevail in a swamp filled with deadly foes? 2008 $12.99 62
8691 Antroz 8691.png Armed with a Tridax Pod, Mask of Corruption, powerful claws and poisonous fangs, Antroz leads the Brotherhood of Makuta forces in Karda Nui into the fight. This powerful warriors tears through the air on bat-like wings. 2008 $12.99 53
8692 Vamprah 8692.png Diving silently through the air on his huge black wings, Makuta Vamprah strikes fear into the hearts of even the other Brotherhood members. He's ready to crush the Toa Nuva with his Mask of Hunger, vicious hook claws, razor-sharp wing knives, and Tridax Pod with shadow leeches. 2008 $12.99 49
8693 Chirox 8693.png When there is evil to be done, insane genius Makuta Chirox unfolds his wings and takes to the sky. Armed with a Tridax Pod, blade hooks, and Mask of Silence, this twisted being creates bizarre creatures and brings darkness to Karda Nui. 2008 $12.99 49
8694 Krika 8694.png He strikes from the mist like a ghost, appearing and disappearing at will! With his venomous fangs, Mask of Repulsion, and Nynrah ghost blaster, Krika may be the strangest and most ruthless foe the Toa Nuva have ever faced! 2008 $12.99 40
8695 Gorast 8695.png Makuta Gorast is known throughout the universe for her raw power and violent rage. With four claw arms, Mask of Disruption and Nynrah ghost blaster, even other Makuta have reason to fear her might. 2008 $12.99 51
8696 Bitil 8696.png Makuta Bitil uses his Mask of Duplication to draw earlier versions of himself from the past, creating a fierce army of time-traveling warriors! Combined with his spikes, blades and Nynrah ghost blaster, this makes him an unstoppable foe! 2008 $12.99 54
8697 Toa Ignika 8697.png The Mask of Life created a body for itself from stray molecules and has become Toa Ignika, the Toa of Life! Now, flying on a powerful skyboard and armed with a Midak Skyblaster and keen sword, he is determined to be a hero. 2008 $19.99 140
8698 Vultraz 8698.png Mounted on his ultra-fast skyfighter, the evil Vultraz fires devastating bolts of shadow from its front-mounted blaster. Can the Toa Nuva survive his sudden strikes, or will he bring their mission in Karda Nui to a crushing end? 2008 $19.99 133
8699 Takanuva 8699.png After surviving an attack by the Makuta, Takanuva now finds himself controlling both the power of Light and the power of Shadow! Granted even greater power by the energies of Karda Nui, this mighty hero is ready for the fight. Armed with a Midak Skyblaster and a three-pronged power lance, he is ready to challenge any enemy. 2008 $29.99 267
8711 Master Accessory Kit 8711.jpg N/A 2004 $19.99 702
8713 Ultimate BIONICLE Accessory Kit 8713.jpg N/A 2005 $19.99 500
8715 Ultimate Creatures Accessory Set 8715.jpg N/A 2005 $19.99 404
8719 Zamor 8719.png The zamor spheres are a mysterious new power in the BIONICLE® universe, and they are available in these awesome packs. Each color sphere has a different power! Load your zamor launcher and watch them fly! 2006 $1.99 10
8721 Velika 8721.png A master crafter and inventor, Velika designs elaborate equipment for use by the resistance. Although wise, his habit of speaking in riddles makes it hard for many to understand him. 2006 $3.99 21
8722 Kazi 8722.png Kazi is the only Matoran who knows the deepest secrets of the island of Voya Nui! 2006 $3.99 25
8723 Piruk 8723.png Stealthy and quick, Piruk can sneak in and out of enemy bases to gather information for the Matoran resistance on Voya Nui. If he's caught, his shredder claws can rip through solid metal and make an escape route. 2006 $3.99 27
8724 Garan 8724.png Brave and smart, Garan leads the Matoran of Voya Nui in their fight against the invading Piraka! 2006 $3.99 21
8725 Balta 8725.png Balta can take any pile of discarded equipment and turn it into a device or weapon with ease! 2006 $3.99 22
8726 Dalu 8726.png Dalu is the most skilled fighter in the Voya Nui resistance, and she's always ready for a fight! 2006 $3.99 25
8727 Toa Jaller 8727.png Using his Kanohi Calix, the Mask of Fate, Toa Inika Jaller can pull off feats others might think impossible! His energized flame sword fires blasts of flame and lightning intertwined, while he can use his zamor sphere launcher to free enslaved Matoran. 2006 $9.99 46
8728 Toa Hahli 8728.png Toa Inika Hahli may be the most important of the new heroes, for her Kanohi Elda, the Mask of Detection, will lead the group right to the Mask of Life! If the Piraka try to get in the way, her laser harpoon fires a mix of water and lightning. 2006 $9.99 46
8729 Toa Nuparu 8729.png Toa Inika Nuparu soars through the air with his Kanohi Kadin, the Mask of Flight. His laser drill and zamor sphere launcher make him a formidable fighter, on the ground or in the sky. 2006 $9.99 55
8730 Toa Hewkii 8730.png Toa Inika Hewkii can beat an enemy with the power of his stone-lightning blasts, laser axe or zamor launcher – or he can use his Kanohi Sanok, the Mask of Accuracy, and turn virtually anything that can be thrown into a weapon! 2006 $9.99 62
8731 Toa Kongu 8731.png Toa Inika Kongu knows what his enemies are thinking, thanks to the Kanohi Suletu, the Mask of Telepathy. And he knows how to stop them using his laser crossbow and zamor sphere launcher! 2006 $9.99 46
8732 Toa Matoro 8732.png A blast of frigid air ... a blizzard of ice ... Toa Inika Matoro has arrived! The Toa Inika of Ice combines his elemental cold power with pure lightning to stop the Piraka. He carries an energized ice sword, a zamor sphere launcher, and wears the Kanohi Iden, the Mask of Spirit. 2006 $9.99 46
8733 Axonn 8733.png Immensely powerful, Axonn was a champion of justice long before the first Toa ever came to be. He has vowed to fight the Piraka and keep them from stealing the Mask of Life! Axonn wears the Kanohi Roden, the Great Mask of Truth, which can pierce any disguise and spot any deception. His enormous axe can cleave a mountain in half, and fires pure energy from its blade! 2006 $19.99 196
8734 Brutaka 8734.png Once he was a loyal guardian of the Matoran and Axonn’s best friend, but now he has turned evil! Powerful enough to defeat six Toa with one blow of his double-bladed weapon, Brutaka alone is as great a threat as all the Piraka combined! He wears the Kanohi Olmak, the Mask of Dimensional Gates, which can be used to transport a target to another location or even into another dimension! 2006 $19.99 193
8736 Toa Hordika Vakama 8736.png Toa Hordika Vakama fights to lead his team of Toa on the most dangerous mission of their lives, while trying to contain the beast within himself! His Rhotuka fire spinner can burn through any obstacle, and his blazer claws can charge it up to even greater power. 2005 $8.99 48
8737 Toa Hordika Nokama 8737.png Once the most peaceful of Toa, Nokama now struggles to control the rage of her Rahi side. Her fin barbs can be used for underwater climbing and digging, or to charge up her Rhotuka water spinner. 2005 $8.99 48
8738 Toa Hordika Whenua 8738.png Toa Hordika Whenua has seen the Archives shattered and beasts of every kind released on Metru Nui. Now he must fight to save the Rahi from extinction. His tools can summon beasts from far underground, or charge up his Rhotuka earth spinner. 2005 $8.99 48
8739 Toa Hordika Onewa 8739.png It takes all of Toa Hordika Onewa's willpower to stay a hero, rather than giving in to his unleashed Rahi side. His claw clubs can hurl stones with incredible accuracy, as well as charge up his Rhotuka stone spinner. 2005 $8.99 48
8740 Toa Hordika Matau 8740.png Half Toa, half monster, Matau must decide between saving the Matoran and saving himself. His fang blades can slice through webs and cables, as well as charge up his Rhotuka wind spinner. 2005 $8.99 48
8741 Toa Hordika Nuju 8741.png Cold reason struggles with the wild anger of a Rahi inside Toa Hordika Nuju! He uses his Hordika teeth tools and Rhotuka frost spinner to battle the foes of the Toa, while seeking a cure to turn himself back into a Toa Metru. 2005 $8.99 48
8742 Vohtorak 8742.png The aggressive Vohtarak are known for their berserker charges, during which they become virtually invulnerable to harm! Their burn spinners bring intense pain to their foes, distracting them from the struggle. Fiercely loyal to Sidorak, they will do whatever he commands. 2005 $8.99 47
8743 Boggarak 8743.png The Boggarak serve as Roodaka's personal guards and are well-equipped for the task. Their spinners can cause enemies in water to swell up and float to the surface, or enemies on land to turn to dust. Their sonic powers can transmute solid foes to gas, making them among the most dangerous of Visorak! 2005 $8.99 47
8744 Oohnorak 8744.png While the numbing power of its Rhotuka spinner is effective against foes, the Oohnorak's true power lies in its trickery. Using limited telepathy and a talent for mimicry, Oohnorak can duplicate the voices of trusted friends and lure an enemy into a trap. 2005 $8.99 47
8745 Roporak 8745.png Roporak are the master spies of the Visorak horde, using their chameleon power to blend in with their surroundings. Their disrupter spinners drain energy from a target, making capture that much easier. 2005 $8.99 47
8746 Keelerak 8746.png Obstacles melt away before the acid spinners of the Keelerak! By leaping and whirling, Keelerak can become living buzzsaws and defeat multiple foes at once. 2005 $8.99 47
8747 Suukorak 8747.png The Suukorak can slow their life processes down to almost zero, appearing to be dead. But their enemies have to watch out! Go too close and the Suukorak's spinners trap foes in a field of electrical energy! 2005 $8.99 47
8748 Rhotuka 8748.png Launch new BIONICLE® adventures with this special set of Rhotuka spinners. 2005 $1.99 5
8755 Keetongu 8755.png The mysterious beast called Keetongu is the Toa Hordika's only hope of defeating the Visorak and being returned to normal! But can they find him in time? 2005 $19.99 203
