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"Born of the elements, they returned to the stars, where all life began. But even now, in a time of peace and plenty, they watch us from above. This is the legend of BIONICLE. And should the day come when we are in need of heroes, the Toa will return."
— Izotor, The Dark Portal

Protector of Ice
Mask Protector Mask of Ice[1]
Element Ice
Tools Ice Saw
Elemental Ice Blaster
Status Alive
Location Region of Ice
Set number 70782

Izotor, the Protector of Ice, is one of six chief Protectors, guarding the Region of Ice on Okoto.


Izotor inherited his position of defending Okoto's Region of Ice from a long line of Protectors of Ice.[1] During his time as Protector, Skull Spiders began to menace Okoto. When the stars aligned, as foretold by the Prophecy of Heroes, Izotor joined the other Protectors at the Temple of Time and recited a prayer. Six Toa then fell from the sky onto Okoto. Izotor sought out Kopaka and guided him through the Region of Ice for weeks to find the Golden Mask of Ice.

During their journey, the pair passed by a ruined city, which Kopaka learned from Izotor had been left abandoned following the battle between Ekimu and his brother Makuta. The pair unexpectedly heard screams coming from the ruins, which Izotor correctly guessed to be from daredevil explorers who had ignored warnings to stay out of the city. Kopaka and Izotor rescued them from a group of Skull Spiders, and despite the initial disrespect of the explorers Kopaka admitted that he was grateful to them, surprising Izotor until the Toa explained that they had reminded him of his need to focus on the present.

At the mask's shrine, Izotor held off a horde of Skull Spiders and was nearly overpowered, but Kopaka used the Golden Mask to overcome the Skull Spiders. He then left Izotor in order to join the other Toa at the City of the Mask Makers.

Izotor later joined the other Protectors in assembling at the city in order to aid the Toa if needed, and made their way into the abandoned metropolis by a secret route. They encountered a number of obstacles, including finding themselves in the lair of the Lord of Skull Spiders following his defeat at the hands of the Toa. Fortunately, by working together, the Protectors collapsed the cavern and made their way into the city, where, after battling a group of Skull Warriors, they were reunited with the Toa and greeted the legendary Ekimu. They then aided him in preparations for their villagers to take up residence in the reclaimed city.

Izotor later told the tale of the final sacrifice of the Toa to defeat Makuta to a group of Okotans, also expressing the hope that the heroes would return if the people ever needed them again.

Abilities and Traits

Izotor is wise, and has been entrusted with the historical knowledge of the Prophecy of Heroes.

Mask and Tools

Izotor wears the Protector Mask of Ice, a sacred Elemental Mask forged long ago by Ekimu and passed down through the generations.[1]

He wields an Ice Saw and an Elemental Ice Blaster, a projectile weapon that can freeze targets.[1]

Set Information

Set 70782 Protector of Ice was released in January 2015. The set includes the Protector of Ice and a silver Skull Spider. The Protector bears an Elemental Ice Blaster, which can fire six shots, and an Ice Saw.

The set can be combined with Kopaka - Master of Ice to create a larger model.



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