Lava Beasts

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"An army made of lava..."
Tahu, Destroyer's Game

Lava Beasts
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Tools Lava Crystal Wings
Status Alive
Location Okoto
Set number 71313

Lava Beasts are a breed of the Elemental Beasts.


The Lava Beasts, Storm Beasts, and Quake Beasts were created by Umarak, the Destroyer by combining his Shadow Traps with the elements. The Lava Beasts were born from Shadow Traps and lava in the Region of Fire. Several Lava Beasts attacked a village in the Region of Jungle and destroyed many homes.

The beasts then attacked the City of the Mask Makers en masse. Several Lava Beasts formed bridges of lava to attack the city. Near the city gate, two Lava Beasts captured Tahu and Ikir and separated them by stealing Tahu's Golden Mask of Unity. However, they were driven back by the Toa after their weakness was discovered. The Lava Beasts then retreated to pool their elemental powers and launch a barrage of lava at the city, but Tahu and Kopaka defeated all of them. Additional Lava Beasts attacked the city, but were dealt with by the Elemental Creatures and Okotans.

In the Black Crater, Umarak created more Lava Beasts to hold off the Toa. These Lava Beasts were soon destroyed.

Abilities and Traits

Lava Beasts are capable of producing fire and lava, and are also able to fly. Like the other Elemental Beasts, they can reform from their scattered substance after being defeated.

Mask and Tools

Lava Beasts' natural tools are Lava Crystal Wings, also called Lava Crystal Blades. Each Lava Beast bears a Beast Mask of Corruption. If the Lava Beast is defeated, it can regenerate from its mask, unless the mask itself is destroyed.

Set Information

Lava Beasts Set
Lava Beast

71313 Lava Beast was released as part of the BIONICLE's second 2016 wave. It contains a Beast Mask of Corruption and a corrupted Unity Mask of Fire.


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