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|tools=[[Rotating Shadow Blades]]<br>Twin Blade<br>[[Tridax Pod]]
|tools=[[Rotating Shadow Blades]]<br>Twin Blade<br>[[Tridax Pod]]
|pron=Ih-kuh-racks{{GregCitation|OGD|Nov 13 2007, 12:42 PM}}

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"I believe in certainties. The strength of my limbs, the power of my mask, the sharp edges of my blades — that is what I build my plans around. Trickery, deception, complex strategies, they are for the weak! If you want power, and another has it, you get it not by outwitting him — you get it by stepping over his corpse."
Makuta Icarax to Vican, Shadows in the Sky

Comic Makuta Icarax.PNG
Assigned region Karzahni
Kanohi Great Mask of Scavenging (formerly)
Great Kraahkan
Tools Rotating Shadow Blades
Twin Blade
Tridax Pod
Status Deceased
Pronunciation Ih-kuh-racks[1]
Set number 8953

Icarax was the Makuta of Karzahni and a member of the Brotherhood of Makuta.


Early life

100,000 years ago, Icarax was created from the substance known as Antidermis from a pool in one of the Southern Islands of the Matoran Universe by the Great Spirit Mata Nui.[2][3] Like the other members of his species, he became a member of the Brotherhood of Makuta, an organization devoted to carrying out the will of Mata Nui and maintaining order in the universe. Icarax was responsible for creating numerous breeds of Rahi to populate the universe.[2]

Shortly after the completion of the fortress of Destral, Icarax and his assistant Pridak were sent to Xia, along with Mutran, to make the Vortixx charge lower prices for their goods. While there, after some days of negotiation, Icarax lost his temper and destroyed several buildings. As a result, the Vortixx quickly agreed to lower their prices for the Matoran cities to which they shipped their goods.[4]

Icarax was also present during a meeting with the League of Six Kingdoms shortly after the League's formation.[5]

After the Matoran Civil War on Metru Nui, Icarax was assigned by Miserix to watch over the island of Karzahni.[6]

When Teridax called for a meeting between the Brotherhood at the Convocation Chamber to reveal his plan to overthrow Mata Nui, Icarax remained silent. Ultimately, he sided with Teridax and later assisted Gorast in executing all the Makuta that had sided with Miserix. They kept the Kanohi of the dead Makuta in the Convocation Chamber as a warning to other Makuta.[7]

Icarax, like the other Makuta, evolved beyond the need of a physical body, turning to a simpler form of Antidermis within armor. The Nynrah Ghosts, ordered by Teridax to Destral, helped modify his armor to accommodate for the new virus-like form.[8]

After the Great Cataclysm and the Metru Nui Matoran's evacuation of the city, Icarax lost faith in Teridax's leadership and chose to conquer the Matoran Universe through might. He composed a small army of Manas and attacked the Northern Continent, managing to take down several of the villages on it. However, Teridax then confronted Icarax as punishment for defying him. Teridax allowed Icarax to fight him for hours until he became exhausted, and then turned on Icarax by taking control of his Manas and using his every ability to defeat Icarax. However, Teridax permitted him to live, for he still had a use for Icarax's talents and found Icarax's war-like characteristics amusing.[6]

While Teridax was on Voya Nui, he telepathically communicated with Icarax and told him to retrieve the Kanohi Kraahkan from the Silver Sea. Icarax retrieved it, narrowly avoiding a confrontation with Takanuva,[9] and took to wearing it.

Staff of Artakha

Teridax then instructed Icarax to retrieve the Staff of Artakha from Xia, which he did, defeating Onua and revealing himself to the Toa of Earth, who then told the other Toa Nuva. While on the island, he learned of a weapon order placed by a group unknown to Xia.

He then headed to Karzahni and, because they needed the staff, the Toa Nuva followed him there. Icarax fought and defeated all the Toa Nuva in battle except Gali, who swept him away with a Nova Blast, destroying the realm in the process. Afterwards, he managed to travel to Mahri Nui where he handed over the Staff to Teridax.

Icarax then returned to Xia to investigate the weapon order he had learned of earlier. He followed the shipment to an island just off of the coast of the Southern Continent, where he encountered and ambushed the beings who placed the order: Botar and Trinuma. During the battle that followed, Icarax killed Botar with his magnetic powers, and severely injured Trinuma, though he managed to escape.

Icarax then returned to Metru Nui and attacked Takanuva with a Shadow Leech, which was originally intended for the Matoran Ahkmou, and turned the Toa into part Light and part Shadow. Following this, Icarax went to Destral, where he claimed Teridax's throne for himself.

Karda Nui

Icarax seated on the throne of the Destral Fortress.

When the entrance to Karda Nui was discovered by Vultraz, the news was relayed to Teridax, who ordered the Makuta to go to the universe core and seize it. Icarax, however, believed his orders were almost insane and refused to go, despite Antroz's efforts at convincing him to do so.[10]

When Vican arrived at Destral to bring word of Antroz's request for help, Icarax interrogated the Matoran and then set him free to tell Antroz that if Icarax was to go to Karda Nui, Antroz should not control his actions. Later, Icarax arrived at Karda Nui after the Phantoka Toa Nuva destroyed the Shadow Leech Hive, and Antroz requested the Makuta to defeat the Toa Ignika. The five Makuta, including Mutran, then set off to attack the sole remaining Av-Matoran village. However, upon arrival they learned that the Toa Nuva and Av-Matoran had already left, and were in fact at their base retrieving the third Keystone.

