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'''Magna (MAG-nuh)'''
'''Magna (MAG-nuh)'''
:Great<ref name="bzp-12-12-2008"/>
:Great<ref name="bzp-12-12-2008"/>
'''[[Marendar]] (mah-renn-DARR)'''{{GregCitation|OGQ|October 30 2010, 02:38 PM}}<ref group="note" name="my">[[Greg Farshtey]] provided some of the pronunciations listed here on the [[BZPower]] forums, where the slang term "mah" was filtered to its standard form "my."{{GregCitation|OGDi|page=156|post=6240}} This meant that pronunciations containing the string "mah," such as Mah-hee for "Mahi," appeared incorrectly on BZPower. Those pronunciations have been corrected.</ref><ref group="note" name="lowercase">It is unclear whether the first syllable was intended as "MAH" or "mah" as it seems BZPower's software filtered both strings to an all-lowercase "my."</ref>
'''[[Marendar]] (mah-renn-DARR)'''{{GregCitation|OGQ|October 30 2010, 02:38 PM}}{{#tag:ref|[[Greg Farshtey]] provided some of the pronunciations listed here on the [[BZPower]] forums, where the slang term "mah" was filtered to its standard form "my."{{GregCitation|OGDi|page=156|post=6240}} This meant that pronunciations containing the string "mah," such as Mah-hee for "Mahi," appeared incorrectly on BZPower. Those pronunciations have been corrected|group="note"|name="my"}}<ref group="note" name="lowercase">It is unclear whether the first syllable was intended as "MAH" or "mah" as it seems BZPower's software filtered both strings to an all-lowercase "my."</ref>
'''[[Spherus Magna|Spherus]] (SFEER-us)'''
'''[[Spherus Magna|Spherus]] (SFEER-us)'''

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"Inscribed on it was a circle with a much smaller circle inside and at the bottom of it. Tarduk frowned. He had run across things like this before, with similar symbols. He had no idea what they meant, and neither did anyone else, so far as he knew. If they were a language - what language and spoken by whom?"
— Narrator, Riddle of the Great Beings

Matoran Alphabet.png
Aspect of Society
Location Solis Magna System
Matoran Universe (formerly)
Purpose Communication

The species in the BIONICLE storyline communicate using a variety of Languages.

Spherus Magna

On the planet of Spherus Magna, a common language nicknamed "Agori" is primarily used amongst the resident Agori and Glatorian, along with other species. There are several other spoken and written languages as well. Mata Nui was able to understand and interact with beings of the Spherus Magna system, owing to the fact that the language in which the Great Beings programmed him was the Agori language.



The following words can be literally translated into their English counterparts.

Agori (Ah-gore-ee)




Bara (BAH-ruh)


Bota (BAH-tuh)


Cendox (CEN-docks)

Serpent Strike

Dormus (DOHR-muhs)


Magna (MAG-nuh)


Marendar (mah-renn-DARR)[4][note 1][note 2]


Spherus (SFEER-us)


In the Spherus Magna Alternate Universe, the residents were able to communicate with those from the Matoran Universe after either populations learned of the other's language.


The written language of Spherus Magna differs from those of the Matoran Universe and is primarily called "Agori." However, there are some similarities, thus allowing Toa Hagah Bomonga to translate "Bara Magna" from the text inscribed in the walls of a tunnel deep beneath Metru Nui.


The Skrall species has a separate language system, though they also speak Agori in order to interact with other tribes.


Baterra (bah-TEAR-rah)[7]

Silent Death

Bone Hunters

The Bone Hunters, vicious nomads, utilize a different writing and spoken system than other Bara Magna inhabitants.


Following their devolution, the Vorox and Zesk developed their own dialect, composed of a broken version of the main language and a series of gestures and whistles. Although they are unable to converse in standard Agori, Vorox and Zesk can understand the tone and intent of the language. Likewise, Malum is able to follow the intentions of speakers of the broken dialect, but cannot speak it himself.

Matoran Universe

The language of Matoran is the primary dialect among the former inhabitants of the Matoran Universe, and is the programming language of the Great Beings. After the Battle of Bara Magna, Mata Nui used the energies of the Prototype Robot to grant inhabitants of the Matoran Universe the ability to speak Agori.


The language used by the Matoran is spoken in the majority of the Matoran Universe. The Great Beings used the language as programming language when constructing the Matoran Universe, and as such, the language would not be recognized to most reading or listening to it. An ancient version of the language exists, which is known by select beings.

