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*''[[Riddle of the Great Beings]]'' <small>(Mentioned Only)</small>
*''[[Riddle of the Great Beings]]'' <small>(Mentioned Only)</small>
*''[[BIONICLE: Raid on Vulcanus]]''
*''[[BIONICLE: Raid on Vulcanus]]'' <small>(First Appearance)</small>
==External Links==
==External Links==

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"If you asked the Vulcanus Agori Kyry, he would have told you he did not believe in fear."
— Narrator, Raid on Vulcanus

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Kyry is an Agori from the Fire Tribe.


Kyry was one of several Agori assigned to refurbish Arena Magna for the Great Tournament. He was very dedicated to the job assigned to him, and put in a large effort to complete the task. He was offered a position in Tarduk and Crotesius' expedition to the Valley of the Maze, but declined, preferring to return to his village as soon as possible. After finishing his assignment, he returned to his village of Vulcanus.

In order to view the tournament, Kyry traveled back to Atero. The Skrall invaded the arena during the opening match, forcing Kyry to flee. The Fire Agori returned to Vulcanus in order to inform the village.

While acting as a sentry outside Vulcanus, Kyry heard a suspicious noise, and identified it as belonging to a Thornax Launcher. Assuming that the Bone Hunters were returning to raid the village, Kyry attempted to shout a warning, but was knocked unconscious. He later woke up during the Bone Hunter invasion, and witnessed the forces of the Glatorian overwhelming the Bone Hunters. Kyry was inspired by the Glatorian, and pledged to travel about the land and spread the tale of their victory.

Several days later, Kyry met Metus out in the desert, and recounted the adventure to the Ice Agori before moving on.

Kyry became part of the crowd that arrived to combat the Rock Tribe and take control of Roxtus. He also moved into the Mega-Village with the other Agori.

Abilities and Traits

Kyry is young and enthusiastic, and has a strong sense of duty. He believes that the Agori should respect the Glatorian more, inside and outside the arena.


Kyry wields a shield and a sword.



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