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"The Ko-Koronans have been seen little during the past months, and heard from even less. But it may not be that they are troubled; silence has always been their way."
Jaller, Mata Nui Online Game

Matoran Type
Element Ice
Preferred regions Cold regions
Transforms into Toa of Ice

The Ko-Matoran are the Matoran of Ice.

Abilities and Traits

The Ko-Matoran have inactive Ice powers, which can be activated upon becoming Toa. In Metru Nui, Ko-Matoran were philosophers, watching the stars from the Knowledge Towers of Ko-Metru and trying to unravel their prophecies. They studied technology and created Kanoka and Knowledge Towers. They also studied substances such as Energized Protodermis in the Towers of Thought, and were sometimes aided by Scholars from the district of Ga-Metru in their studies.

On Mata Nui, Ko-Matoran lived in the village of Ko-Koro and were expert trackers and hunters, aiding other villages with their skills during the Great War and the invasion of the Bohrok swarms. The Ko-Matoran of Mata Nui, and later Metru Nui, value destiny the most out of the Three Virtues, from which they derive their principle of peace, and the skill of willpower.

Ko-Matoran are generally cold and uninviting and are usually fixated on the future. This attitude led them to clash with the Onu-Matoran on Metru Nui, who are more interested in studying the past.

Identifiable physical attributes of Ko-Matoran include white, shades of blue and grey, silver and black Kanohi and armor, as well as light blue eyes. They are also one of the many male Matoran types.

Known Ko-Matoran

  • Arktinen: An ice smith on Mata Nui.
  • Ehrye: An excitable courier on Metru Nui who knew the location of the Ko-Metru Great Disk.
  • Ihu (revived): Once the mentor of Nuju; he died in a chute accident, and was then revived on the Red Star and trapped there. Nuju named Mount Ihu, a mountain in Ko-Wahi, in his honor.
  • Jaa: A scribe on Mata Nui.
  • Jaatikko: An architect on Mata Nui.
  • Kazi: The realist of the Voya Nui Resistance Team.
  • Kantai: A hermit who lived in the Drifts on Mata Nui.
  • Kokkan: Ko-Koro's Trader.
  • Kopeke: A Huai Snowball Sling and Kolhii champion and part of the Chronicler's Company, known for being unusually shy. Now the Chronicler of Metru Nui.
  • Kualus (transformed): Eventually became the eccentric Toa Hagah of Ice.
  • Kylma: An adept and a prophet on Mata Nui.
  • Lumi: A seer on Mata Nui.
  • Matoro (transformed, deceased): Once the right hand to Turaga Nuju, Ko-Koro Kolhii champion, and the only one besides Kualus who could translate Nuju's speech. He was the only Matoran on Mata Nui to know about Metru Nui. He later became a Toa Inika and then a Toa Mahri before sacrificing his life to save Mata Nui's life.
  • Mazeka: A Ko-Matoran and an Order of Mata Nui member.
  • Nuju (transformed): Once a seer until he became a Toa Metru and a Toa Hordika, now a Turaga of Ice. He speaks almost exclusively in a language of clicks and whistles, which only Matoro and Kualus could understand.
  • Pakastaa: A Sanctum Guard on Mata Nui.
  • Talvi: A Sanctum Guard on Mata Nui.
  • Toudo: A Rahi trapper on Mata Nui.
  • A Voya Nui Ko-Matoran who was the second victim of the Piraka's Antidermis Zamor Spheres.[1]
  • Four Ko-Matoran who transformed into Toa and joined the Toa Mangai to subdue the rampaging Kanohi Dragon. All were killed by Eliminator. (transformed, deceased)[2][3][4]
  • A Metru Nui Ko-Matoran Scholar who wears a silver Great Akaku.[5]
  • A Metru Nui Ko-Matoran Scholar who wears a white Great Hau.[5]
  • A Metru Nui Ko-Matoran Scolar who wears a white Great Kaukau.[5]

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