8756 Sidorak 8756.png Mighty leader of the Visorak horde, Sidorak is a veteran of a thousand conquests. Now he is determined to use his spider creature legions to overrun Metru Nui and defeat the Toa Hordika! With his herding blade, he can command the Visorak without needing to speak. His Rhotuka spinners compel anyone they strike to obey him completely. 2005 $19.99 211
8757 Visorak Battle Ram 8757.jpg Shatter even the strongest wall to rubble! Pulled by Visorak, this battle ram can smash though any obstacle the Toa Hordika put it in its way. Combine it with #8759 Battle of Metru Nui to stage the ultimate BIONICLE® clash! 2005 $29.99 189
8758 Tower of Toa 8758.jpg The Toa Hordika have captured a Visorak tower and turned it into a mighty fortress, complete with special Kanohi mask gateway charged with elemental powers to repel the spider creatures. 2005 $49.99 410
8759 Battle of Metru Nui 8759.jpg The Toa Hordika face their greatest challenge as they battle the Visorak for control of the Coliseum! Can they make it past the mighty Kahgarak, the Visorak defenders, and the tricks and traps? Lead the mini Toa Hordika figures into battle as they struggle to reach the great Hau gateway. 2005 $79.99 856
8761 Roodaka 8761.png Powerful and dangerous viceroy of the Visorak, Roodaka is one of the most formidable foes any Toa has ever faced. With her catcher claws she can snag spinners thrown at her, poison them and then fling them back. Her Rhotuka spinners have the power to instantly and permanently mutate anyone they strike. A sworn enemy of the Toa and the Rahaga, she also plots against Sidorak to take control of the Visorak! 2005 $19.99 233
8762 Toa Iruini 8762.png Long before the coming of the Toa Metru, Toa Iruini fought evil in a strange land. Equipped with his Mask of Quick Travel, cyclone spear, healing spinner and golden armor, this Toa of Air was ready to challenge any enemy. Relive ancient victories with this exciting set! 2005 $8.99 53
8763 Toa Norik 8763.png Toa Norik was one of the most heroic and wise leaders the universe has ever seen. With his lava spear and power of fire, he dared to challenge evil forces beyond imagination. His Mask of Diminishment allowed him to shrink out of sight while retaining his full strength. His Rhotuka spinner could slow down a foe long enough for Norik to defeat him! 2005 £5.99 53 Only available in US as part of 65757 and
8764 Vezon & Fenrakk 8764.png Brought to life by a horrible accident, the seventh Piraka called Vezon dared to try and steal the Mask of Life for himself. But the mask cursed him to be fused to the monstrous spider Fenrakk and serve as a new guardian of the ancient artifact. Now the mad Vezon and his terrifying steed wait for anyone brave enough – or foolish enough – to try to steal the mask! 2006 $29.99 281
8769 Visorak's Gate 8769.png The Visorak have built barriers to keep the Toa Hordika away from the Coliseum, but now the heroes must try to storm the gate on their way to rescue the Matoran! The gate is full of dangerous surprises, like walls that lift to deploy giant fireballs and a mini Visorak launcher! Launch the catapult to try and drive the Visorak away. 2005 $39.99 325
8811 Toa Lhikan & Kikanalo 8811.png Toa Lhikan and the massive Kikanalo beast explode from BIONICLE 2: Legends of Metru Nui come to life in this exciting set! Lhikan, guardian of Metru Nui before the coming of the Toa Metru, carries two lava greatswords that can be combined to form a flying board or a shield. The Kikanalo is a mighty herd animal, whose stampedes are feared even by the evil Dark Hunters! Recreate your favorite scenes from the new movie with this set! 2004 $29.99 214
8892 Piraka Outpost 8892.png The evil Piraka are prepared to defend Voya Nui from their outposts around the island. But don't worry -- Toa Inika Jaller and Toa Inika Kongu are on their way to take it back! They're riding atop a giant Fenrakk Spawn Spider to capture the outpost and stop the Piraka! 2006 $29.99 211
8893 Lava Chamber Gate 8893.png The Lava Chamber Gate stands between the Toa Inika and the Mask of Life – but the Piraka got there first! The Toa must use zamor sphere launchers to try and hit the shields and bring the drawbridge crashing down. If they fail, the Piraka will steal the mask! 2006 $39.99 373
8894 Piraka Stronghold 8894.png The evil Piraka have built a massive stronghold in the center of Voya Nui. Here they produce their zamor spheres and hatch plans to steal the Mask of Life. But now, the Toa Inika have arrived and the battle for Voya Nui has begun! Zamor spheres fly as the Toa battle Piraka and a Fenrakk Spawn Spider in this deluxe battle set. Who will win this all-out battle? 2006 $74.99 648
8900 Reidak 8900.jpg Strongest of the Piraka, Reidak lives for destruction. His power to adapt after every defeat makes him virtually unstoppable! His infrared and thermal imaging vision lets him track down his enemies so he can send them to crushing defeat. His combination drill and buzz saw can turn solid ground to quicksand! 2006 $8.99 41
8901 Hakann 8901.png Enemies of Hakann never know just how he will defeat them - with heat vision, lava launcher, or devastating mental blasts. Hated by the other Piraka for his constant scheming, Hakann plans to eliminate them all and steal the Mask of Light for himself. 2006 $8.99 42
8902 Vezok 8902.png Nasty and vicious, Vezok's fury is always on the verge of exploding. In battle, he relies on a harpoon that pulls him through the water and a buzzsaw that hurls water daggers. His powerful impact vision and ability to absorb the powers of his enemies makes him a devastating opponent. 2006 $8.99 41
8903 Zaktan 8903.png Brilliant and ruthless, Zaktan is feared even by the other Piraka. His laser vision and three-pronged blade help him put down rebellions by the others as they search for the Mask of Life. The strangest and most mysterious Piraka, Zaktan alone may know the true secret of the zamor spheres. 2006 $8.99 41
8904 Avak 8904.png The most talented engineer among the Piraka, Avak can make a tool or weapon out of virtually anything. He can use his X-ray and telescopic vision to seek out foes and then create a perfect prison from thin air to hold them! If it comes to a fight, Avak can rely on his zamor sphere launcher and his seismic pickaxe/jackhammer combination. 2006 $8.99 41
8905 Thok 8905.png Thok's plan is simple - convince all the other Piraka he is on their side, and then betray them all! He has the power to bring inanimate objects to life to serve him and spellbinder vision to disorient a foe. If those fail, he relies on his ice peg and ice gun to freeze enemies and his zamor spheres to make them slaves. 2006 $8.99 42
8910 Toa Mahri Kongu 8910.png With his two Cordak revolving blasters, Kongu is ready to teach the Barraki the true meaning of crossfire. His Mask of Summoning lets him call sea creatures to his aid in the heat of battle, making him one of the most powerful Toa Mahri! 2007 $7.99 74
8911 Toa Mahri Jaller 8911.png The Toa Mahri of Fire is ready to burn his way through the Pit in the search for the Mask of Life! Armed with an aquatic power blade and aided by a Hahnah crab fitted with a Cordak blaster, Jaller can hit enemies from two directions at once. His Mask of Sonar lets him spot his foes before they approach! 2007 $7.99 68
8912 Toa Mahri Hewkii 8912.png Armed with his aqua warblade, Cordak blaster, and Mask of Gravity, Toa Hewkii challenges the Barraki in the fight for the universe. His electrified chains give off a charge powerful enough to stun a Takea shark -- but will they stop a Barraki? 2007 $9.99 62
8913 Toa Mahri Nuparu 8913.png From out of the shadows of the Pit swims Toa Mahri Nuparu to fight the evil Barraki! His aqua blaster blade sends shockwaves through the Pit, while his shield protects him from attack. Using his Mask of Stealth, Nuparu can move almost unseen, then fire his Cordak blaster at a foe! 2007 $9.99 59
8914 Toa Mahri Hahli 8910.png The Toa Mahri of Water is in her element in the depths of the ocean! Her six wing-like fins let her swim faster than anything underwater and her Mask of Kindred lets her mimic the powers of other sea creatures. Carrying a Cordak blaster and protosteel talons, Hahli is the true power in the sea. 2007 $9.99 59
8915 Toa Mahri Matoro 8915.png There's an icy chill in the water when Toa Mahri Matoro comes near! Armed with his twin cutter and Cordak revolving blaster, Matoro will battle his way to victory. His Mask of Reanimation lets him bring back the victims of the Barraki's armies to form a legion against them. 2007 $9.99 63
8916 Takadox 8916.png The slyest and most treacherous of the Barraki, Takadox relies on his hypnotize gaze, slashing blades, and sea squid launcher to conquer his enemies. Can the Toa hope to defeat this hideous villain? 2007 $9.99 62
8917 Kalmah 8917.png Cunning and brutal, Kalmah strikes fear into the hearts of the fiercest sea beasts. His tentacle can crush his foes, or he can use his sea squid launcher to drain their life force. The tentacles on the back of his head help him to sense surprise attacks before they happen. Commanding an army of giant squid, Kalmah may be impossible to stop! 2007 $9.99 53
8918 Carapar 8918.png The strongest of the Barraki, Carapar claws can crush or shred anything in his way. His armored shell makes him invulnerable to just about everything but electrical attack. Close in, and you are trapped in his claws -- stay away, and he will get you with his sea squid launcher. Either way, Carapar rules the sea! 2007 $9.99 50
8919 Mantax 8919.png The first thing you'll hear is the shifting of sand … then you'll feel his claws. With his spiked shell, vicious pincers, and sea squid launcher, Mantax hides on the sea floor waiting for his prey. By the time you've seen him, it's much too late! 2007 $9.99 58
