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====Golden Kanohi====
====Golden Kanohi====
[[Artakha (Being)|Artakha]] created six masks called [[Golden Kanohi]] which had the powers of the masks worn by the [[Toa Mata]] and [[Turaga]] of Mata Nui: [[Hau|Shielding]], [[Akaku|X-Ray Vision]], [[Kakama|Speed]], [[Kaukau|Water Breathing]], [[Pakari|Strength]], [[Miru|Levitation]], [[Huna|Invisibility]], [[Matatu|Telekinesis]], [[Komau|Mind Control]],{{MediaCitation|BOA|episodenumber=2}} [[Rau|Translation]], [[Ruru|Night Vision]], and [[Mahiki|Illusion]]. They were only in existence for a short time after all six Kanohi had been found by their respective Toa. They were stored inside [[Kini-Nui]], and when the six Kanohi were placed on the [[Suva]], they activated the release of a Golden Kanohi. The Golden Kanohi were later transformed into [[Kanohi Nuva]] upon being submerged in [[Energized Protodermis]].
[[Artakha (Being)|Artakha]] created six masks called [[Golden Kanohi]] which had the powers of the masks worn by the [[Toa Mata]]: [[Hau|Shielding]], [[Akaku|X-Ray Vision]], [[Kakama|Speed]], [[Kaukau|Water Breathing]], [[Pakari|Strength]], and [[Miru|Levitation]]. They were only in existence for a short time after all six Kanohi had been found by their respective Toa. They were stored inside [[Kini-Nui]], and when the six Kanohi were placed on the [[Suva]], they activated the release of a Golden Kanohi. The Golden Kanohi were later transformed into [[Kanohi Nuva]] upon being submerged in [[Energized Protodermis]].
====Organic Kanohi====
====Organic Kanohi====

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"You must not remove your masks, unless you are replacing one with another. Without them, your strength is halved."
Toa Helryx to the Toa Mata, Swamp of Secrets

Animation Metru Nui Kanohi.png
Manufacturer Great Beings
Mask Makers
Users Matoran/Toa/Turaga
Function Provide power(s) to their wearers
Status In use
Location Matoran Universe (formerly)
Red Star
Spherus Magna
Pronunciation kah-NO-hee

Kanohi are masks that grant powers to their wearers, worn by many inhabitants of the Matoran Universe.

The first masks were created by the Great Beings for the Matoran. Afterwards, Mata Nui taught the Matoran how to make masks on their own. On Metru Nui, masks were made from Kanoka.


Kanohi are magnetically attached to their wearers. Kanohi of certain levels contain a power that the wearer can access, which is done through focus and concentration. If these powered Kanohi are cracked or broken, they do not function properly or at all. The masks come in a variety of different shapes, derived from the need to discern the power a mask has. While masks can be forged into any different shape, they are not done so in order to maintain consistency in identifying the power it might have. When Kanohi are made originally, they adopt a grayish color which they keep until they are worn. At that point the mask adopts a color with respect to the wearer.

When a Matoran, Toa, or Turaga has their Kanohi removed, they suffer weakness - Toa feel weak and dizzy, Turaga suffer extreme weakness, and Matoran lapse into a coma-like state if the mask is not replaced within an extended period of time. Some beings are able to wear Kanohi, but do not suffer any effects of not doing so.

Kanohi have a tendency to retain an imprint of their owner's consciousness and identity within themselves for a short time after being removed, allowing any mask to be infused with great amounts of a life-force to resurrect the deceased mask-wearer. However, after an extended period of time, the imprint will fade away.[citation needed]

There are various types of Kanohi that exist; they are primarily grouped into four basic categories, though exceptions arise from special circumstances.


There are four known power levels for a Kanohi: Powerless, Noble, Great, and Legendary.


The most common type of mask is the powerless masks worn by Matoran. The process used to make the mask causes the energy to leak out, which is why these masks have no powers. However, they are needed for Matoran to live and function properly. Although Matoran can sense the power in a Great or Noble mask, they lack the mental discipline needed to access its powers. Matoran can customize their masks, making modifications such as adding a scope. Matoran masks can become Great masks when they come in contact with Toa Energy, and transform again into Noble masks when this Toa Energy is expended. This happens whenever a Toa is transformed from a Matoran, and again when the Toa become Turaga after sacrificing their Toa Energy and completing their destiny.