The Matoran language is complex and has many dialects. These dialects are often kept similar enough so that Matoran, or other Matoran-speaking beings, can understand each other. Chutespeak (later known as Treespeak on the island of Mata Nui), which is spoken by the Le-Matoran of Metru Nui, is a form of Matoran slang.


Barraki (BUH-rock-KEE)

Cordak (KOAR-dack)[9]


Hagah (HAH-gah)


Hordika (hoar-DEE-kah)

Half-Beast,[12] or Primal[citation needed]

Inika (i-NEE-kah)[13]

The energies of a star[14]

Jaga (JAH-guh)[15]


Ka (KAH)[17]

One of the words for "Spirit"[18]

Kahu (Kah-hoo)[19]


Kane-Ra (kan-NAY-rah)[15]


Kanohi (kah-NO-hee)


Kanoka (kah-NO-kah)


Karda (Car-duh)[19]

Heart, or Core[23]

Kini (kih-NEE)


Kirikori (kih-rih-KOAR-EE)

Grasshopper or Locust[20]

Kopen (KOH-pen)


Koro (koar-OH)


Kuma (KOO-mah)

Rat or Rodent[20]

Mahi (Mah-hee)[19][note 1]


Mahri (MAH-ree)

Ocean or Water[23]

Makoki (muh-KOH-kee)


Manas (MAH-nuhz)[15]


Mangai (MAHN-gigh)

Protector[citation needed]
Mangaia (MAHN-gigh-uh)
Protector (archaic)[citation needed]

Mata (MAH-TAH)

Spirit[citation needed]

Metru (MET-troo)

City or District[citation needed]


"Mist", or a variation[27]

Mistika (miss-TEE-kah)

"Spirits of the Mist"[citation needed]

Muaka (moo-AH-kah)[15]

Cat, Tiger[16]


"Air", or a variation[27]

Phantoka (Fan-toke-ah)

"Spirits of the Air"[28]

Piraka (PIE-rock-ah)

"Thief" and/or "Murderer" (Very close to an obscenity)[29]

Rahi (rah-HEE)[15]

Wildlife or "Not us"[30]

Rhotuka (roe-TOO-kah)[31]


Rama (RAH-mah)[15]


Suva (SOO-vah)


Takea (TAH-kay-AH)

King of Sharks[33]

Toa (TOE-ah)[15]

Hero[citation needed]

Tobduk (toab-duck)


Turaga (too-RAH-gah)[15]

Elder[citation needed]

Umbra (UM-bra)

Darkest part of a shadow[citation needed]

Vahki (vah-KEY)

Law[citation needed]

Valmai (Val-my)[19]

The closest translation would be "cursed place" (archaic)[citation needed]

Vezon (vey-ZONN)


Voya (VOE-yah)


Wahi (wah-HEE)

Nuva (NOO-vah)[15]
New[citation needed]
Zya (ZUH)
Attack (archaic)[citation needed]
Bio (BY-oh)[8]
A measurement equal to 4.5 feet or 1.37 meters

Kio (KY-oh)[37]

A measurement equal to 1,000 bio

Mio (MY-oh)[38]

A measurement equal to 1,000 kio


The prefix meaning "Light"


The prefix meaning "Gravity"


The suffix meaning "Sentinel" (when following Krana)
The prefix meaning "the Green"


The suffix meaning "Clearance Worker" (when following Krana)


The prefix meaning "Psionics"


The suffix meaning "Anger" (when following Kraata)


The prefix meaning "Sonics"


The prefix meaning "Magnetism"


The prefix meaning "Iron"


The prefix meaning "Water"


The suffix meaning "Scout" (when following Krana)


A suffix which connotes greater power[citation needed]


The prefix meaning "Ice"


The prefix meaning "Small"[39]


The prefix meaning "Shadow"[40]
The prefix meaning "Air"

Nui (NOO-ee)

The prefix and suffix meaning "Great"[citation needed]


The prefix meaning "Earth"


The prefix meaning "Stone"


The suffix meaning "Worker" (when following Krana)
The prefix meaning "Plasma"


The prefix meaning "Fire"


The suffix meaning "Disintegration" (when following Kraata)


The suffix meaning "Hunger" (when following Kraata)
The prefix meaning "Lightning"


The suffix meaning "Surveyor" (when following Krana)


The suffix meaning "Swarm Commander" (when following Krana)


The suffix meaning "Fragmentation" (when following Kraata)


The suffix meaning "Poison" (when following Kraata)


The suffix meaning "Mole" (when following Krana)


The suffix meaning "Fear" (when following Kraata)
The suffix meaning "Squad Leader" (when following Krana)

Several complex terms can now be created, such as Kini-Nui (Great Temple), Onu-Wahi (Earth Region), Mata Nui (Great Spirit), Ta-Suva (Fire Shrine) and Nui-Kopen (Great wasp).