8920 Ehlek 8920.png Enemies who think Ehlek is an easy target are in for a shocking surprise! If his sea squid launcher and claws are not enough to protect him, he can use his spines to send out electrical bolts at his opponents. With an army of venom eels at his command, Ehlek is out to destroy the city of Mahri Nui! 2007 $9.99 54
8921 Pridak 8921.png The deadliest and most ruthless of the Barraki warlords, Pridak rules through fear. With his shark like teeth and sea squid launcher, he leads his legions of Takea sharks against Mahri Nui and the Toa who dare defend it. 2007 $9.99 47
8922 Gadunka 8922.png Once, Gadunka was a tiny sea creature, until the power of the Mask of Life turned him into a razor-toothed monster! Now it is ready to challenge the Toa Mahri and the Barraki to claim its territory beneath the sea. 2007 $19.99 176
8923 Hydraxon 8923.png Hydraxon is the powerful armored figure assigned to guard the Pit and now he's after the Barraki! A master of every known weapon, he's armed with boomerangs, wrist knives and a Cordak blaster. Runners don't have a chance when Hydraxon's on their trail! 2007 $19.99 165
8924 Maxilos & Spinax 8924.png This robotic guardian of the Pit has been taken over by the evil Makuta as part of his ultimate plan to seize power in the universe. Aided by his energy hound, Spinax, Maxilos uses his twin-bladed black fire sword and shoulder-mounted Cordak blaster in battle. But whose side is he really on? 2007 $29.99 256
8925 Barraki Deepsea Patrol 8925.png The Barraki are searching the sea for the Mask of Life in their monstrous living patrol craft. When they spot a Toa Mahri in a transport pod, the battle is on! 2007 $29.99 228
8926 Toa Undersea Attack 8926.jpg The Toa Mahri return to the Pit inside a bizarre sea creature, arriving just in time to battle the Barraki and their frightening sea creature servants. It's all-out battle under the sea when these two forces clash. Cordak blaster really fires and comes with extra missiles! 2007 $49.99 401
8927 Toa Terrain Crawler 8927.png Returning from saving the Matoran of Mahri Nui in their Toa Terrain Crawler, the Toa Mahri are ambushed by the evil Barraki! Will the Toa Mahri survive or has their quest for the Mask of Life come to a horrible end? 2007 $69.99 674
8929 Defilak 8929.png A leader and inventor, Defilak leads a dangerous expedition to explore the waters of the Pit! But can even his cunning and wit save the Matoran of Mahri Nui from the unleashed Barraki? 2007 $4.99 37
8930 Dekar 8930.png An Po-Matoran aqua hunter, Dekar finds the Mask of Life only to lose it to the Barraki. A strong ally of the Toa Mahri, he will do anything to get the mask back! 2007 $4.99 37
8931 Thulox 8931.png One of a team of hydruka, native undersea creatures that serve the Matoran of Mahri Nui, Thulox's job is to harvest the fields of air. When threatened, he fires spheres of solidified air from his launcher! 2007 $4.99 39
8932 Morak 8932.png Like all hydruka, Morak is stubborn, bad-tempered, yet skilled at harvesting air bubbles from the fields of air. When threatened, he fires spheres of solidified air from his launcher! 2007 $4.99 39
8934 Squid Ammo 8934.png The Barraki rely on their hordes of vampiric sea squid to weaken their enemies! These special packs contain extra squid ammo for Barraki launchers, so the battle never ends. 2007 $1.99 7
8935 Nocturn 8935.png Nocturn is the warlord of Ehlek's underwater army and an expert in every form of deep-sea combat! With his glow-in-the-dark spines, head, shoulders and legs Nocturn attracts attention even in the darkest corners of the abyss. 2007 $14.99 116
8939 Lesovikk 8939.jpg A legendary hero of the past returns as Toa Lesovikk strikes in Mahri Nui! He's on a millennia-long quest for justice, and no one better get in his way! Armed with his air sword and his sea sled, he is ready for undersea action! 2007 $19.99 149
8940 Karzahni 8940.jpg The dreaded Karzahni, powerful ruler of his own realm, has traveled to the Pit in search of the Mask of Life. Can two brave Matoran, Sarda and Idris, hope to trap him and end his reign of fear? 2007 $39.99 373
8941 Rockoh T3 8941.png Packed with power, the Rockoh T3 can trap energy ships in an energy field or ram them out of the sky! Fold out the wings for flight, or fold them into for a power dive. 2008 $39.99 390
8942 Jetrax T6 8942.png Makuta Antroz has hijacked the Jetrax T6 and now flies it against the Toa Nuva! Open the cockpit to put him inside, then use the three powerful blasters mounted on the front to launch an attack. 2008 $49.99 422 Also available in a limited edition version with the same set number.
8943 Axalara T9 8943.png Lewa Nuva is ready for battle in this massively powerful battlecruiser! With dual Midak Skyblasters and tri-arms featuring lasers and force field generators, its mission is to smash the Brotherhood of Makuta while there's still time to save the universe! 2008 $79.99 693
8944 Tanma 8944.jpg The only member of his village to survive a shadow leech attack, Tanma is out for revenge on the Brotherhood of Makuta. With his twin power blades and rocket booster, he has what it takes to fight and win. 2008 $6.99 14
8945 Solek 8945.png An expert on the ancient legends of the Toa, Solek has always wanted to be a hero like them. Now he has the chance to fight alongside his idols! Fights with dual power blades and rocket booster. 2008 $6.99 14
8946 Photok 8946.png Taking crazy risks, Photok uses his twin power blades and rocket booster to prove he's as good as any Toa. 2008 $6.99 14
8947 Radiak 8947.jpg Once a great Matoran hero, Radiak now fights his former friends with wings, fangs and four wickedly sharp blades. 2008 $6.99 16
8948 Gavla 8948.png The first Matoran of Light to be corrupted by the Makuta, Gavla is out to avenge years of being shunned by her own people. 2008 $6.99 14
8949 Kirop 8949.png Once he was the leader of the Matoran in Karda Nui -- now he rules the evil Matoran who threaten their lives! Large claw blades and wings are his most formidable weapons. 2008 $6.99 14
8952 Mutran & Vican 8952.jpg Deep in the heart of a vast hive, evil Makuta Mutran and his servant Vican guard the shadow leech vats. With claws, blades, spears and armored wings, they are prepared to fight off any attack. 2008 $14.99 90
8953 Icarax 8953.jpg Icarax is the ultimate winged Makuta warrior! With his twin sword, rotating shadow blades, Mask of Shadow, and Tridax pod, he is ready to crush any Toa opponent! Can any power in the universe hope to stop him? 2008 $19.99 159
8954 Mazeka 8954.png Mazeka travels to Karda Nui on his Helryx Swamp Strider to strike for the Order of Mata Nui! This brave Matoran dares any danger to stop the evil Brotherhood of Makuta. His Midak skyblaster turret rotates 360 degrees and comes with 9 light spheres. Adjust the legs of the swamp strider, load your skyblaster and prepare for battle! 2008 $29.99 301
8972 Atakus 8972.png A servant of the evil Skrall, Atakus uses his twin swords to defend the city of Roxtus against any who might dare come near. Strong and fast, few can withstand more than one blow from his glow in the dark blades! 2009 $6.99 13
8973 Raanu 8973.png Raanu might seem harsh, but this village leader has to be tough to help the people of Vulcanus survive in a dangerous world. Armed with a fire blade and shield, Raanu is smart enough to know what it takes to win in the arena. 2009 $6.99 14
8974 Tarduk 8974.png Tarduk knows life is hard for his jungle tribe, but he sees that as just one more challenge to overcome. He uses his powerful claws and sharp spikes to defend himself as he searches the sands for ancient artifacts and lost treasures. 2009 $6.99 17
8975 Berix 8975.png A member of the water tribe, Berix is an expert at salvaging ruined equipment and patching it together. Equipped with a water sword and shield, he defends himself against any creatures that might be lurking in the sands. 2009 $6.99 15
8976 Metus 8976.png Fast-talking and smart, Metus dreams of finding a Glatorian to fight and win for his ice tribe in the Atero arena. Armed with an ice axe and shield, he searches Bara Magna for just such a fighter and is ready to meet any challenge! 2009 $6.99 14
8977 Zesk 8977.png A simple Agori villager, Zesk is little more than a beast. Relying on his four eyes to watch for danger and a scorpion-like tail for defense, he lurks beneath the sand and attacks any who pass through his earth tribe's territory! 2009 $6.99 16
8978 Skrall 8978.png A member of the savage rock tribe from northern Bara Magna, Skrall has proven to be the toughest and most dangerous Glatorian of all. Armed with a spiky Thornax launcher and a rotating, saw blade shield, he lives for battle and fears nothing! 2009 $12.99 50
8979 Malum 8979.png Exiled from his fire tribe for crimes in the arena, Malum wanders the wastes, challenging other Glatorian for his own gain. Armed with flame claws and a spiked Thornax launcher, he is the last being a Glatorian wants to meet! 2009 $12.99 59
8980 Gresh 8980.png An experienced Glatorian for the jungle tribe, Gresh combines incredible speed and agility with surprising strength. His favorite move is to back flip away from a blow and fire his spiked Thornax launcher in mid-air. A tough foe in any fight! 2009 $12.99 55
8981 Tarix 8981.png A brave fighter for the water tribe, Tarix wields twin water blades and a spiked Thornax launcher in the arena. He is one of the most experienced and respected Glatorian, and a fierce but fair foe in the arena. 2009 $12.99 57
8982 Strakk 8982.png Ruthless and ambitious, Strakk will do whatever he must to be named champion of all Glatorian. His ice axe and spiked Thornax launcher make him a dangerous opponent to turn your back on! 2009 $12.99 46
8983 Vorox 8983.png A primitive warrior of the bestial earth tribe, Vorox ambushes his foes using his stinger tail, sword, and spiked Thornax launcher. His fury makes him a terrible foe of any Glatorian who dares cross the deserts of Bara Magna! 2009 $12.99 51