On Metru Nui and Mata Nui, powerless "Copper" masks also exist, being decorative trophies awarded to the winners of sporting events.

Noble Masks

Turaga wear Noble masks, which are infused with a small amount of power that they can access. These masks are transformed from Great masks when a Toa is turned into a Turaga. Toa, however, can also access the power of Noble Masks.

Great Masks

Toa and other beings wear Great masks, which offer a stronger mask power and can only be used by entities on their power level. Most powered masks worn are of the Great variety, and come in a myriad of abilities.

Golden Kanohi

Artakha created six masks called Golden Kanohi which had the powers of the masks worn by the Toa Mata: Shielding, X-Ray Vision, Speed, Water Breathing, Strength, and Levitation. They were only in existence for a short time after all six Kanohi had been found by their respective Toa. They were stored inside Kini-Nui, and when the six Kanohi were placed on the Suva, they activated the release of a Golden Kanohi. The Golden Kanohi were later transformed into Kanohi Nuva upon being submerged in Energized Protodermis.

Organic Kanohi

Six Kanohi were rendered organic and sentient by the lightning from the Red Star that created the Toa Inika. They lost these traits when they were transformed into the masks of the Toa Mahri.

Fused Kanohi

Like many Matoran Universe entities, Kanohi are able to fuse, sometimes with one another but also directly onto the user. Kanohi that fuse naturally to one another (such as Kanohi worn by Toa Kaita) have been seen to display new powers or properties.

Mutated Kanohi

In cases where the mask is altered by some kind of mutation (often fusing directly onto the user, such as the Toa Hordika and Nidhiki) the wearer usually loses access to the mask powers. However, when Karzahni was mutated by the Pit Mutagen, his Olisi kept its powers.

Infected Kanohi

The dark essence of the Makuta species, the sentient Kraata slugs, are able to corrupt and infect Kanohi, turning the bearer into a servant of the Makuta's will.

Legendary Masks

There are some extraordinary Kanohi that possess powers far beyond a normal mask; these are known as Legendary Masks. Only three are known: the Kanohi Vahi, the Mask of Time; the Kanohi Ignika, the Mask of Life; and the Mask of Creation. These masks cannot be worn by ordinary users, and often require special circumstances for their power to be accessed.

Mask Making

Vakama forging the Kanohi Vahi

On Metru Nui, Kanohi masks were made from Kanoka by Mask Makers in Ta-Metru. The type of Kanoka and its power level determined what kind of mask it would be, and the creators could also combine Kanoka to create different masks. Level 1-6 Kanoka are formed into Matoran masks, Level 7 is turned into Noble, and Level 8 becomes Great. The reason for these distinctions is that power leaks from the Kanoka during Kanohi creation, thus allowing only masks made from higher level Kanoka to have powers.

To forge a Kanohi mask, the Kanoka would be melted down and reforged or carved into the desired shape. The masks could not be flawed or else their powers (if the finished product was meant to have any) would leak out. Flawed masks were melted down to make more raw Protodermis. Masks would be painted with a coloring additive after being made, to differentiate power level. Matoran masks would have silver paint added to the top half, Noble, black paint, and Great masks would remain one full color. On Mata Nui, this coloring eventually faded away from sun exposure and lack of maintenance.

Certain devices could be added to Kanohi after the mask is made, such as the telescopic eyepiece commonly added to the Akaku as well as during its creation. These additions could also later be removed without damaging the mask.

There are other ways to make Kanohi, as Kanohi predated mask makers. Mask making on Metru Nui stopped temporarily while it was was deserted, and resumed briefly when it was again repopulated, and halted finally when the entire Matoran Universe was evacuated. Other places where masks were made include the islands Artakha and Karzahni. It is possible to make masks out of purified Protodermis and skip the Kanoka stage.[1]


Known Kanohi

Great Kanohi

Great Kanohi are the most powerful normal masks. They are made from level 8 Kanoka. They bestow any of a variety of powers upon the user, including shielding, telepathy, stealth, telekinesis, or levitation. They can be in any shape or form, but throughout the Matoran Universe, mask makers have adopted specific shapes for certain powers, in order to avoid confusion if a Toa is in dire need of a mask. While Toa are the most well-known beings to use masks, many other species are known to be able to use mask powers. Below is a list of known Great Masks of Power:

Hau Tahu.png Kaukau Gali.png Miru Lewa.png Kakama Pohatu.png Pakari Onua.png Akaku Kopaka.png
Great Mask of Shielding
Great Mask of Water Breathing
Great Mask of Levitation
Great Mask of Speed
Great Mask of Strength
Great Mask of X-Ray Vision
Kanohi Huna.png Kanohi Rau.png Kanohi Mahiki.png Kanohi Komau.png Kanohi Ruru.png Kanohi Matatu.png
Great Mask of Concealment
Great Mask of Translation
Great Mask of Illusion
Great Mask of Mind Control
Great Mask of Night Vision
Great Mask of Telekinesis
Calix.png Elda.png Suletu.png Sanok.png Kadin.png Iden.png
Great Mask of Fate
Great Mask of Detection
Great Mask of Telepathy
Great Mask of Accuracy
Great Mask of Flight
Great Mask of Spirit
Arthron.PNG Faxon.png Zatth.png Garai.png Volitak.png Tryna.png
Great Mask of Sonar
Great Mask of Kindred
Great Mask of Summoning
Great Mask of Gravity
Great Mask of Stealth
Great Mask of Reanimation
Kanohi Jutlin Small.PNG Kanohi Avsa Small.PNG Kanohi Felnas Small.PNG Mask of Duplication.png Kanohi Shelek Small.PNG Kanohi Crast Small.PNG
Great Mask of Corruption
Great Mask of Hunger
Great Mask of Disruption
Great Mask of Time Duplication
Great Mask of Silence
Great Mask of Repulsion
Noimage.jpg Noimage.jpg BH Kanohi Kualsi.png Matoran Mask of Emulation.png Noimage.jpg Noimage.jpg
Great Mask of Diminishment
Great Mask of Clairvoyance Kualsi,
Great Mask of Quick Travel
Great Mask of Emulation Great Mask of Growth Great Mask of Rahi Control
Set Kanohi Avohkii.png Kraahkan Set 1.png Maskoflight&dark.PNG Noimage.jpg Rua.png Aki.png
Great Mask of Light
Great Mask of Shadows
Great Mask of Light and Shadow Kiril,
Great Mask of Regeneration
Silver Mask of Wisdom[6]
Gold Mask of Valor[7]
Rode.png Olmak.png Trinuma's Kanohi.png Olisi.png Mask of Psychometry.png Noimage.jpg
Great Mask of Truth
Great Mask of Dimensional Gates
Great Mask of Charisma Olisi,
Great Mask of Alternate Futures
Great Mask of Psychometry Great Mask of Intangibility
Mask of Possibilities.png BH Kanohi of Elemental Energy.png Shapeshifted Mask of Mutation.JPG Vultraz's kanohi.PNG
Great Mask of Possibilities Great Mask of Elemental Energy Great Mask of Mutation Great Mask of Scavenging

Kanohi Nuva

More powerful than normal Great masks, they were created when the Toa Mata were immersed in Energized Protodermis and became the Toa Nuva. When a mask is immersed in Energized Protodermis, it will become a Kanohi Nuva if it is destined to do so. The only Kanohi Nuva in existence are the Toa Nuva's.

There are eight types of Kanohi Nuva. A Kanohi Nuva has differences from its regular version, such as: the user can grant his/her power to ones surrounding him/her, and their powers are stronger and can last longer.

Hau Nuva Tahu.png Kaukau Nuva Gali.png Miru Nuva Lewa.png Kakama Nuva Pohatu.png Pakari Nuva Onua.png Akaku Nuva Kopaka.png
Hau Nuva,
Kanohi Nuva of Shielding
Kaukau Nuva,
Kanohi Nuva of Water Breathing
Miru Nuva,
Kanohi Nuva of Levitation
Kakama Nuva,
Kanohi Nuva of Speed
Pakari Nuva,
Kanohi Nuva of Strength
Akaku Nuva,
Kanohi Nuva of X-Ray Vision
Hau Nuva Tahu.png Miru Nuva Lewa.png
Aki Nuva,
Kanohi Nuva of Valor
Rua Nuva,
Kanohi Nuva of Wisdom

Noble Kanohi

Noble Kanohi are made from a level 7 Kanoka and possess weakened versions of the powers of their Great Mask counterparts. They are also formed when a Toa becomes a Turaga, during which their Kanohi transforms into a Noble one. There can be Noble forms of any mask, except Legendary masks and fused Kanohi worn by Toa Kaita.

