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|function=Flight, combat, escape from [[Energy Storms]]
|function=Flight, combat, escape from [[Energy Storms]]
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"The power of this vehicle is amazing -- with such as these in the hands of the Brotherhood, the plan must succeed."
Makuta Antroz, Endgame

Jetrax T6
Comic Jetrax T6.png
Manufacturer Artakha
Users Antroz, Toa Nuva Kopaka (both formerly)
Function Flight, combat, escape from Energy Storms
Status Functional
Pronunciation JET-racks[1]
Set number 8942

The Jetrax T6 is a vehicle used by Makuta Antroz and later Toa Nuva Kopaka.


The Jetrax T6 was made by Artakha in the early days of the Matoran Universe and placed in the Codrex alongside the Rockoh T3 and Axalara T9. [2]

When the Toa Nuva entered the Codrex, Onua accidentally triggered a signal, which caused the area where the Toa Canisters were once held to fall downwards, revealing a chamber below. Inside, they found large cases, which then shattered and exposed the vehicles. While they marveled at the engineering, Antroz, having entered the Codrex without anybody noticing, hijacked the Jetrax T6 and flew off, flying into a large Lightstone in the process. The collision super-charged the vehicle with an ancient energy, and caused the craft to turn a golden color. The vehicle served as the blind Makuta's eyes, allowing him to see as well.

The super-charged Jetrax T6 in Endgame

It was chased by the Toa Nuva, and Antroz ejected from the craft in an attempt to force the Axalara T9 and Rockoh T3 to crash into it. Kopaka managed to stop the two vehicles with his Ice powers, and claimed the Jetrax as his own. He later used it to attack Bitil, stopping him from striking down Takanuva.

When the Toa Nuva fled from the Energy Storms, Kopaka piloted the Jetrax T6 out of Karda Nui. He and his teammates headed to Metru Nui, where they witnessed an assault on the island city by Brotherhood forces. The Toa Nuva were able to join the fight, with the three vehicles picking off at the Rahkshi. The battle was eventually won, with the Brotherhood fleet sinking.

Artakha likely teleported the Jetrax T6 and its two sister vehicles back to Karda Nui.[3]


Of the three Karda Nui vehicles, the Jetrax T6 strikes a balance between the power of the Axalara and the maneuverability of the Rockoh. The Jetrax T6 features three Midak Skyblasters and other armor and weapons created out of Protosteel. Its two side-mounted jet turbines provide extra power but can be shed for additional speed.[4] The "smart cockpit" on the Jetrax T6 directly feeds sensor information to its pilot.[citation needed]

Set Information

The special edition Jetrax T6
The Jetrax T6 landed

8942 Jetrax T6 was released as one of the large boxed sets of summer 2008 with 422 total pieces. 389 of the pieces were used in the actual construction of the vehicle. Its wings, which are able to fold up against the craft for landing, feature two Midak Skyblasters, while a third appears near the nose of the vehicle. Its cockpit is able to open so the new form of Antroz packaged with the set can enter or leave the vehicle. A handle situated on the craft's underside facilitates play, and also serves as a mechanism to fold the wings up, while an armor piece on the top of the craft acts as a button to unfold the wings. The set includes twelve silver Zamor Spheres to be loaded in the Midak Skyblasters. It measures twenty-two inches (fifty-six cm) long and seventeen inches (forty-three cm) wide with the wings unfolded.

A special edition version of the Jetrax T6 was released as a Target-exclusive set. This version replaces all of the blue parts and some of the silver parts with yellow. This form of the Jetrax T6 is meant to represent it when it is super-charged with energy.

An alternate model of the Jetrax T6, the Destral Cycle, was unveiled in the November LEGO Club magazine. The magazine feature on the model included a "Club Code" which could be entered at the LEGO Club website to access instructions.


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