8984 Stronius 8984.png A brutal warrior of the rock tribe, Stronius carries out the missions other Skrall warriors cannot. Clad in mighty armor and armed with a thorned club and spiked Thornax launcher, he is as fearsome as he is cruel. 2009 $12.99 55
8985 Ackar 8985.png Ackar has fought and won thousands of matches in the arena. Now he faces his greatest challenge: fighting alongside Mata Nui against the forces of the Skrall. His flame and spiked Thornax launcher will lead him on to victory! 2009 $12.99 55
8986 Vastus 8986.jpg Quick as a serpent, Vastus is a loyal fighter for the jungle village of Tesara. Skilled with any weapon, he is most dangerous with his paralyzing venom spear and spiked Thornax launcher. Challenge him in the arena at your own risk! 2009 $12.99 52
8987 Kiina 8987.png The most skilled female fighter in all of Bara Magna, Kiina wants nothing more than to get off this planet. Using her dual-headed vapor trident and spiked Thornax launcher, she fights beside Mata Nui for the chance at ultimate freedom. 2009 $12.99 43
8988 Gelu 8988.png Once a Glatorian of the ice tribe, Gelu now acts as an armed guard escorting Agori traders through the Dunes of Treason. Carrying an ice slicer and spiked Thornax launcher, he needs all his wits and skill to survive the dangers of the desert. 2009 $12.99 52
8989 Mata Nui 8989.png Trapped on a strange world and stripped of his great powers, Mata Nui must unite a planet to save it from a great evil. Armed with a spiked Thornax launcher, scarab shield, and the powerful Mask of Life, Mata Nui leads the fight for freedom on Bara Magna! 2009 $12.99 52
8990 Fero & Skirmix 8990.png The fierce hunter Fero rides across the desert sands on his rock steed Skirmix, searching for Glatorian to capture and bring back to the arena in Roxtus. Anyone who manages to avoid Fero's spiked Thornax launcher must deal with Skirmix's savage jaws and stinger tail! 2009 $19.99 148 Re-released in summer 2009 with different packaging.
8991 Tuma 8991.png Leading his rock tribe legions on a quest to conquer all of Bara Magna, Tuma is a massive warrior and master of the sword and spiked Thornax launcher. Cruel and warlike, Tuma will rule the planet or see it ground to dust. 2009 $19.99 148
8992 Cendox V1 8992.png Built to tear across the sand and into battle, the Cendox V1 has rear tracks, front blades, and powerful boosters to handle the dunes. An Arena winner, the Cendox V1 is armed with a spiked Thornax launcher and piloted by Crotesius of the fire tribe. 2009 $19.99 151
8993 Kaxium V3 8993.png Combining speed, maneuverability, and a spiked Thornax launcher, the Kaxium cycles are as distinctive as they are powerful. Scodonius can combine his side car with the main cycle, piloted by Kibraz, to make a more formidable battle machine. 2009 $29.99 251
8994 Baranus V7 8994.png The evil Sahmad steers the Baranus V7 into battle, pulled by a vicious, two-headed Spikit! Armed with a chain, whip and spiked Thornax launcher, Sahmad strikes fears into his opponents in the arena. 2009 $39.99 263
8995 Thornatus V9 8995.png Combining high speed with incredible power and heavy armor, the Thornatus V9 smashes through opposing vehicles. Piloted by Perditus, it is armed with four blasters and a spiked Thornax launcher. Vehicle unfolds for an extra burst of speed! 2009 $59.99 438
8996 Skopio XV-1 8996.png Combining the amazing fighting skills of a real Skopio scorpion with retractable treads, this vehicle can move on four legs or shift into a high speed tracked machine. Armed with blasters, a spiked Thornax launcher and moving pincers, the Skopio wanders the wasteland with its creator and pilot, Telluris, crushing all who oppose it! 2009 $89.99 849
8998 Toa Mata Nui 8998.png Exiled from his own universe, Mata Nui must fight to survive on the strange world of Bara Magna. A legendary hero, he is ready to battle for the freedom of the desert villages. 2009 $49.99 366
10023 Master Builder Set 10023.png Now you can build your own BIONICLE creatures to add to your adventures! This special BIONICLE Master Builder Set includes pieces and instructions for 15 creatures of Mata Nui – plus you can use the parts to build your own creations too! 2001 $12.99 113
10201 Takutanuva 10201.jpg ??? 2003 $49.99 399
10202 Ultimate Dume 10202.jpg This incredibly powerful being appears in Metru Nui's darkest hour. But is he the city's salvation or its doom? 2004 $49.99 555
10203 Voporak 10203.png Voporak has arrived on Metru Nui and he's hunting for the Mask of Time! This servant of the Dark Hunters has the power to age anything he touches and is virtually invulnerable to attack. He has a powerful Rhotuka spinner and his touch can age anyone and anything if he wills it to. 2005 $49.99 647
10204 Kardas Dragon 10204.png ??? 2006 $69.99 670
20005 Klakk 20005.jpg ??? 2008 Free 38
20012 Click 20012.jpg This scarabax beetle is an important ally of Mata Nui on the planet of Bara Magna. 2009 Free 33
70778 Protector of Jungle 70778.jpg Beware! The evil Skull Spider is mounting an attack deep in the jungle. Swoop to the defense of the Protectors’ village with the awesome Protector of Jungle, a sturdy, buildable figure featuring a dual-tone mask with pop-off trigger. Adjust the arms and legs to create fearsome battle poses. Then unleash the huge Air Elemental Flame Bow’s rapid shooter and send the Skull Spider scurrying for safety. 2015 $9.99 70
70779 Protector of Stone 70779.jpg Look out! The Skull Spider is lurking in the sand dunes near the Protectors’ desert village. Send out the mighty Protector of Stone to block the dangerous invader. Adjust the arms and legs of this durable figure for a variety of formidable battle poses. Whip up a vortex of sand with the giant Elemental Sandstorm Blaster and pin back the Skull Spider with the rapid shooter. Just don’t let this evil creature close enough to pop off that precious mask. 2015 $9.99 73
70780 Protector of Water 70780.jpg Watch out! The Skull Spider is trying to burst the bubbles of the Protectors’ underwater village. Blow this unwanted visitor out of the water with the Protector of Water’s rapid-shooting Elemental Torpedo Blaster. This robust figure, with BIONICLE® head and shell and 2 turbines, is built for action play, so don’t delay – intercept the evil foe before it grabs the mask and seizes power from the Protectors. 2015 $9.99 71
70781 Protector of Earth 70781.jpg Underground alert! The crystal mine is under attack from the Skull Spider. Spin the Protector of Earth’s powerful crystal Star Drill to bore through rock and confront the evil intruder. If the Skull Spider latches onto the Protector’s BIONICLE® head, it can pop the trigger and release the mask. Unleash the Elemental power of the rapid shooter to fend off the villain and keep control of the underground. 2015 $9.99 66
70782 Protector of Ice 70782.jpg Danger! The Skull Spider is leaping from a crack in the ice to attack the Protectors. Put the freeze on the evil intruder with the Protector of Ice’s rapid-shooting Elemental Ice Blaster. This mighty ice warrior with BIONICLE® head and shell is built for ferocious battles, so spin the awesome ice saw blade and take down the Skull Spider before it can pop off the mask. 2015 $9.99 68
70783 Protector of Fire 70783.jpg Emergency! The Protector of Fire is under attack from the Skull Spider emerging from the molten lava lake. This sturdy, highly posable figure is fully equipped for the heat of battle, so strike back with the flame swords and open fire with the rapid-shooting Elemental Fire Blaster. You must take down the thieving invader before it can pop off the Protector’s mask. 2015 $9.99 69
70784 Lewa - Master of Jungle 70784.jpg Match up against the evil Skull Spider with Lewa – Master of Jungle! Power up the dual-purpose X-glider to soar into the sky. When you spot the Skull Spider crawling from the ruins, swoop down to the ground and convert the X-glider into 2 massive battle axes. Prevent the thieving creature popping off Lewa’s mask using the 2 swords and turn the wheel to power up Lewa’s bashing battle arm. You must fight hard to protect the precious Golden Jungle Mask from the forces of evil. 2015 $14.99 85
70785 Pohatu - Master of Stone 70785.jpg Summon the awesome elemental power of Pohatu – Master of Stone to defeat the Skull Spider! Attach the convertible Jeterangs to the feet of this powerful, posable BIONICLE® figure and launch into the sky. When you locate the Skull Spider, transform the Jeterangs into 2 huge Stormerang weapons and get ready to battle for the Golden Mask of Stone. Resist all attempts to pop off Pohatu’s mask, and activate the bashing battle arm to send the Skull Spider flying! 2015 $14.99 66
70786 Gali - Master of Water 70786.jpg Gear up for an epic underwater duel to claim the precious Golden Mask of Water! Attach the shark fins to the feet of Gali – Master of Water and dive deep to the ancient ruins in the oceanic crater. Connect the fins to the harpoon to create a powerful elemental trident to attack the Skull Spider. Activate the battle arm to fend off its attempts to pop off Gali’s mask. The all-powerful Golden Mask simply must be safeguarded from evil forces 2015 $14.99 87
70787 Tahu - Master of Fire 70787.jpg Heat up the BIONICLE® action with Tahu – Master of Fire! Attach the lava surfboard to the feet of this powerful, posable figure and surf into the volcanic crater in adrenalin mode. Then turn the surfboard into 2 awesome elemental fire blades ready for combat. Activate the bashing battle arm to swipe away the Skull Spider’s attempts to pop off Tahu’s mask and get to the magical Golden Mask first. 2015 $19.99 89
