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"Most think it allows me to spread physical darkness, or breed a little rage here and there, but it's much more than that. My Kanohi lets me see the darkness inside everyone, all the nasty little things they hide in the shadows of their spirit."
Makuta Teridax, Prisoners of the Pit

Kanohi Kraahkan with glowing eyes.PNG
Title Mask of Shadows
Powers Shadow
Component disks None
Bearers Teridax (formerly)
Icarax (formerly)
Teridax (The Melding Alternate Universe)
Pronunciation krah-KAN

The Kanohi Kraahkan is the Mask of Shadows.


The Kanohi Kraahkan's image above Metru Nui

The Kanohi Kraahkan was crafted from Protosteel in Artakha. It was then worn by Makuta Teridax for the next 100,000 years.

During the Conflict Between Takanuva and Teridax, when Teridax and Takanuva merged to form Takutanuva, their masks also merged into the Mask of Light and Shadow. However, Takutanuva and his mask soon separated.

When the Piraka traveled to the Great Barrier to raid Teridax's lair, Reidak attempted to steal the Kraahkan. However, it blasted him with Shadow bolts when he picked it up, so he threw it into the Silver Sea. The Mask of Shadows was later retrieved by Makuta Icarax, who began to wear it. Eventually, Teridax expressed interest in retrieving the Kraahkan, but before he could do so, the Kraahkan was reduced to atoms and scattered across the entire Matoran Universe when Icarax was killed in mid-teleport by Makuta Gorast and Vamprah.

Teridax later formed the stars above Metru Nui into the shape of the Kanohi Kraahkan when he announced the success of his plan to the whole Matoran Universe.

Another Kanohi Kraahkan appeared in the Matoran Universe when an alternate Teridax crossed over to the core dimension.

Alternate Universes

The Melding Alternate Universe

In a reality in which the Toa were created to heal Spherus Magna instead of Mata Nui, the Brotherhood of Makuta never rebelled and conquered their inner darkness. Teridax wears a gold Mask of Shadows, but its power is not associated with evil. The Kanohi Kraahkan of this universe is currently located in the core dimension.

Toa Empire Alternate Universe

In an alternate universe, the Kanohi Kraahkan was taken from Teridax by the Toa Empire and placed in the Archives as a trophy. The mask was warded so that if anyone touched it, the Toa Empire would be alerted.

The Kingdom Alternate Universe

In a reality in which the Great Spirit Mata Nui remained dead, the main dimension's Takanuva knocked the Kanohi Kraahkan off the alternate timeline's Teridax during the Battle at the Light Barrier. An alternate Toa Tanma then destroyed the mask.


The Kanohi Kraahkan allows its user to access Makuta-level range and strength of power[citation needed] over anger, fear, and Elemental Shadow.[1] It also lets the user see moral darkness in others. The Mask of Shadows will automatically send out Shadow bolts to attack non-Makuta beings who touch it whenever it is not being worn.[2] Even though the mask grants its user Shadow powers, it does not boost any pre-existing Elemental Shadow powers.[citation needed]

Example Usage

In Legacy of Evil, when Reidak picked up the Kanohi Kraahkan, it automatically blasted him with Shadow bolts until he released it.



Picture Description
Flash Hau-Kraahkan.png The Kanohi Kraahkan appearing as an Infected Kanohi Hau.
Kraahkan Set 2.pngKraahkan Set 1.png The Kanohi Kraahkan

Set Information

The Kanohi Kraahkan has been released in four different forms. The first was released with the 2003 Teridax set. It was the first mask to feature two separate faces - one that fits over Teridax's head, and one that fits over a face like that of a Toa.

The second was released in late 2003 in the same set. This type was nearly identical, the difference being the number of slits at the bottom of the mask. This version had four instead of the earlier's six. It was again made available in the 2005 Tower of Toa playset in gold, used for the Kahgarak's head, and later in the Makuta Icarax set released in 2008. The gold iteration came in two shades depending on the time of production, with earlier models using a duller shade and later models using a brighter color.

The third form was released in the special edition Takutanuva set, and was advertised as a movie version. It was designed to look more like its movie counterpart.

The fourth version was released in the Ultimate Dume set and was also advertised as a movie version. This mask attached to the top of the head via two axles situated behind the head. It covered only the upper half of the set's face, like a helmet. This version often goes under the name "Mask of Power."[3]


  • Toa would consider this mask power immoral.[4]
  • According to legend, the Kraahkan was created by mask makers enslaved by the Brotherhood.[citation needed]


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