After the Toa had retrieved the stone, the two sides began to battle each other. Icarax fought against the Toa Ignika, but during the battle, the Toa Ignika used his life powers to devolve him back to a biomechanical being. As the Makuta's armor was no longer designed for organs, Icarax was pained and let out a loud scream. In no shape to continue fighting, Icarax attempted to follow Mutran's decision to retreat and flew down towards the Swamp of Secrets to meet with the other three Makuta, but was stopped by the Toa Ignika, who prevented the Makuta from leaving.

Promotional art of Icarax

While being guarded by the Ignika, Icarax informed the "Toa" about its doomsday countdown, mocking it about its lack of knowledge and the Toa Code. The Ignika, who was not capable of distinguishing lies from truth, took Icarax's words and left the Makuta to inform the Toa Nuva. Painfully, Icarax made his way down to the swamp, where he found Makuta Krika hovering near the energy field which surrounded the Codrex, while the other Makuta were battling the Toa. Icarax, despite disliking Krika, persuaded the Makuta that Mata Nui must not be reawakened, and that the Makuta had to use his powers to destroy the Codrex and consequently the Toa inside it.

Krika accepted the plan he suggested, which involved him to turn intangible and thus allowing him to penetrate through the Codrex's energy field. Krika succeeded in destroying the energy field without being killed in the process, and Icarax slowly began to destroy the dome structure using his Gravity powers.

As he slowly began to crush the structure, Icarax was attacked by Gorast and Vamprah. Icarax easily defeated the two Makuta, until Mutran arrived at the scene. Gorast, noting Mutran's arrival, ordered Mutran to send a babble of thoughts into Icarax's head, effectively distracting the Makuta. Gorast then taunted the Makuta by saying that the Toa were close to succeeding in their destiny. Taken by surprise, Icarax decided that he had to confront the Toa and stop them before they could carry out their mission. As he began to teleport away from the scene, however, Gorast grabbed the Makuta and used her Kanohi Felnas to make Icarax's Teleportation power go out of control. Vamprah then hit him with a blast of energy, scattering Icarax's atoms in all directions and killing him.

Alternate Universes

The Kingdom Alternate Universe

Following Mata Nui's death in this alternate universe, Icarax was killed by Teridax so he could take control of his Makuta armor. As such, he was the first Makuta to die after the universe was destroyed, with the others falling one by one afterwards.

The Melding Alternate Universe

In an alternate Spherus Magna, Icarax was created by the Great Beings with the other Makuta as protectors and creators of new life. In this universe, the Makuta were beings of light, being required to meditate for a long period of time to shed all darkness from their being.

When Vultraz and Mazeka were transported to this universe, they were escorted to the Great Beings' fortress by Teridax, the main gate of which Icarax and Gorast were guarding.

Abilities and Traits

Like other Makuta, Icarax possessed powerful elemental Shadow powers. He also had the ability to produce Kraata, and access the forty-two Kraata powers. He was also known to be very arrogant and aggressive, and was the most skilled Makuta in hand-to-hand combat.

During the battles in Karda Nui, Icarax was devolved by the Toa Ignika. As a result of the devolution Icarax was no longer capable of possessing other bodies if his own armor was destroyed. Other than that, his powers remained undiminished, though for a while movement was painful for him.

Icarax wanted to take control of the Brotherhood because he thought that Teridax's schemes were too complex and convoluted and that demolishing all opponents should have been the main course of action. As a result of this belief, he was certain that he would be a better leader than Teridax was.

Mask and Tools

Icarax originally wore the Great Mask of Scavenging.[11] Upon recovering Teridax's Kraahkan, Icarax took to wearing it as his own mask, waiting until Teridax returned to claim it.

During his time in Karda Nui, he equipped himself with a Tridax Pod, his Rotating Shadow Blades, and a Twin Sword.

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Set Information

Icarax in set form

Icarax was released as a Toys "R" Us exclusive set in the early winter of 2008, and could also be purchased on LEGO.com or at LEGO stores. A gear on his right arm allows one to spin his Rotating Shadow Blades, and a button on the back of the rib-cage deploys a Tridax pod containing four Shadow Leeches. This set consisted of 159 pieces.


"At first we thought he was the Makuta we had fought before, for he wore the Mask of Shadows. But he was, if anything, a more skilled and ferocious warrior, felling my teammates with swift, sure blows."
— Gali, Toa Nuva Blog

"Since you ask so nicely, brother, what can I say? I will return with the mask ... shall I bring it with or without the head that wears it?"
— Icarax to Antroz, Shadows in the Sky

"Our Toa? Our Matoran? Why not give up our dreams of conquest and settle into quiet lives as very tall Turaga?"
— Icarax, Shadows in the Sky

"Your talents are still of some use to me, and so I will not kill you ... today. But one day - perhaps in a year, or 1000 years, or 100,000 years - I may grow tired of you, Icarax. You may cease to be amusing, with your posturing and your boasting and your lust for battle. And on that day, your armor will be a meal for metal-eating scavengers, and your essence a wisp on the wind."
Teridax to Icarax, The Mutran Chronicles

"I have fought tougher Toa than you before. And as I stepped over their bodies, I will step over yours."
— Icarax, BIONICLE.com


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  • Unlike the most of the Makuta who invaded Karda Nui, Icarax was not blinded by the light of the Mask of Life when Matoro revived Mata Nui because he was not in Karda Nui at that time.
  • In the wake of Botar's death, Helryx feared that Icarax might have been able to penetrate the agent's mental shielding. It is unknown whether the Makuta actually did so.[12]


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