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"Look at this universe — damaged, broken, disorderly. It needs someone to take care of it ... to take care of everything and everyone, from now until forever."
— Karzahni, BIONICLE.com


Karzahni (Being).png
Unique Being
Kanohi Olisi
Powers Telepathic scanning
Tools Flaming Chains (formerly)
Status Deceased
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation KARR-zah-NEE

Unique Being
Kanohi Olisi (fused to face)
Powers Telepathic scanning
Tools Flaming Chains
Squid Launcher (both formerly)
Status Mutations reversed
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation KARR-zah-NEE
Set number 8940

Karzahni was an insane and malicious being of the Matoran Universe, the "brother" of Artakha, and former ruler of the island realm of Karzahni.


Karzahni was created alongside Artakha by the Great Beings around 100,000 years ago. Soon after their creation, the two beings fought for the fabled Mask of Creation, a battle that Karzahni lost.[2]

While his brother chose to make a haven for good Matoran workers, Karzahni chose to take in the bad ones, intending to repair their faults and return them to their homelands. However, his ability to fix the Matoran was not up to par, and he completely rebuilt the Matoran, but into weaker forms. To compensate for his inability to properly repair the Matoran, he gave each of them weapons. He then sent them to the Southern Continent to make sure his failures would not be discovered.

The Turaga eventually noticed that Matoran sent to Karzahni never returned from their exile, and stopped sending their poor workers. Angered by the lack of Matoran coming to him, Karzahni went into denial, blaming the Matoran for his failures. He refused to send any more Matoran away and trapped them within his realm, replacing their masks with his own twisted designs, stripping them of their identities. Karzahni thus had no contact with the universe outside his realm for many thousands of years, leaving him ignorant of many developments in the universe such as the existence of the Makuta.

When Jaller, Hahli, Matoro, Kongu, Hewkii, and Nuparu arrived in the realm of Karzahni, they were directly escorted by Manas to Karzahni himself. He ordered them to remove their masks and put on his, but Jaller was unwilling to relinquish his, having recently learned of its origins. Karzahni called upon his Kanohi Olisi to show Jaller a vision in which he did not sacrifice himself to save Takua and Teridax took control of Mata Nui. Horrified at what could have happened, Jaller resigned to the change, as did the rest of his group (with Kongu making a deft switch between Karzahni's mask and the Suletu he found).

Karzahni then took Hahli with him, and set the rest to work alongside the other Matoran of his realm. Knowing Hahli was their Chronicler, Karzahni demanded to know of the world outside his realm, and the state of it. Hahli told him of the Great Spirit and the dire circumstances her universe was in, though Karzahni dismissed these claims as insane. While taking a rest, she asked him to tell about his past and he explained his history.

Eventually, he went to confront his new arrivals and a battered Matoran with which they had allied. United, the group made a stand against the insane being, who threatened to give them the worst vision he could conjure. Matoro dared him to carry out his threat, and the titan obliged with a vision of Mata Nui's death. Karzahni, sharing in their vision, was shocked to see that the Matoran were speaking the truth; there was a Great Spirit, and he was indeed dying, putting the entire universe in peril. Karzahni was too astonished to notice the six Matoran escape in Toa Canisters, even forgetting about the Matoran who had helped them. Karzahni realized that the power that Mata Nui held could be open to be claimed soon, and desired to acquire it for himself.[3]

Karzahni began organizing his Matoran into an army, and training them in combat.[2] Soon after, he departed from the land, accompanied by his entire army of Manas crabs. He traced Jaller and his comrades to Voya Nui, witnessing their transformation into the Toa Inika and their battles with the Piraka. After capturing, training, and arming a small force of Manutri birds on the surface, he trailed the Toa Inika to Mahri Nui, where he was mutated by the waters of the Pit.[citation needed]

