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!Krana Za-Kal
!Krana Za-Kal
Can read minds and sense strong emotions.''
Can communicate telepathically, read minds, and sense strong emotions.''
!Krana Ca-Kal
!Krana Ca-Kal

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This page features content from 2003

"Their Krana-Kal are changing -- turning silver! A field of energy surrounds them. We should have expected this. In the final moments before they complete their task, they are protected from all harm."
Toa Nuva Kopaka, Absolute Power

Comic Krana-Kal.png
Powers Controlling their wearers, granting their wearers power(s), protecting the Bohrok-Kal
Status Unknown
Location Bohrok Nests
Pronunciation KRAH-nah-KAHL
Set number 8599

The Krana-Kal are enhanced Krana which powered the elite Bohrok-Kal.


The silver Krana-Kal

Krana-Kal are made by exposing Krana to the same mutagenic substance that transformed regular Bohrok into the Bohrok-Kal. Each Bohrok-Kal carried one Krana-Kal of each type, making a total of forty-eight. Others also existed, as the Bohrok Va carried replacements to the Bohrok-Kal when needed.

When the Bohrok-Kal approached success in their task of freeing the Bahrag, their Krana-Kal turned silver and created a shield which protected the Bohrok-Kal from all harm. However, the Toa were able to stop the Kal by pumping them with their own elemental powers, which caused their abilities to overload, destroying many of them.

After the destruction of the Bohrok-Kal, the Turaga captured several of the Krana-Kal which had managed to eject themselves from the shells before their powers destroyed them.

Abilities and Traits

Unlike the Krana, the Krana-Kal could function independently of the Bahrag and communicate with members of other species. The Krana-Kal had metallic colors when in use, such as gold, steel blue, and iron gray. The Krana-Kal also had similar powers to the regular Krana, and could form a protective shield when something threatened to prevent them from completing their task.


The eight types of Krana-Kal are:

Krana-Kal Power
Krana Xa-Kal Liberator

Awakens the Bahrag Queens upon physical contact.

Krana Vu-Kal Transporter

Enhances speed through air and on land.

Krana Yo-Kal Excavator

Senses stress points in the earth, as well as underground movement.

Krana Su-Kal Demolisher

Offers extreme strength and resistance to heat and cold.

Krana Za-Kal Overseer

Can communicate telepathically, read minds, and sense strong emotions.

Krana Ca-Kal Seeker

Can sense the presence of the Bahrag and is linked with their minds.

Krana Ja-Kal Tracker

Bestows radar sense and enhances senses, particularly hearing and smell

Krana Bo-Kal Visionary

Offers night vision, and can see through all substances other than the caves and tunnels in Metru Nui's domes.

Xa-Kal Vu-Kal Yo-Kal Su-Kal Za-Kal Ca-Kal Ja-Kal Bo-Kal
Tahnok-Kal Tahnok-Kal Krana Xa.png Tahnok-Kal Krana Vu.png Tahnok-Kal Krana Yo.png Tahnok-Kal Krana Su.png Tahnok-Kal Krana Za.png Tahnok-Kal Krana Ca.png Tahnok-Kal Krana Ja.png Tahnok-Kal Krana Bo.png
Gahlok-Kal Gahlok-Kal Krana Xa.png Gahlok-Kal Krana Vu.png Gahlok-Kal Krana Yo.png Gahlok-Kal Krana Su.png Gahlok-Kal Krana Za.png Gahlok-Kal Krana Ca.png Gahlok-Kal Krana Ja.png Gahlok-Kal Krana Bo.png
Lehvak-Kal Lehvak-Kal Krana Xa.png Lehvak-Kal Krana Vu.png Lehvak-Kal Krana Yo.png Lehvak-Kal Krana Su.png Lehvak-Kal Krana Za.png Lehvak-Kal Krana Ca.png Lehvak-Kal Krana Ja.png Lehvak-Kal Krana Bo.png
Pahrak-Kal Pahrak-Kal Krana Xa.png Pahrak-Kal Krana Vu.png Pahrak-Kal Krana Yo.png Pahrak-Kal Krana Su.png Pahrak-Kal Krana Za.png Pahrak-Kal Krana Ca.png Pahrak-Kal Krana Ja.png Pahrak-Kal Krana Bo.png
Nuhvok-Kal Nuhvok-Kal Krana Xa.png Nuhvok-Kal Krana Vu.png Nuhvok-Kal Krana Yo.png Nuhvok-Kal Krana Su.png Nuhvok-Kal Krana Za.png Nuhvok-Kal Krana Ca.png Nuhvok-Kal Krana Ja.png Nuhvok-Kal Krana Bo.png
Kohrak-Kal Kohrak-Kal Krana Xa.png Kohrak-Kal Krana Vu.png Kohrak-Kal Krana Yo.png Kohrak-Kal Krana Su.png Kohrak-Kal Krana Za.png Kohrak-Kal Krana Ca.png Kohrak-Kal Krana Ja.png Kohrak-Kal Krana Bo.png

Set Information

The silver Krana-Kal in set form

The Krana-Kal debuted as rubbery plastic accessories in early 2003 in the Bohrok-Kal canister sets, each of which contained one random Krana-Kal in the corresponding color. Bohrok-Kal sets would fling their Krana-Kal if their eyes were pressed.

Krana-Kal were also released in the "Krana-Kal and Kanohi Nuva" pack, featuring three random Krana-Kal and two random Kanohi Nuva, either the thirty-six Kanohi Nuva released earlier in the Kanohi Nuva packs of late 2002 or one of the six Kanohi Nuva masks in silver, symbolizing the masks of the element-deprived Toa Nuva.

Seventy-two limited edition sterling silver Krana-Kal and five thousand limited edition white metal Krana-Kal were also randomly packaged in the Bohrok-Kal sets as a promotion. These symbolize the Krana-Kal minutes before the Bohrok-Kal's mission reaches completion when the Krana-Kal has adopted its special shielding power.

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