70788 Kopaka - Master of Ice 70788.jpg Prepare for a chilling mountaintop conflict with Kopaka – Master of Ice! Watch out for the Skull Spider crawling from the snow, trying to pop off Kopaka’s mask. Adjust the arms and legs of this heavily armored figure to create fearsome battle poses. Fend off the evil creature’s attacks with the frost shield, bashing battle arm and the mighty Elemental Ice Spear. Get to the precious Golden Mask first then convert the shield into avalanche skis to escape. 2015 $19.99 97
70789 Onua - Master of Earth 70789.jpg Dig deep with Onua – Master of Earth to claim the mystical Golden Mask! This durable, highly posable figure with 4 golden BIONICLE® shells and bashing battle arm is fully geared up for underground combat against the Skull Spider. Burrow underground with the turbo shovelers while evading the evil Skull Spider’s efforts to pop off Onua’s mask. Then convert his turbo shovelers into a massive earthquake hammer, the only tool powerful enough to break through to the Golden Mask. 2015 $19.99 108
70790 Lord of Skull Spiders 70790.jpg Patrol the entrance to the ancient city with the monstrous Lord of Skull Spiders! Protectors wanting to unlock the secrets of the city will have to get past this evil-eyed, 6-legged creature first. And the Lord of Skull Spiders has its own secret weapon – pull the rear lever to grip and crush anyone who gets too close! Combine with buildable LEGO® BIONICLE® Protector and Master sets for thrilling good vs. evil battles. 2015 $14.99 145
70791 Skull Warrior 70791.jpg Put the freeze on intruders to the ancient city with the ferocious Skull Warrior! Repel approaching LEGO® BIONICLE® heroes by unleashing six successive shots from the huge Freeze Bow rapid shooter. Activate the battle bash function and overcome any opponent in close combat. Rip off their masks with the hook blade and channel their elemental power to awaken more of the Skull Warrior’s undead comrades! 2015 $14.99 102
70792 Skull Slicer 70792.jpg Patrol the ruins of the ancient arena with the menacing Skull Slicer! This ancient champion has been animated by the dark magic of the Skull Spider Mask, fusing him with his razor-sharp hook blades. Create fearsome combat poses and turn the wheel on Skull Slicer’s back to activate the 4 battle arms all at once. Use the hook blades to rip off masks and pick them up with the mask grabber. Any LEGO® BIONICLE® hero wanting to pass through the arena will have to get past this wicked warrior first! 2015 $14.99 71
70793 Skull Basher 70793.jpg Stand guard at the gate to the Temple of Creation with the mighty Skull Basher! This fearsome warrior, created by Skull Grinder, is armed with 2 giant hook axes and is ready to use them to intercept anyone who tries to get in. Press the trigger on its back to activate the battle bash function and chop off invaders’ masks. LEGO® BIONICLE® heroes must not underestimate this brute’s awesome power! 2015 $14.99 72
70794 Skull Scorpio 70794.jpg Enter the dark burial ground of the ancient city to search for lost masks of power with Skull Scorpio! This evil creation of Skull Grinder is a fierce enemy for anyone who gets in its way. If you encounter LEGO® BIONICLE® heroes underground, press the trigger on the tail to unleash the stinger with hook blades. Then pick up their elemental masks in the gripping pincers to give Skull Scorpio even more poisonous power! 2015 $14.99 107
70795 Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder 70795.jpg Begin the ultimate battle between good and evil with LEGO® BIONICLE® Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder! Join forces with Ekimu, the wise Mask Maker, to prevent Skull Grinder from taking the powerful Mask of Creation. Activate the battle arm functions and let combat commence! Evade the Mask Stealer Staff as the evil Lord of the Skulls tries to knock off Mask Maker’s special Protector Mask. Defend with the rotating saw shield and attack with the Hammer of Power’s rapid shooter. You must use all of the Mask Maker’s magical skills to triumph over this evil foe! 2015 $29.99 171
71300 Uxar - Creature of Jungle 71300.png Boom! Feel the shockwave as Uxar Creature of Jungle powers up the sonic crystal wings! Fly to safety and avoid falling into the clutches of the shadow trap, sent out by the evil Umarak the Hunter. Will the heroic Toa unite with the ancient creatures roaming the jungles of Okoto? 2016 $9.99 89
71301 Ketar - Creature of Stone 71301.png On the island’s barren landscapes, a deadly trap lies in the shadows ready to pounce! Use the crystal claw blades to destroy the shadow trap, and push it over the edge of the towering cliffs. Forge a mystical link with the heroic Toa, who has been sent to Okoto to rescue the islanders! 2016 $9.99 80
71302 Akida - Creature of Water 71302.png Fire the torpedo shooters at the shadow trap as it chases you through the water. In the mythical LEGO® BIONICLE® universe, the ancient beasts of raw elemental force must not fall prey to Umarak the Shadow Hunter and his army shadow traps! Find refuge and await the heroic Toa. 2016 $9.99 120
71303 Ikir - Creature of Fire 71303.png Things are getting too hot for comfort on the island of Okoto! Swoop in with powerful fire crystal wings and defeat the shadow trap, released by Umarak the Shadow Hunter. Fend off the shadow trap’s ferocious attack with lethal fiery claws! Will the creature escape and be tamed by the heroic Toa, and unite to create an invincible force? 2016 $9.99 77
71304 Terak - Creature of Earth 71304.png Terak Creature of Earth is a rock-solid fighting machine! Sharpen the crystal claws and prepare for combat against the shadow trap hidden deep underground. Quickly dig yourself out of any hole if the trap attacks! 2016 $9.99 74
71305 Lewa - Uniter of Jungle 71305.png Slash a path through overgrown forests with the dual razor crystal blades. Wear the Unity Mask of Jungle to unleash extra elemental powers with the dual razor crystal blades! Find and tame the elemental creatures living among Okoto’s temple ruins to become invincible! 2016 $14.99 79
71306 Pohatu - Uniter of Stone 71306.png Unbreakable Pohatu Uniter of Stone fearlessly leads the way through Okoto’s wastelands! Cross craters, cliffs, desert canyons and deadly sandstorms to locate the island’s elemental creatures. Wear the Unity Mask of Stone to boost your fighting skills! 2016 $14.99 90
71307 Gali - Uniter of Water 71307.png Turn the tide of the battle, and rise up against Umarak the Hunter and his army. Cross raging oceans to unite with the ancient creatures, protect the islanders, and stand up for justice for all who live on Okoto! 2016 $14.99 87
71308 Tahu - Uniter of Fire 71308.png Hot-tempered Tahu Uniter of Fire is wading through rivers of molten lava. Get fired up and uncover the mysterious elemental creatures—gain the power to fly and burn your enemies from the sky! Outsmart the evil Umarak the Hunter and save the islanders from danger. 2016 $19.99 132
71309 Onua - Uniter of Earth 71309.png Drill through the jagged tunnels of Okoto! Gentle giant Onua Uniter of Earth can earn respect from the other Toa with his wisdom and guidance—when he’s not keeping them awake with his deafening snoring! Dig shortcuts under the mountains of Okoto and team up with island’s creatures to take on the evil Umarak! 2016 $14.99 143
71310 Umarak the Hunter 71310.png Let the chase begin! Umarak the Hunter has sent out his army of shadow traps to lure the elemental creatures into danger! Will he also find the Golden Mask of Control and use its mind-bending powers to defeat the brave Toa? Fire the bone hunting bow shooter with poison arrows! Umarak the Hunter is unlike anything his opponents have faced before! 2016 $19.99 172
71311 Kopaka and Melum - Unity set 71311.png Power up Kopaka Uniter of Ice with Melum Creature of Ice for extra cool powers! By uniting, you will create an invincible Toa and boost your chances of defeating the evil Umarak the Hunter and his minions. 2016 $24.99 171
71312 Ekimu the Mask Maker 71312.jpg Ekimu has used the Mask of Creation to build powerful armor, and has regained some of his old strength. Swing the mighty Crystal Hammer as you join the heroic Toa in the battle against Umarak the Destroyer and the Elemental Beasts. Fend off their infectious attacks with the Crystal Saw Shield, and save the islanders of Okoto. 2016 $14.99 94
71313 Lava Beast 71313.jpg The Lava Beast has been summoned from the dark depths of the island of Okoto to help Umarak the Destroyer fight the Toa. Tahu Uniter of Fire has lost his Unity Mask to the monstrous creature, who can now control fire and use it against his enemies. Launch aerial attacks on the LEGO® BIONICLE® heroes using the lava crystal wings, swipe at them with the slicing lava blades, but dodge their blows that can pop-off his mask! 2016 $14.99 114
71314 Storm Beast 71314.jpg Summoned from deep beneath Okoto's oceans, the Storm Beast can create thunderstorms at will. Kopaka the Uniter of Ice has lost his Unity Mask to the villainous creature, who can now control the elements against his enemies. Cause lightning to strike more than once! Zap any LEGO® BIONICLE® hero who approaches, or swipe at them with the mighty battle tail. Leap out of the water to take enemies by surprise, but avoid the Toas' blows that will pop off the Storm Beast's mask! 2016 $14.99 109
71315 Quake Beast 71315.jpg Umarak the Destroyer has called on the Quake Beast to help him defeat the Toa. Turn the wheel to activate the punching battle arm, and use the crystal fists to hammer the ground to start an earthquake! Dig into the ground with the powerful claws to set an ambush! Spread fear across the villages of Okoto, but watch for the LEGO® BIONICLE® heroes and their swinging punches that will pop off the Quake Beast's mask! 2016 $14.99 102
71316 Umarak the Destroyer 71316.jpg Corrupted by the Mask of Control, Umarak the Destroyer is now summoning an enemy of Elemental Beasts to wage war on the LEGO® BIONICLE® heroes. Open the claws wide to grab enemies and crush them! This ancient creature will destroy and corrupt everything in its path! 2016 $24.99 191