The Pit

Disoriented by his mutation, Karzahni lost track of the Toa Inika, and instead came across Toa Lesovikk and Sarda. Eager to pit his skills against any possible enemy, Karzahni attacked the pair.[DroD, Ch. 2] In the ensuing fight, Lesovikk revealed that his friends had been sent to Karzahni long ago, and that he had spent years assaulting Karzahni's realm trying to save them, failing every time. Despite initially being unable to withstand Karzahni's attack, because of Sarda's encouragement, Lesovikk was able to overcome the attack and confront Karzahni.[DroD, Ch. 3] Stunned at Lesovikk's quick recovery, Karzahni attacked Sarda with his Olisi, horrifying the Matoran with a vision in which the Matoran of Mahri Nui perished in the sinking of their island. Lesovikk was forced to abandon the fight to help his friend, but vowed to destroy Karzahni.[DroD, Ch. 4]

Journeying through the waters, Karzahni overheard a discussion between Toa Matoro and a robot, discussing the Staff of Artakha. Recognizing the robot's design as that of his brother's, Karzahni attacked, shattering the reanimated corpse that was accompanying them, assuming she was an ally of the pair. Karzahni challenged the robot, forcing Teridax to reveal his presence inside the machine. The two titans began to struggle, and after exchanging several blows and attempting to taunt Teridax, Karzahni called the Manas crabs to his aid.[DroD, Ch. 6] Teridax responded by using his power of Rahi control to turn half of the army against each other, neutralizing the threat. Karzahni called upon his Olisi, bestowing upon the Makuta a vision of Mata Nui's awakening, and the punishment that would befall the Makuta.[ItD, Ch. 5] Upon recovering from the horrific vision, Teridax used his mental powers to destroy Karzahni's fragile psyche, and ended the battle by using his Magnetism powers to hurl Karzahni into the deep recesses of the ocean.[DroD, Ch. 7]

Sarda and Idris lure Karzahni into the trap

Karzahni, wounded from his encounter with Teridax, took refuge inside a cave. Toa Lesovikk, Sarda, and Idris tracked him down. Karzahni lashed out at Lesovikk with his mask power as the latter attempted to enter the cave, cloaking the Toa in a powerful illusion of the day his Toa team had been killed, except changing it to show them surviving.[DroD, Ch. 8] The insane overlord was soon confronted by Lesovikk's Matoran companions, who lured him out of the cave, straight into a trap. Karzahni was unable to free himself from the bonds, and could only watch helplessly as Lesovikk, freed from the illusion, debated on killing him. He was soon taken away by Botar.[DroD, Ch. 9]

Karzahni was imprisoned in a water tank on Daxia, where the Order of Mata Nui hoped to extract information from him that could be used to undo the effects of the Brotherhood of Makuta's mutation experiments.[citation needed] His water tank cell was next to that of the Piraka in Daxia's prison wing.[DW, Ch. 1] Karzahni was later sent to the Pit by Botar's Replacement as punishment for his despotic rule over the Matoran of his realm.[4]

Mata Nui, after defeating Teridax, used the energy of a prototype robot and the Ignika to undo the mutations done by the Pit Mutagen, and also gave Karzahni and others the ability to breathe air.[1]

Spherus Magna

Karzahni was broken out of confinement after being moved to Spherus Magna.[TPTB, Ch. 1] However, he was later murdered by Velika, one of his repaired Matoran, who was actually a Great Being in disguise.[5] Later, he was found dead in the bottom of Iron Canyon by Kopaka and Pohatu, who suspected that he was killed by Lesovikk after finding a stab wound and Lesovikk's discarded Air Sword.[TPTB, Ch. 1] They brought his body back to their camp, where it was examined by Tahu.[TPTB, Ch. 2]

Alternate Universes

Toa Empire Alternate Universe

In this alternate universe, Karzahni's realm was infiltrated by a squad of Toa, and he was given the choice to either ally with them or die.[citation needed] Karzahni chose to side with the Toa Empire, and ran the Re-Education Center in Metru Nui with Toa Mata Gali.[DM, Ch. 2]