The various names of Kanohi mean the powers of the masks, not the shapes.

  • Akilini-Head/Kolhii-Head - An expression indicating a dolt or fool[41][42]
  • Bioquake - A synonym for earthquake[43]
  • Biostorm - A synonym for a destructive storm[citation needed]
  • Brother/Sister – A title that roughly means 'partner' or 'comrade in arms'. The title is normally used by those who work closely together, or fight for the same cause, usually in the same group. Nearly all Toa call other members of their team brother or sister, and often continue to call each other by the title after becoming Turaga. Artakha and Karzahni also refer to each other as 'brother', though Karzahni uses the term bitterly, and Teridax also used it to refer to Mata Nui.[citation needed]
  • City of Legends - A nickname for Metru Nui. This term was coined by the Shadowed One during the Toa-Dark Hunter War, as he claimed Metru Nui would be "well and truly a city of legends since, as is well known, most legends are about the dead."[44]
  • Dermis shell weather - An expression which indicates bad weather, predicted by Dermis Turtles when they hide in their shells for no apparent reason[45]
  • Foolish as a Sand Snipe - An expression based on the behavior of Sand Snipes, who characteristically drown in Liquid Protodermis while attempting to drink it[46]
  • Fire-spitter - A Le-Matoran slur for Ta-Matoran, sometimes used in a friendly context[43]
  • Goatdog - A nickname for the Pahrak Va[47]
  • Go to Karzahni - A phrase used in arguments.[48][49]
  • Hold your Rahi - An expression which means to calm down[42]
  • Kill two Gukko with one stone - An expression which means to eliminate two objectives in one action[50]
  • Like a wild Rahi in a Knowledge Tower - An expression which indicates an out-of-control force in a fragile area[51]
  • Makutaverse - A nickname Makuta Teridax has given to the Matoran Universe whilst under his control[52]
  • M&D - Visorak shorthand for "mutation and disposal"[53]
  • Not the brightest mask in the storehouse/Not the brightest Lightstone in Onu-Koro - An expression which indicates that a being has less than average intelligence[54][55]
  • Nuparu's Folly - A nickname given to the Kralhi[56]
  • Old War Rahi - A veteran of war and battles[57]
  • Pohatu - Following his destruction of the Odina Fortress, the Toa Nuva of Stone's name has become slang for causing random havoc, i.e. "when in doubt, smash everything and hope you're somewhere else when it all goes boom."[52]
  • Rahaga - The name given to the Toa Hagah when they were mutated to look like small Rahkshi-headed creatures. This name was made up by Roodaka (Rahkshi + Hagah).[30]
  • Roodaka - The name of this Vortixx has become a slang word for treachery due to her betraying of both the Dark Hunters and the Brotherhood of Makuta.[58]
  • Shambler - A nickname for a Matoran under the effect of the Vahki Vorzakh's Staff of Erasing[59]
  • Spiriah - The name of this Makuta has become a slang word for failure due to his unsuccessful experiment on the Skakdi.[58]
  • Squabble like Gukko birds - To argue unproductively[42]
  • Stalking Kinloka - A nickname given to the Kinloka used on Zakaz to set off traps ahead so that the Skakdi will have a clear path[60]
  • Surfacer - An Onu-Matoran nickname for a Matoran from another region on Mata Nui[61]
  • Tarakava Bait - An expression which indicates 'as good as dead'[62]
  • Tip of the statue - A Po-Matoran expression meaning 'just the beginning'[63]
  • Toa of Twilight - A nickname coined by Radiak for Takanuva after his Shadow Leech attack due to him possessing both Light and Shadow powers.[64]
  • Tunnel Fox - A nickname for the Nuhvok Va[Bios]
  • Vahki Bones/Makuta Bones/Lava Bones/Rahi Bones - an expression which indicates that someone is as good as dead[65][66][42][67]
  • What are you waiting for, Naming Day? - An expression intended to prompt someone to move faster or accomplish something quicker[68]
  • When Makika toads fly - An expression which indicates that something is unlikely to happen[69]
  • Whistling past Makuta's lair - An expression which means to speak excessively or constantly, sometimes about one's courageous acts, to draw attention away from the fact that the speaker is afraid[70]


The grammar of the Matoran language is similar, but not completely identical, to English. Plurals are the major difference; any Matoran-based word seemingly has no plural form, and therefore it must be taken from context whether they are talking about an individual or a number of creatures. Also, descriptive words are sometimes placed after the word described, as in Metru Nui, which is translated as "Great City," not "City Great."


