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"Why, Koli balls are for playing Koli, of course."
Ahkmou, Mata Nui Online Game

Kolhii Ball
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The original set version of the Kolhii Ball
A Kolhii Ball, as seen in Mask of Light
The newer set version of the Kolhii Ball

Kolhii Balls were mid-sized stone boulders used to play Koli. They were later redesigned as smaller spherical objects made of lightweight airstone bound in steel, and were used to play a newer version of the sport, now called Kolhii.


Kolhii Balls were first used when Onewa and Whenua created the sport. After that, the Kolhii Ball further evolved into a lightweight boulder that could be kicked easily. Ahkmou's Comets were of this make.

After Hewkii saved Macku from a stone thrown by a Pahrak in Ga-Koro by hitting it with a Ga-Matoran fishing staff, a new version of Kolhii was developed. The Kolhii ball was remade as a smoother, smaller stone ball, which could be picked up in the scoop of a Kolhii Stick or hit with the hammer on the other end. The original Kolhii Balls then fell out of use.

Before the Kolhii Tournament, Hahli improved her strength by using the Ta-Matoran technique of kicking Kolhii Balls at stone pillars in an attempt to knock them over.

Set Information

The 2001 Pohatu Mata set included a Kolhii ball made of two parts designed for other LEGO themes. As Pohatu had a gear function for his legs, he could kick the stone with his feet. Additionally, each of the Matoran sets released in 2003 came with a Kolhii Stick and a new, redesigned Kolhii ball. The second design of Kolhii ball could be held in a clip on the Kolhii stick piece, which represented the Kolhii stick's scoop.