Abilities and Traits

Karzahni was an insane and completely unpredictable sociopath. He could be friendly and kind one moment, and then go into a murderous rage the next. He possessed formidable strength, though he rarely used his might, choosing instead to defeat his opponents with his Kanohi's powers. He ruled his domain through fear and psychological abuse, such as replacing the masks of his Matoran subjects to rob them of their identities. Karzahni could scan areas with his mind, demonstrated when he discovered Jaller and his friends after they escaped their posts. He also had the ability to rebuild himself, and could quickly repair any physical damage that he took. His armor was black and gold when encountered by Jaller and his company,[3] but he later rebuilt himself so that he was green in color.[citation needed]

Karzahni had a deep hatred of his brother Artakha, due to his early defeat in battle by him, and extended his hatred to anything made by Artakha.

Despite choosing to make his realm as a place where broken Matoran could be fixed, Karzahni did not have the skills to repair the injuries he was presented with. He instead rebuilt them into weaker forms, and eventually neglected them entirely.[3]

Karzahni was mutated by the Pit Mutagen whilst in Mahri Nui's waters: his body was drastically changed, his Kanohi was fused to his face and he became a pure water-breather. These mutations were reverted through Mata Nui's use of the Kanohi Ignika, though the ability to breath water was retained, making him amphibious.[1]

Due to the attack on his mind by Teridax, Karzahni was reduced to a vegetative state.[citation needed] However, his flight from the robot's evacuation indicated to Kopaka and Pohatu that his mental state may have changed.[TPTB, Ch. 1]

Mask and Tools

Karzahni wore the Kanohi Olisi, Great Mask of Alternate Futures, which can create terrible hypothetical visions. After being mutated, Karzahni's Olisi was fused to his head, but was still operational. The Kanohi was no longer fused to Karzahni's head after his mutations were undone. After his mind was shredded by Teridax, his limited mental faculties made his visions less accurate.[DroD] The mask was later restored when Mata Nui transformed him back, but was broken after he fell into Iron Canyon.[TPTB, Ch. 1]

His primary weapons were two lengths of chain that burned with intense flames, hot enough to burn underwater. They were also strong enough to restrain a Manas crab.[citation needed] One of the chains, however, was broken by Lesovikk,[DroD, Ch. 3] and the other was taken from him by the Order of Mata Nui following his capture. At some point after entering the Pit, Karzahni also found a Squid Launcher, which was later taken by the Order.[citation needed]

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Set Information

Karzahni's mutated form was released in 2007 as a large Toys "R" Us exclusive boxed set simply named 8940 Karzahni, although it also came with the Matoran Sarda and Idris, as well as the trap the two made for use against Karzahni. Altogether, the set contains 372 pieces. This product was also available on LEGO Shop at Home and at LEGO Stores. This set portrays Karzahni's form following both his rebuilding and his mutation, in that he has green and silver armor, gills, and a Kanohi Olisi that is fused to his face. In this set he also wears a cape, another distinction from his previously depicted form.


"Long ago ... perhaps 100,000 years, perhaps more, I lose track ... Matoran came here by the score. Some were damaged, others simply possessed a lack of dedication to their work. A small number found a new life here ... and the rest found only what they had expected, which was nothing at all."
— Karzahni, Dark Destiny

"Such spirit -- it will be a shame to snap it like a twig. I could show you horrors, Matoran, that would render you a mindless, screaming hulk. Will your friends show you the same loyalty when you are a gibbering lunatic, or will they turn away in disgust? It might be interesting to find out."
— Karzahni to Hahli, Dark Destiny

"You're insane!"
"I prefer the term 'creative.' Though I suppose there is not much difference between the two in the end, is there?
— Hahli and Karzahni, Dark Destiny

"There is a war to be fought in this place, and a universe to win. But first ... I need to sharpen my claws in combat. When I am done with the two of you, I will be ready at last ... ready to conquer!"
— Karzahni to Sarda and Toa Lesovikk, Dreams of Destruction

"Powerful, almost regal, and quite insane — all three terms can be used to describe Karzahni. He has ruled the realm named after him for more than 100,000 years, and time has not made him any kinder or more merciful."
— Toa Helryx, World



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