601601 Scorpion 75px ??? 2016 Free ???
601602 Ekimu's Hawk 75px ??? 2016 Free ???
5002941 Hero Pack 5002941.jpg Join the elemental masters and protectors in the BIONICLE® universe with this awesome Hero Pack! Check out the translucent orange mask and build the evil Skull Spider. Also includes a sticker sheet, booklet with comic strip/character line-up and a cool double-sided poster featuring the precious masks and an island map. Makes an ideal gift for fans of LEGO® BIONICLE building sets. 2016 Free 9
5002942 "Villain Pack" 5002942.jpg N/A 2016 Free 15
5004409 "Accessory Pack" 5004409.jpg N/A 2016 Free 6

Gear and Accessories

Gear and Accessories comprise items such as watches and keychains that may or may not include buildable elements, as well as supplementary sets that did not see a wide release.

Set Number Name Picture Product Description Year Released MSRP Piece Count Notes
1701 Pen Pack Gali 75px N/A 2001 ??? ???
1702 Pen Pack Kopaka 75px N/A 2001 ??? ???
1703 Pen Pack Lewa 75px N/A 2001 ??? ???
1704 Pen Pack Onua 75px N/A 2001 ??? ???
1705 Pen Pack Pohatu 75px N/A 2001 ??? ???
1706 Pen Pack Tahu 75px N/A 2001 ??? ???
1708 Limited Edition Pen 75px N/A 2001 ??? ???
1715 Pen Gahlok 75px N/A 2002 ??? ???
1716 Pen Kohrok 75px N/A 2002 ??? ???
1717 Pen Lehvak 75px N/A 2002 ??? ???
1718 Pen Nuhvok 75px N/A 2002 ??? ???
1719 Pen Pahrak 75px N/A 2002 ??? ???
1720 Pen Tahnok 75px N/A 2002 ??? ???
1721 Gali Nuva Pen 75px N/A 2002 ??? ???
1722 Kopaka Nuva Pen 75px N/A 2002 ??? ???
1723 Lewa Nuva Pen 75px N/A 2002 ??? ???
1724 Onua Nuva Pen 75px N/A 2002 ??? ???
1725 Pohatu Nuva Pen 75px N/A 2002 ??? ???
1726 Tahu Nuva Pen 75px N/A 2002 ??? ???
1738 Nuju Pen 75px N/A 2004 ??? ???
1739 Vakama Pen 75px N/A 2004 ??? ???
1740 Nokama Pen 75px N/A 2004 ??? ???
3503 Carabiner Pen 75px N/A 2005 ??? ???
7382 BIONICLE Watch 75px Now you can help the Toa in the quest to defeat the dangerous Rahi with this awesome BIONICLE watch. The watch face can be adapted to hold Tahu's mask. Includes 24 links in 4 colors you can mix and match to create your own style band. Additional features: water resistant to 30m/100 ft, non-allergenic, guaranteed 2 year battery life. 2006 $19.99 ???
7397 BIONICLE Clock 7397.jpg This cool clock looks great in kids' rooms! Plus LEGO elements on the top let you build a clock into your LEGO creations. Features include alarm, night light, and two collectable BIONICLE masks. 2006 ??? ???
60230 Cartridge Pen 75px N/A 2007 ??? 1
12028 Toa Small School Bag Set 75px N/A 2008 ??? 1
12038 Toa Large School Bag Set 75px N/A 2008 ??? 1
12088 Toa Pencil Case 75px N/A 2008 ??? 1
253257 Towel 75px N/A 2005 ??? 1
850651 Key Chain 75px N/A 2004 ??? 1
850652 Key Chain 75px N/A 2004 ??? 1
851056 Carry Case 75px Now it's even easier than ever to carry your stationary around! [...] BIONICLE elements make up the handle and the back shows BIONICLE Metru Nui! 2004 ??? 1
851063 Key Chain 75px N/A 2004 ??? 1
851098 Key Chain 75px N/A 2004 ??? 1
851167 Key Chain 75px N/A 2004 ??? 1
851441 Vakama Mask 75px N/A 2005 ??? 1
851442 Nokama Mask 75px N/A 2005 ??? 1
851591 Piraka Ball Shooter 75px N/A 2007 ??? 1
851875 Sword Takadox 75px N/A 2007 ??? 1
851876 Takadox Mask 75px N/A 2007 ??? 1
851877 Barraki Pump Action Water Gun 75px N/A 2007 ??? 1
851878 Splashy Barraki Squid 75px N/A 2007 ??? 1
851962 Key Chain 75px N/A 2006 ??? 1
851974 BIONICLE Stationery Set 75px N/A 2007 ??? 1
851975 Toa Mahri Dart Shooter 75px N/A 2007 ??? 1
851976 Lenticular BIONICLE Notebook 75px N/A 2007 ??? 1
852053 Barraki Children's T-shirt 75px N/A 2007 ??? 1
852054 Ehlek Children's T-shirt 75px N/A 2007 ??? 1
852171 Phantoka Spheres Shooter 75px N/A 2007 ??? 1
852172 Phantoka T-shirt 75px N/A 2007 ??? 1
852279 Phantoka Spheres Shooter Accessory Pack 75px N/A 2007 ??? 1
852318 Phantoka Backpack 75px N/A 2007 ??? 1
852319 Phantoka Alu Drinking Bottle 75px N/A 2007 ??? 1
852323 Phantoka Wallet 75px N/A 2007 ??? 1
852494 T-shirt 75px N/A 2008 ??? 1
852495 Foam Ice Sword 75px N/A 2008 ??? 1
852496 Ball Shooter 75px N/A 2008 ??? 1
852497 Backpack 75px N/A 2008 ??? 1
852498 Cap 75px N/A 2008 ??? 1
852695 Classic Pencil Case and Stationery Set 75px N/A 2008 ??? 1
852760 T-shirt 75px N/A 2008 ??? 1
4193352 Tahu Nuva Watch 75px Telling time just got more fun with the new BIONICLE watch! This amazing watch features multiple links in various colors you can mix and match to build your own watchband. Face features the BIONICLE logo and symbol. Additional features include: water resistant to 30m/100ft, non-allergenic, guaranteed 2 year battery life. 2003 $24.99 ???
4193353 Tahu Nuva Clock 75px The Toa Nuva of fire is ready to make sure you get up on time! This awesome BIONICLE clock features Tahu Nuva's Mask of Power and magma swords. LEGO elements on the top let you build the clock into your LEGO creations. Features include alarm and night light. 2003 ??? ???
4179693 Bohrok Watch 75px N/A 2002 ??? ???
4185823 Key Chain 75px N/A 2002 $3.99 1
4215789 Rahkshi Watch 4215789.jpg Now you can be a part of the Rahkshi swarm with this cool BIONICLE watch! The watch face can be adapted to hold a Rahkshi mask. Mix and match the links to create your own style band. Additional features: water resistant/ splash proof to 30m/100 ft, non-allergenic, guaranteed 2 year battery life. 2003 ??? ???
