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"We're not welcome in the nice little villages of the other Agori, good enough to share their food and drink, or clean enough to trade with. We're creatures for late night tales told to new guards. 'Better stay sharp or some Iron Agori will get you.'"
Sahmad's thoughts, Sahmad's Tale

Iron Tribe
Set Sahmad.png
Headquarters Bota Magna (formerly)
Leader None
Goals Survive
Allies None
Enemies Fire, Water, Jungle, and Ice Tribes
Status Disbanded; One Member Remaining

The Iron Tribe was one of the many tribes on Spherus Magna until it was largely wiped out by an epidemic.


The Iron Tribe was one of several tribes previously located on Spherus Magna, and established itself in a mountainous region near Bota Magna. Members of the tribe worked to mine iron, which was sent to the Fire Tribe for forging weapons and tools. Other than the occasional dispute with the Skrall, the Iron Tribe lived in relative peace and prosperity.

Around 103,000 years ago, inhabitants of the tribe were inflicted with the mysterious inability to dream. As it began to spread, the infliction came to be viewed as a plague by others. The victims were driven to insanity and eventually died as a result. The infection killed off many of the tribe members, drastically reducing the population and decimating the tribe. The Agori of other tribes, out of fear that the remaining members still carried the disease and were capable of infecting others, refused to interact with the survivors. Shunned by society and wanted by their fellow tribe members to seek a cure, those immune to the plague were forced to retreat to a cave for safety. A warrior of the tribe, Telluris, recommended using various minerals to change their armor color from dark blue and gray to orange, in an attempt to better integrate into other tribes, but to no avail. When too few of the infected Iron Tribe members remained to pose a threat, the survivors emerged from hiding and separated in the hopes of finding a new life. After the Shattering, several of the members ended up on Bara Magna, and were forced to live out in the wastelands, as they were not included in the new social system. Other survivors were stranded on the fragment that became the planet of Bota Magna.

One member of the tribe, Sahmad, became a slaver in response to the Rock Tribe's migration southward, and started capturing Agori. He would sell his captives to this tribe and established a business relationship with them, occasionally staying in Roxtus. Sahmad also allowed other tribes to challenge him to an arena match in order to reclaim their stolen villagers.

Telluris was driven insane after the obliteration of his tribe, and began wandering the wastelands in the Skopio XV-1, attacking anything that got in his way. He briefly found acceptance by the other tribes, but soon grew paranoid and rejected them. He would also trade information to the Rock Tribe on rare occasions.

Sahmad and Telluris later reunited on a quest to find out the cause of the Dreaming Plague, along with Metus. They encountered an ancient being named Annona that fed on dreams, who admitted to have eaten the Iron Tribe's dreams. With the help of the Skakdi Fusion, Sahmad defeated Annona, but Telluris died during the conflict.

Former Members


  • A handful of uninfected villagers
    • Sahmad
    • An Agori who tried to join one of the other tribes, but was driven out into a nearby forest and killed by the creatures in the forest (Formerly; now deceased)
  • The former leader of the Iron Tribe; died after attempting to get help from the other tribes regarding the plague (Formerly; now deceased)
  • Many other villagers who were infected and died (Formerly; now deceased)
    • A female Agori with who shared a relationship with Sahmad (Formerly; now deceased)



The Agori were hardworking and dedicated to their labor in the mines.

The Skopio were once honored by the Iron Tribe. When the plague struck, it was said that the tribe members were being punished for revering such a monstrous creature.

After the tribe was wiped out, it lost any cohesive structure that it had. The surviving members rarely interact with each other, or with other tribes. The Rock Tribe dealt with them, but only to further their own goals of planetary domination. Sahmad participated in the Arena Match system, but did not act on behalf of the tribe, instead acting out of self-interest and gain.


  • The Iron Tribe never had an Element Lord because the tribe disbanded before the experiment took place.

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