The Voya Nui Alphabet

Most characters in the BIONICLE world have adopted a standard writing system for the Matoran language, with letters and numbers both resembling circles with lines and smaller circles inside of them. Being a fairly ancient language, there are many different variations on how the language is written. On Voya Nui, the Matoran have a slight variation on the normal alphabet, using hexagons instead of circles, and the "K" being slightly different as well. This version may have originated on the Southern Continent when Voya Nui was still part of it.

Ancient Matoran texts are illegible to anyone but few who have studied such ancient texts. Most text is transcribed onto stone tablets or painted onto a surface. The only known paper in the Matoran Universe is the ancient scroll left by the Great Beings inside the Great Temple.


These are the Matoran letters with the corresponding ones from English:

Metru Nui LetterA.png LetterB.png LetterC.png LetterD.png LetterE.png LetterF.png LetterG.png LetterH.png LetterI.png LetterJ.png LetterK.png LetterL.png LetterM.png
Voya Nui VoyaLetter A.png VoyaLetter B.png VoyaLetter C.png VoyaLetter D.png VoyaLetter E.png VoyaLetter F.png VoyaLetter G.png VoyaLetter H.png VoyaLetter I.png VoyaLetter J.png VoyaLetter K.png VoyaLetter L.png VoyaLetter M.png
Roman A B C D E F G H I J K L M
Metru Nui LetterN.png LetterO.png LetterP.png LetterQ.png LetterR.png LetterS.png LetterT.png LetterU.png LetterV.png LetterW.png LetterX.png LetterY.png LetterZ.png
Voya Nui VoyaLetter N.png VoyaLetter O.png VoyaLetter P.png VoyaLetter Q.png VoyaLetter R.png VoyaLetter S.png VoyaLetter T.png VoyaLetter U.png VoyaLetter V.png VoyaLetter W.png VoyaLetter X.png VoyaLetter Y.png VoyaLetter Z.png
Roman N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Metru Nui LetterÃ.png Letterø.png LetterÃ¥.png
Voya Nui VoyaLetter æ.png VoyaLetter ø.png VoyaLetter å.png
Danish Æ Ø Å

The Number system uses a similar approach:

Metru Nui Number 0.png Number 1.png Number 2.png Number 3.png Number 4.png Number 5.png Number 6.png Number 7.png Number 8.png Number 9.png
Voya Nui VoyaNumber 0.png VoyaNumber 1.png VoyaNumber 2.png VoyaNumber 3.png VoyaNumber 4.png VoyaNumber 5.png VoyaNumber 6.png VoyaNumber 7.png VoyaNumber 8.png VoyaNumber 9.png
Arabic 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


The Skakdi have their own language, developed on their homeland of Zakaz, in which they speak to one another.[citation needed]


The Visorak can express complex ideas in their own eponymous language.[71] In Visorak, the name of the Visorak species translates to "stealers of life" or "poisonous scourge."[72]


The Zyglak also speak their own language.[73]

The Language of the Flyers

Flying Rahi, such as Ice Bats and birds, speak their own language.[74][75] Kualus can communicate in this language through clicks, whistles and gestures,[74] and he taught Nuju this skill.[76] As a Turaga, Nuju speaks this language at almost all times.[75]

Keetongu's language

Keetongu and his species spoke their own language.[77]


  • Other characters were released for use in foreign languages. These characters include Ä, Ö and an alternate Å from Swedish.
  • In the BIONICLE: Quest for Makuta board game, small key tokens with Matoran letters and numbers could be found, as well as Matoran letters on the edges of each board piece. They have no apparent order, besides the fact that joining the board pieces by matching letters, the picture of Mata Nui could be joined like a puzzle.
  • On the Nintendo DS version of BIONICLE Heroes, runes containing letters of the Matoran alphabet were used to unlock cheats for the player to use.
  • In several downloadable fonts, and in the fonts contained on the Mask of Light DVD, a different system of pictures is used for numbers. However, this system has never actually been seen in the story. There is also no number "0" in this version.
Matoran Number1.png Number2.png Number3.png Number4.png Number5.png Number6.png Number7.png Number8.png Number9.png
Arabic 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


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