4237176 Bohrok Shield 75px Look out for your opponents and use this Bionicle shield to defend yourself. 2003 ??? 1
4271003 Toa Hordika Watch 4271003.jpg N/A 2005 ??? ???
4285303 BIONICLE Clock 75px N/A 2005 ??? ???
4293263 Piraka Ball Shooter 75px N/A 2006 ??? ???
4294187 Piraka Keyring with Light 75px N/A 2006 ??? ???
4490471 Piraka Ball Shooter Accessory Pack 75px N/A 2006 ??? ???
4493784 Sword Toa Inika 75px N/A 2006 ??? ???
4499344 School Rucksack 75px N/A 2006 ??? ???
4499347 Air Light School Rucksack 75px N/A 2006 ??? ???
4499351 Pencil Case with Pencils 75px N/A 2006 ??? ???
4499355 Pencil Case 75px N/A 2006 ??? ???
4499357 Gym Bag 75px N/A 2006 ??? ???
4499358 Wallet 75px N/A 2006 ??? ???
4505914 Piraka Duvet Set 75px N/A 2006 ??? ???
4507040 Elastic Watch 75px N/A 2006 ??? ???
K2356 Bedcover Toa Hordika Size 1 UK 75px Let the Toa Hordika guard your bed with this great, full-colour BIONICLE bedcover! A perfect gift for the BIONICLE fan in your life. Duvet cover measures 140 x 200 cm and pillowcase measures 50 x 75 cm. 2006 ??? ???
K2357 Bedcover Toa Hordika Size 2 CE 75px Let the Toa Hordika guard your bed with this great, full-colour BIONICLE bedcover! A perfect gift for the BIONICLE fan in your life. Duvet cover measures 140 x 200 cm and pillowcase measures 80 x 80 cm. 2006 ??? ???
KC584 Key Chain 75px This awesome keychain features the BIONICLE logo and the Matoran "Unity, Duty, Destiny" symbol. Show the world you're ready for adventure on Mata Nui! 2001 ??? 1
M7101 Kopaka Mask for Bionicle Sneakers 75px This Kanohi Akaku, the Great Mask of X-Ray Vision, is designed to fit on your BIONICLE shoe from Nike®! Collect them all! 2003 $9.95 1
M7201 Pohatu Mask for Bionicle Sneakers 75px This Kanohi Kakama, the Great Mask of Speed, is designed to fit on your BIONICLE shoe from Nike®! Collect them all! 2003 $9.95 1
M7601 Tahu Mask for Bionicle Sneakers 75px This Kanohi Hau, the Great Mask of Shielding, is designed to fit on your BIONICLE shoe from Nike®! Collect them all! 2003 $9.95 1
S9035 Mesh Sport Sneaker 75px ??? 2007 ??? 1
S9011 Onua Sandal 75px You're ready for summer BIONICLE® fun in these cool new sandals from Nike®! A black Kanohi Pakari mask fits over each sandal (1 pair included) -- and you can even swap it with the masks on your Nike BIONICLE sneakers. Sandals feature the high quality you expect from BIONICLE and Nike. Perfect for the park, the beach, or anywhere your adventures take you! 2003 $35.00 1
TS26 Piraka T-Shirt 75px This awesome new t-shirt features the most dreaded of evil Piraka -- Hakann, the treacherous raider! The fearsome new BIONICLE villain defeats enemies with with heat vision, lava launcher or devastating mental blasts, and now you can harness his power with this high quality, colorful shirt! 2006 ??? 1
TS40 Toa Nuparu Long Sleeve T-Shirt 75px Send the Piraka running in fear when you wear this awesome Toa Inika t-shirt! Long sleeve, dark grey shirt features Toa Nuparu with lit laser drill. 2006 $19.99 1
TS59 Barraki Kalmah T-shirt 75px The evil Barraki called Kalmah brandishes his powerful tentacles and fires his squid launcher on this white BIONICLE® short-sleeve T-shirt with red trim. 2006 $14.99 1


Media includes products such as Books and CDs that were assigned an official LEGO set number, typically to sell directly through Lego's Shop @ Home website.

Set Number Name Picture Product Description Year Released MSRP Piece Count Notes
5781 LEGO BIONICLE: The Legend of Mata Nui BIONICLE The Legend of Mata Nui Box Art.png The island of Mata Nui and all its people are doomed – unless one brave villager can find the missing Toa stones! Solve puzzles and overcome challenges through more than 20 exciting levels, for up to six players. 2001 ??? 1
5782 LEGO BIONICLE: Tales of the Tohunga BIONICLE Quest for the Toa.png The island of Mata Nui and all its people are doomed – unless one brave villager can find the missing Toa stones! Solve puzzles and overcome challenges through more than 20 exciting levels, for up to six players. 2001 ??? 1
8546 Power Pack Power Pack.PNG These songs, inspired by the BIONICLE universe, can be enjoyed on their own or as the background for a Toa adventure.
In the "PowerPack", you will find: One 3-track music CD single with cool music composed by Universal Music especially for use with BIONICLE; One silver-colored plastic mask (Kanohi Rua) for the Toa; One Villager named Hafu; and One map of the Island of Mata Nui that you can put up on your wall.
[citation needed]
2001 $14.99 10
14554 BIONICLE: Matoran Adventures 75px Mata Nui is in danger -- and only the Matoran can save the day! Dodge traps, solve puzzles, and challenge the most powerful creatures on the island in this exciting new game for GameBoy Advance®. Challenge the Bohrok, Bahrag, and Rahi! Master Matoran throwing disks! Play as your favorite Matoran, and get help from wise and powerful Turaga! The fate of Mata Nui depends on you. 2002 ??? 1
26374 Bohrok Swarm Trading Card Game: Blue Pack 75px This new BIONICLE deck includes Toa, Turaga and Bohrok cards, 2 Toa masks, an ancient map of Mata Nui, Mission cards, and much much more! 2002 ??? ???
26377 Bohrok Swarm Trading Card Game: Red Pack 75px This new BIONICLE deck includes Toa, Turaga and Bohrok cards, 2 Toa masks, an ancient map of Mata Nui, Mission cards, and much much more! 2002 ??? ???
26379 Bohrok Swarm Trading Card Game: Green Pack 75px This new BIONICLE deck includes Toa, Turaga and Bohrok cards, 2 Toa masks, an ancient map of Mata Nui, Mission cards, and much much more! 2002 ??? ???
4151847 BIONICLE: Quest for the Masks 75px Now you can live the Toa's quest for the Masks in the BIONICLE Trading Card Game! Challenge your friends as you compete to see who will survive the perils of Mata Nui and gather the Kanohi Masks. Collect all three Toa Theme Decks (each deck sold separately). Each game includes Toa, Tohunga and Turaga cards, 2 BIONICLE masks, ancient map of Mata Nui, Great Mask cards and much more. 2001 ??? ???
4151848 BIONICLE: Quest for the Masks 75px Now you can live the Toa's quest for the Masks in the BIONICLE Trading Card Game! Challenge your friends as you compete to see who will survive the perils of Mata Nui and gather the Kanohi Masks. Collect all three Toa Theme Decks (each deck sold separately). Each game includes Toa, Tohunga and Turaga cards, 2 BIONICLE masks, ancient map of Mata Nui, Great Mask cards and much more. 2001 ??? ???
4151849 BIONICLE: Quest for the Masks 75px Now you can live the Toa's quest for the Masks in the BIONICLE Trading Card Game! Challenge your friends as you compete to see who will survive the perils of Mata Nui and gather the Kanohi Masks. Collect all three Toa Theme Decks (each deck sold separately). Each game includes Toa, Tohunga and Turaga cards, 2 BIONICLE masks, ancient map of Mata Nui, Great Mask cards and much more. 2001 ??? ???
G1754 BIONICLE: The Quest Game BIONICLE- The Quest Game.PNG The evil Piraka are searching Voya Nui for the Mask of Life -- can the Toa Inika find it first? Challenge your friends in a race for the mask in this exciting new BIONICLE board game. Play as any of the six Toa Inika and challenge the dangers of Voya Nui and the monstrous Hakann. But watch out -- other players may work together to try to stop you! 2006 ??? ???
GBA685 BIONICLE: Maze of Shadows 75px N/A 2002 ??? ???
K26374 Bohrok Swarm Trading Card Game 75px N/A 2002 ??? ???
KB058 BIONICLE Legends Gift Set 2 75px Diese drei aufregenden BIONICLE-Bücher erzählen die Abenteuer der Toa Inika in ihrem Kampf gegen die bösen Piraka. 2006 ??? 3
KB608 BIONICLE Legends Gift Set 75px Buy Legends #1-3 as a set and save! This collection from the newest BIONICLE book series makes a great gift for any BIONICLE fan! 2006 $12.99 3


Collections packaged together multiple sets, and often included bonus items like collectibles. These differ from larger sets that combined smaller ones to create new characters (such as 3287 Takutanuva or 10204 Kardas Dragon), and were frequently made for region-specific markets.

Set Number Name Picture Product Description Year Released MSRP Piece Count Notes
65025 BIONICLE Mata Nui Collector Pack 65021.jpg ??? 2001 ??? 188
65071 Lehvak + Pahrak 65071.jpg ??? 2002 ??? ???
65109 "Bohrok 3-Pack" 1 65109.jpg ??? 2002 ??? ???