HunaNoble.png RauNoble.png MahikiNoble.png KomauNoble.png RuruNoble.png MatatuNoble.png
Noble Mask of Concealment
Noble Mask of Translation
Noble Mask of Illusion
Noble Mask of Mind Control
Noble Mask of Night Vision
Noble Mask of Telekinesis
Lhikan's Noble Hau Noimage.png Tanma's Kanohi.png Photok's Kanohi.png Noimage.png Solek's Kanohi.png
Noble Mask of Shielding
Noble Mask of Water Breathing
Noble Mask of Levitation
Noble Mask of Speed
Noble Mask of Strength
Noble Mask of X-Ray Vision
Radiak's kanohi.PNG Gavla's kanohi.PNG Kirop's kanohi.PNG BH Dume's Kanohi Kiril.png Noimage.png Noimage.png
Noble Mask of Corruption
Noble Mask of Hunger
Noble Mask of Silence
Noble Mask of Regeneration
Noble Mask of Flight
Noble Mask of Light

Legendary Kanohi

These Kanohi are vastly more powerful and difficult to control than other masks. If destroyed, they would unleash their powers, resulting in the break-down of a fundamental force of the Matoran Universe. Each contains a fundamental part of the Matoran Universe: Life, Time and Creation. Legendary Kanohi, unlike Great Kanohi, cannot exist at lower power levels.

Flash Kanohi Vahi.PNG IgnikaEdited.png G1 Mask of Creation.png
The Legendary Mask of Time
The Legendary Mask of Life
The Legendary Mask of Creation

Miscellaneous Kanohi

These Kanohi do not fit in any other categories:

Golden Kanohi.png Infected Kanohi Hau Small.png Set Copper Masks of Victory.png
Golden Kanohi,
Kanohi that contain the powers of the Toa Mata's masks
Infected Kanohi,
Kanohi infected by Kraata
Copper Mask of Victory,
Powerless masks forged in a copper color

Set Information

Kanohi 2001-2002 Sets


Krana Pack

Krana Pack


Kanohi have been featured in several BIONICLE sets from 2001 to 2010, including all Matoran, Toa, Turaga, and Makuta sets as well as sets of other species. They have also been released in several BIONICLE promotions.

Promotional art of Kanohi

In 2001 a "Kanohi" pack was released, containing two Kanohi. These could be any of the Great Kanohi worn by the Toa Mata in any of the colors they wore or any of the Noble Kanohi worn by the Turaga of their villages in any of the colors they wore. A hand-painted Infected Kanohi Hau could also appear as one of the masks, although rarely. A Toa Mata head and eyestalk and an axle piece also appeared in this set so one could display one of these masks on the lid of a Toa Mata canister to simulate a Suva.

In Germany, Nestlé cereal packs included a single Kanohi, potentially even a Copper Kanohi for lucky buyers, as a limited-time promotion. The pack also featured a cut-out BIONICLE Kanohi Memory activity on the back and a little prospect with information on each Kanohi as well as information concerning the Toa Mata, the Rahi, BIONICLE: The Legend of Mata Nui, and the Copper Huna itself, although not corresponding to canon.

In 2001, a chrome silver colored Kanohi Rua with the shape of a Hau was also released in the Power Pack in a limited number.

A Krana pack was released in early 2002. Alongside the set's three Krana it contained two Golden and/or Silver Kanohi. Each Golden Kanohi contains the powers of all six of the Toa Mata's masks. The Silver Kanohi, while they do not appear anywhere in the story, contain the powers of three great Kanohi each.[8]

In 2003, a Krana-Kal pack was released. This pack, like its predecessor, contained three metallic-colored Krana-Kal and two random Kanohi Nuva which, alongside the normal coloring of the Nuva masks, featured rare silver Kanohi Nuva to represent the Toa Nuva's masks when their powers were stolen by the Bohrok-Kal.


  • Some copies of the 2002 Krana packs included silver versions of the Toa Mata's six Kanohi. The silver Miru, Akaku, and Kaukau each contain all three powers of levitation, x-ray vision, and underwater breathing. The silver Hau, Pakari, and Kakama each contain all three powers of shielding, strength, and speed. The story team developed this Silver Kanohi concept strictly to market the Krana packs; the masks never appear in official story material.[8]


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