65110 "Bohrok 3-Pack" 2 65110.jpg ??? 2002 ??? ???
65127 "Bohrok 3-Pack" 3 75px ??? 2002 ??? ???
65128 "Bohrok 3-Pack" 4 75px ??? 2002 ??? ???
65186 "Bohrok 3-Pack" 5 65186.jpg ??? 2002 ??? ???
65229 "Rahkshi 3-Pack" 1 65229.jpg ??? 2003 ??? ???
65230 "Rahkshi 3-Pack" 2 65230.jpg ??? 2003 ??? ???
65258 Power Chamber 65258.jpg ??? 2003 ??? ???
65277 "Rahkshi Kaita Za Pack" 65277.jpg ??? 2003 ??? ???
65295 "2003 Matoran Twin Pack" 1 65295.jpg ??? 2003 ??? ???
65296 "2003 Matoran Twin Pack" 2 65296.jpg ??? 2003 ??? ???
65297 "2003 Matoran Twin Pack" 3 65297.jpg ??? 2003 ??? ???
65460 Co-Pack B 75px ??? 2004 ??? ???
65461 Co-Pack A 75px ??? 2004 ??? ???
65466 BIONICLE Co-Pack A 75px ??? 2004 ??? ???
65467 BIONICLE Co-Pack B 75px ??? 2004 ??? ???
65468 BIONICLE Co-Pack C 65468.jpg ??? 2004 ??? ???
65503 Matoran/Kanoka Co-Pack B 75px ??? 2004 ??? ???
65504 Matoran/Kanoka Co-Pack C 75px ??? 2004 ??? ???
65514 BIONICLE Vahki/Matoran Co-Pack A 75px ??? 2004 ??? ???
65515 BIONICLE Vahki/Matoran Co-Pack B 75px ??? 2004 ??? ???
65545 BIONICLE Co-Pack 75px ??? 2004 ??? ???
65547 Co-Pack 3 Items 75px ??? 2004 ??? ???
65548 Vahki 3-Pack Non-Clamshell A 75px ??? 2004 ??? ???
65549 Vahki 3-Pack Non-Clamshell B 65549.jpg ??? 2004 ??? ???
65716 BIONICLE Exclusive 75px ??? 2004 ??? ???
65738 Visorak Tri-Pack A 75px ??? 2004 ??? ???
65739 Visorak Tri-Pack B 75px ??? 2004 ??? ???
65748 Lhikan DVD, Italy 75px ??? 2004 ??? ???
65749 Lhikan DVD, Spain 75px ??? 2004 ??? ???
65750 Lhikan DVD, Portugal 75px ??? 2004 ??? ???
65757 Exclusive BIONICLE Co-Pack 75px ??? 2004 ??? ???
65808 BIONICLE Co-Pack w/Sword 65808.jpg ??? 2005 ??? ???
65813 BIONICLE Gold Toa Co-Pack w/Sword 65813.jpg ??? 2005 ??? ???
65829 BIONICLE Toa Lhikan & Sidorak Co-Pack 75px ??? 2005 ??? ???
65830 BIONICLE Cans 75px ??? 2005 ??? ???
66131 Matoran Co-Pack 75px ??? 2006 ??? ???
66147 Inika Co-Pack A 75px ??? 2006 ??? ???
66148 Inika Co-Pack B 75px ??? 2006 ??? ???
66157 "Piraka Tri-Pack A" 75px ??? 2006 ??? ???
66158 "Piraka Tri-Pack B" 75px ??? 2006 ??? ???
66170 Co-Pack 8733+8727 75px ??? 2006 ??? ???
66187 Tripack 75px ??? 2007 ??? ???
66207 "Gift Set" 66207.jpg ??? 2006 ??? ???
66235 BIONICLE Co-Pack 75px ??? 2007 ??? ???
66272 Costco Co-Pack A 75px ??? 2008 ??? ???
66273 Costco Co-Pack B 75px ??? 2008 ??? ???
66274 Costco Co-Pack C 75px ??? 2008 ??? ???
66333 Costco Co-Pack A 75px ??? 2009 ??? ???
66334 Costco Co-Pack B 75px ??? 2009 ??? ???
66335 Costco Co-Pack C 75px ??? 2009 ??? ???
2853303 Glatorian Legends Collection 2853303.jpg Send the Glatorian to fight alongside Mata Nui against the Skrall! Collect all six Glatorian LEGENDS for the ultimate match in the arena. 2009 $77.94 309
4228383 WoolWorth's Exclusive BIONICLE Kit 4228383.jpg 2003 Free ???
5004459 Protector of Fire Power-up 75px ??? 2015 ??? ???
5004462 Protector of Ice Power-up 75px ??? 2015 ??? ???
5004463 Protector of Jungle Power-up 75px ??? 2015 ??? ???
5004465 Protector of Stone Power-up 75px ??? 2015 ??? ???
5004466 Protector of Earth Power-up 75px ??? 2015 ??? ???
5004467 Protector of Water Power-up 75px ??? 2015 ??? ???
K4868 Rahaga Collection K4868.jpg Collect all six Rahaga, the strange new allies of the Toa Hordika! 2005 ??? ???
K8533 Find the Power Kit K8533.jpg ??? 2001 ??? ???
K8563 Bohrok Swarm Kit K8563.jpg ??? 2002 ??? ???
K8566 Toa Nuva Hero Kit K8566.jpg ??? 2002 ??? ???
K8572 Toa Nuva Collection K8572.jpg ??? 2002 ??? ???
K8573 Bohrok-Kal Kit K8573.jpg ??? 2003 ??? ???
K8578 Ultimate Bohrok-Kal Kit K8578.jpg ??? 2003 ??? ???
K8586 Matoran Villagers Kit K8586.jpg ??? 2003 ??? ???
K8587 Panrahk and Kurahk K8587.jpg ??? 2003 ??? ???
K8588 Ultimate Rahkshi Kit K8588.jpg ??? 2003 ??? ???
K8590 Rahkshi Kaita Vo Kit K8590.jpg ??? 2003 ??? ???
K8591 Panrahk and Vorahk K8591.jpg ??? 2003 ??? ???
K8592 Rahkshi Kaita Za Kit K8592.jpg ??? 2003 ??? ???
K8596 Takutanuva Kit 3287 Takutanuva.png When the Toa of Light and Makuta merge, they form the most powerful being ever to walk Mata Nui: Takutanuva! Build this amazing being from BIONICLE: The Mask of Light and create your own BIONICLE adventures. 2003 $49.98 398
K8605 Toa Metru Collection I K8605.jpg ??? 2004 ??? ???
K8606 Toa Metru Collection II K8606.jpg ??? 2004 ??? ???
K8612 Metru Nui Matoran Kit K8612.jpg ??? 2004 ??? ???
K8614 Vahki Collection K8614.jpg ??? 2004 ??? ???
K8615 Vahki Enforcers Kit K8615.jpg ??? 2004 ??? ???
K8685 Phantoka Collection K8685.jpg ??? 2008 ??? ???
K8688 Mistika Collection K8688.jpg ??? 2008 ??? ???
K8725 Matoran of Voya Nui Collection K8725.jpg 2006 ??? ???
K8727 Toa Inika Collection K8727.jpg Here come the Toa Inika, the newest heroes in the BIONICLE® universe! Each Toa features a brand-new Kanohi mask, zamor spheres and launcher, plus an awesome strobe light weapon that really lights up! 2006 $54.99 300
K8736 Toa Hordika Collection I 75px Mutated by Visorak venom, the Toa Hordika must struggle to save the Matoran, and themselves. 2005 ??? ???
K8737 Toa Hordika Collection II 75px Will even the might of the Toa Hordika be enough to stop the rampaging Visorak hordes? 2005 ??? ???
K8741 Toa Hordika Deluxe Collection K8741.jpg 2005 ??? ???
K8747 Visorak Collection K8747.jpg 2005 ??? ???
K8755 Titans Collection K8755.jpg 2005 ??? ???
K8761 The Shadowed One K8761.jpg 2005 ??? ???
K8764 Warriors of Voya Nui Collection K8764.jpg 2006 ??? ???
K8894 Piraka Stronghold with FREE Zamor Spheres 75px 2006 ??? ???
K8900 Piraka Collection K8900.jpg 2006 ??? ???
K8915 Toa Mahri Collection K8915.jpg 2007 ??? ???
K8916 Barraki Collection K8916.jpg 2007 ??? ???
K8924 Titans of Mahri Nui Collection K8924.jpg 2007 ??? ???
K8927 Mahri Nui Deepsea Collection K8927.jpg 2007 ??? ???
K8929 Matoran of Mahri Nui Collection K8929.jpg 2007 ??? ???
K8942 The Ultimate BIONICLE Collection K8942.jpg 2007 ??? ???
K8944 Matoran of Light Collection K8944.jpg 2008 ??? ???
K8978 Glatorian Collection K8978.jpg 2008 ??? ???


  • Product names that are italicized are designated by LEGO or retailers and may not appear on the set packaging itself.
  • Product names in quotation marks are unofficial descriptors when no other name or designation is publicly available.
  • Product number that appears on the sets, but is not the official LEGO set number. Pen sets in wiki classification are differentiated with the designation "P" in front of the number.